I am looking to buy a new set of headphones but i don't know what to buy
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Aug 21, 2012
Hi Head-Fi Community,
Ive used in-ear buds my entire life and last year i bought a pair of klipsh s4i and now i am looking to buy a pair of full sized headphones.
1. I'm a college student who spends the majority of the week in my room studying, I need a set of headphones that do a good job isolating my surroundings, just in case i decide to work outside. I'm thinking closed back cause i don't wanna bother other people with my music. 
2. I plan on having these headphones for a long time, replaceable parts would be a huge bonus and obviously durability will be an issue, portability is not that much of an issue
3. I mainly listen to classical/instrumental, jazz, softer lounge type music and the occasional pop,rap,dub step or electronic song. Its more important for them to sound better for classical/instrumental than the other types of music. 
4. Needless to say they should be comfortable to wearing hours at a time.
5. For convenience sake it would be nice if they had a mic, or an easy and cheap mic mod, that way i wouldnt have to switch over to my ear buds for video calls
6. I am flexible about an amp, but i would prefer not to get one unless they make a HUGE difference.
My budget is 100-150 might go a little higher if they are worth the extra money.
I have some in mind:
Shure SRH840
Senn HD280
I had the m50s on my list but another forum member said they would be the best headphones for my needs
Thank you very much in advance
EDIT: My list has been revised:
Shure SRH840
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Jan 24, 2010
Yeah, don't get the Senn HD280....yuck. You look into the Ultrasone HFI-580? an old favorite of mine and are pretty universal in music. but the Shure SRH840 sound like they would be right up your ally.
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Aug 15, 2012
I have pair if KRK kns 8400 IMO they are very good for what I paid $ 120. on sale easy to drive  pretty capable with most types of music they offer neutral sound detail and isolation .be warned they  can be unforgiving of poor recordings /source  when fed well I think they sound very good I play em loud YMMV. I like music loud and clear they  benefit from EQ of treble when loud just sayin. 
Only rub here is that they probably aren't suited for dub step /electronic or bassheads  but everybody likes what they like soundwise .
I'm pointing you to an excellent review here at Head-Fi  of the KRK's  read it and see what you think.  much better than I could post the reviewer nailed it 
look here  http://www.head-fi.org/products/krk-kns8400-studio-headphones
best regards
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Aug 8, 2012
+1 for KRK. People would say that they're not great for electronic music, but I think they're fine. The clarity is fantastic, so I think they would suit your interests well. Only issue (for me) is the headband. I find that the foam is a little hard, others think it's fine. I just took out the foam from the headbands. Not really an elegant solution but it improved the comfort.

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