1. noobzpro

    HD800: Valhalla2 or Lyr2

    Hey guys, looking to find an amp which will pair with hd800. Considering the 2 amps which would be better for metal music. I do not like the wooaudio amps, have tried only the vali and loved it. But want something slightly better over it. Also considering cayin ha-1a/2/3.   Will be outputting...
  2. Sharp-Shooter

    Q701's and xonar STX or creative ZX sound card

    Hello im looking to purchase the Q701's for myself, i just have a question with the Xonar STX or the creative ZX sound card be enough to power these headphones to a point where i would be able to enjoy the sound quality coming out for gaming, the reason why i ask is because when i read about...
  3. FlawlessWilson

    How to choose between Xonar Phoebus and Essence STX to go with my IE80 for gaming and mild music

    Hey Guys   I am new to the forum but i heard that if i have any questions about Music Equipment, this forum is my best solution.   I would like to ask for your advice on how to choose between Xonar Phoebus and Essence STX to go with my IE 80.   I am a mild gamer and mild music...
  4. Arzach

    Good headphones for jungle/drum & bass?

    After reading lots of reviews, i'm going to try the dt 880 (600) but i'm also open to any advice. p.s. My plan is to buy a xonar STX.
  5. TheBlahMasta

    Just can't decide on headphones/cards; suggestions appreciated.

    Okay, so far I have come across the idea that I'm pretty much screwed since I do not live anywhere near an audio store (with the nearest Best Buy being 2.5 hours away), so I have to rely on reviews, forums, and suggestions to decide which headphone/set and sound card would be best for me. Let me...
  6. Sauntache

    Asus Xonar Essence vs Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD


    Xonar Essence STX: Sneak Peek!

    Hey Guys, I figure many of you here may be interested in some new information about the upcoming Xonar Essence STX card. Have a look: HERE HWC actually has a engineering sample of the card and we will be looking it over with a magnifying glass and testing it fully to see what it has to offer...
  8. manuvajpai

    [REVIEW] Sony MDR-ZX700 vs. Audio Technica ATH-AD700

    _______________REVIEW: SONY MDR-ZX700___________________   Hello everyone,   The new Sony MDR-ZX700s are Sony's new entry into the $100 segment. They were released in the beginning of 2011 during CES and have gathered some minor head-fi love in the period. Sony claims that they are very...
  9. Razyn

    New to high end sound. Need advice.

    Like the title says I am new to higher end solutions for audio. I've always loved great quality sound especially in music and gaming which is my focus in this thread. I did try to look around to see if this question has been answered somewhere else but I just couldn't so forgive me if this has...
  10. Bam785

    Gaming headphones and sound card $400.

    Hello I am looking for a headphone and sound card combo for around $400 to 450. I have never brought any high end audio hardware before and need your help. I will use this mostly for gaming. games I will be playing are WoW, BF3, Skyrim, and Assassins Creed. I hardly listen to music but when I do...
  11. Boardin087

    Headphones for Asus Xonar STX

    This card specifically:   I have it and desperately need a new pair of headphones with it. Looking for something that has a good price/performance ratio. I mostly game and listen to electronic music.   Also could...
  12. smogsy

    First Timer, advice

    So i ordered my first audiophile headphones,   AKG K702 Open-Back Dynamic Reference Headphones,id,1082,pid,1082,nodeid,2,_language,EN,view,specs.html     Anything i need to get ready? Using My PC with ASUS Xonar STX   Ive setup The...
  13. bcschmerker4

    Need help narrowing search for headset for Asus XONAR

    I am currently starting the process of specifying requirements for a new headset to use with my Asus® CM1630-06 with EAH6850 DirectCU® video and XONAR® Essence STX audio.  My current Corsair® HS-1A headsets have decent sound for a budget headset from 50mm transducers; the cable installation...
  14. G

    Portable Amp/DAC equivalent Asus Xonar Essence STX

    Since I rarely use my desktop-PC with the Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card to listen to music anymore I am looking for a portable Amp/DAC solution mainly to connect to a notebook paired with Beyerdynamic DT 1350. I would like to spend as little as possible without sacrificing much sound quality...
  15. Acquire

    Audeze LCD 2 for music and gaming (or any recommendations in that price range)?

    I've decided it's time to upgrade from my old HD555s and have been doing a lot of reading up on headphones here.  Firstly, I want something that can actually do bass.  I hate that about the 555s.  They have no bass.  I primarily listen to electronic and alternative rock, but I also do a lot of...
  16. SmOgER

    Is clipping bad for HP's?

    Let's say I  EQ them JUST below clipping. Although on some tracks with very strong bass it goes beyond that to slight clipping (which doesn't sound so harsh to ears when they are vibrating and music is loud, lol). So the question is, apart from music distortion, can HP's be damaged by driving...
  17. kingduqc


    Okay I know this is bais but Ive tried every damn page on google and its not fixing anything. My pc dont output sound at all. I got a xonar essence stx with a headphone amp an 250 ohm headphone, recently did an upgrade with my cpu but not no sound at all. Drivers up to date, hardphones...
  18. ThePinhead

    Upgrading from ad700 possibly to akg 701

    Hi, I was thinking about upgrading from by ath ad700s to the akg 701s, as the 701s are on sale on amazon right now for about $190 USD. Is this a worthwhile upgrade?   I currently have a asus xonar stx, would I be able to drive these headphones well?   Thanks for any advice.
  19. AhellHound

    A sound setup for pure gaming, need help

    I'm new to  the sound community, and I've wanted to upgrade my headphones (Logitech G930). So I wanted to get the real deal, and use a dedicated sound card.    Through Linus Tech Tips, I found the Asus Xonar Essence STX. It's within my budget, and I've only heard good things from it. But...
  20. Mech0z

    Sennheiser RS180 stops sound in silent pasages

    Is it possible to stop the RS 180 from stopping signal when there is no data comming through? Iam watching movies and tv and when there is silent for a few seconds the small static stops and there is instead total silence and its easy to hear that the headphones stops everything Its very easy...
  21. hamset

    What does PCM do?

    My Xonar Essence STX i bought 2 years ago has a couple of settings. It goes from: PCM 44.1 khz to PCM 192 khz. What does this setting actually do when you change between them?
  22. qkrzazzang

    HD 650 + Vali + Xonar Essense STX

    I currently have HD 650 AND Xonar Essence STX, I was wondering if getting Vali would be a good choice. I heard STX is good for DAC, so what I have in mind is: Hd 650 -> Vali -> STX.
  23. Plushy

    Recently just picked up a STX Xonar Essence, don't know what closed headphones to choose for gaming.

    Hello Head-Fi! I'm looking for great quality headphones that are Perfectly compatible with my new sound card. I've been thinking about either Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, or Audio technica. I'm no audiophile, I'd like to become one, but can someone give me their opinion for this specific sound...
  24. nicholars

    3.5mm Jack (onboard sound) > headphones / Amplifier

    Hi,   I currently have a Xonar STX which has the dual RCA > RCA on amplifier + also the headphone amp so that works good, I am buying a new motherboard and was wondering if it would be possible to downgrade my sound until I can afford another card > eg. buy a new motherboard with good onboard...
  25. topcat888

    Asus Xonar Essence STX and the Sennheiser RS 180's

    Hi   At present I'm using an ASUS Xonar DX sound card to run a pair of RS 180's and intend to upgrade the sound card to the Asus Xonar Essence STX...   My question is will this give me a 'punchier' sound..? The card is without doubt a better build quality with higher quality components...