Closed back headphones for use on the go question, including Denon AH7100 question.
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Feb 21, 2013
I've come into this headphone game a bit late in life, and have neem using a pair of sennheiser Hd25s that I've had for a decades!
I've upgraded how I listen (lossless) and bought an ALO National headphone amp... all good until I  listened to the system through some open grado headphones in a local shop - I can't recall which - but wow, it opened my head and made me realise the potential that is out there!!  The Hd25s are very heavy and almost claustrophobic by comparison.
So my problem is that I'd spend up to £300/400 on a pair of new headphones, they have to be closed back I'll be using them on trains/planes/in the office etc and don't want to disturb folk,BUT! there are so many headphones out there and so few chances to listen - I live in the North of England and have called so many dealers around me... there are so few higher end closed back phones to try.  So I'm lost! How do I buy a pair?  Probably internet, but it's a whopping risk as to what I'll really like.
So I'm here for some help.... please, it'l all be gratefully received!
Musically I listen to rock, alternative, electronica, ambient, folk, that sort of stuff.
I'm open to any brand, and after a lot of reading quite liked the sound of the denon 500/7000 - and realising these are no longer made looked at the denon ah d7100 which are way above my price range other than these aree for sale at £450 for a limited time.  Are these worth it for this or would I get better for less elsewhere?  Also recommended to me have been the beyer dynamic t70p, but again I've no idea what these are like.
I've read many reviews and peoples comments in other posts, it just feels a big ocean to dive into without some tailored advice, so thank you in advance.
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Oct 11, 2009
The Denon's have a good sound, but I found the 5000 a little shrill at times. Also they're a bit big and heavy for travel.
I think the d7100 is very over-priced for the sound quality you get. 
Two cheaper (and arguably better) alternatives that I really like are:
Sennheiser Momentum - but you need smallish ears to achieve the greatest comfort as they have smallish earpads. They have a more relaxed/easy-listening sound, but it's a FULL sound across the spectrum.
Sony MDR-R1 - They have a similar 'fun' sound like the Denons, but I find it more balanced.
These two are also more common and should be in some high street shops for audition. 
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Jan 24, 2012
If you will be using the D7100 without any amp (just plug it directly into your phone or audio player), then go for it.
If you'll use it with an amp, then look for a different headphone.
This may sound very weird, but the D7100 sounds worse when you put them through a "better" amp. In fact, the more high-end the amp, the worse they sound.

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