1. akariousami

    Denons vs Ultrasone vs Technics?

    I apologise in advance for this because I know these threads are just done to death but I asked my question in the headphone recommendations thread and nobody answered, so I figure just make a thread for better chance of it being seen.   Anyway! I've sort of been going crazy looking for a...
  2. peterbob67

    Closed back headphones for use on the go question, including Denon AH7100 question.

    I've come into this headphone game a bit late in life, and have neem using a pair of sennheiser Hd25s that I've had for a decades! I've upgraded how I listen (lossless) and bought an ALO National headphone amp... all good until I  listened to the system through some open grado headphones in a...
  3. ProblemChild

    Jonsein' for a new pair of headphones...What should I get?

    Gonna order a new pair of headphones this weekend. Might at as well take advantage of the memorial day sales. What I should I get? I listen to rock and alt. rock primarily. I do like my bass but not crazy mudd low. I already have DT770 Pro's and Pioneer HDJ-2000. I use the Leckerton UHA-6sMkII...
  4. Jnf209

    Shure SRH750dj Vs. Denon DNHP700

    Im trying to decide which one to buy, main applications will me music, monitoring, and gaming. Would like for someone that owns both of then to compare their sound quality for gaming, Durability, and Comfort. Would appreciate any advice. 
  5. ksz210

    I am looking to buy a new set of headphones but i don't know what to buy

    Hi Head-Fi Community,   Ive used in-ear buds my entire life and last year i bought a pair of klipsh s4i and now i am looking to buy a pair of full sized headphones.   1. I'm a college student who spends the majority of the week in my room studying, I need a set of headphones that do a...
  6. dweaver

    Denon DN-HP700 Review and AH-D7000 comparison - A link

    Since this headphone straddles the fullsize headphone and portable world I have posted my review in the Full size forum but thought I would post a link to the review here. To sum it up, I think this headphone is highly under rated on Head-fi and consequently a lot of people are missing out on...
  7. wingliger

    Denon DNHP700 or ATH M50

    My friends like how both of these looks but he doesn't know which would be better for him. He wants to use these for music with his iPod. I have the M50s but not the Denon so I couldn't tell him what sounds better than what.   Which would be better out of the two for all kinds of music?
  8. ljokerl

    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

    Introduction   I started planning this review around the same time I joined head-fi and saw how useful multi-headphone comparisons could be for a newcomer. I put my meager (at the time) collection of portable headphones to good use and tested them against each other. What started out as a...
  9. PrODuCeRR

    Hey Guys I Need Your Help Picking Out A Pair Of Bassy Headphones Thanks

    Hey I post another thread if you guys care to read about that, it explains more on what i am looking for , Out of the six pairs of headphones i post in my last tread I am trying to figure out which one`s have more bass and better sound, but i am really going for what one`s have better bass  ...
  10. caiol611

    looking for ~3.25" dia. velour earpads to fit denon dn-hp700

    Hi I'm new here. I have a pair of Denon DN-HP700's with pleather earpads that are getting uncomfortable since they have stiffened from sweat. I've measured the diameter of the earpads and they are around 3.25" (the earpads are circular, not an oval). Are there any Beyerdynamic or other brand...
  11. Denon DJ Professional Headphones - Denon DNHP700

    Denon DJ Professional Headphones - Denon DNHP700

    Includes Denon DNHP700 DJ Professional Headphones.