Hey Guys I Need Your Help Picking Out A Pair Of Bassy Headphones Thanks
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Jul 4, 2010
Hey I post another thread if you guys care to read about that, it explains more on what i am looking for , Out of the six pairs of headphones i post in my last tread I am trying to figure out which one`s have more bass and better sound, but i am really going for what one`s have better bass
Here are the 6 pairs of Headphone i am thinking of getting
1. Sony MDR-V700
2. Audio Technica ATH-M50
3. Stanton Dj Pro 2000
4. Denon HP-700
5. Shure SRH-750DJ
6. Shure SRH-400
Those are the 6 pair`s of headphone`s I like , If you know of a better pair of headphones with more bass that are under 150 please let me know what you guys think I am just a noob at this , i have been reading on these forums for awhile now , and i believe it`s time for me to upgrade the 10 dollar pair of earbuds lol.  Thanks for all your help guys i really appreciate it SO please tell me what one`s you think are the best for bass, or if they are not on the list please let me know what they are thanks...
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Want bass? How much can you get XB700s for 

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I  Can get them for 100 dollars shipped to Canada now i am willing to spend 250 or lower i want to get a good pair so i will not have to buy abother pair in a couple of months now , i am looking for good bouncy bass but i also will like to get cans that have good mids and highs but really good bass here i will list all the headphones i have looked into just let me know what you guys think are the best for rap hip hop music and some rock , pop i will be plugging them into a computer and if i do need to i will buy a usb amp like a creative xmod or a fiio e7 or something like that .. ok here are all the cans i have seen and liked but want to know what you guys think 
4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50.
5. Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs
6. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5VA
8. SENNHEISER HD 448/ 418     
9. Denon DN-HP700
10.Stanton DJ PRO 2000
11.Stanton DJ PRO 3000
12.Shure SRH-750DJ
13.Shure SRH-440
14.AKG K181DJ
15. Ultrasone dji pro
16. Ultrasone hfi 780
17. Ultrasone hfi 580
18. Equation Audio RP-22X
I hope I am not being a pain in the A** i just really want to know whats good before i go out and spend 250 on a pair of headphones that are no good .. if there are a pair of headphones that are not on the list and they have good bass and overall sound please let me know thanks so much

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People don't see why something as easy as boosting bass via EQ or cheap amp like the Fiio E5 with bass boost on will get them all they bass they could ever want from headphones like the M50, XB700, DT770 Pro, ES7, and other phones capable of powerful bass.
An M50 + Fiio E5's bass boost = THUNDER
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I don't know about those but I DO know how the M50 sounds. The M50 is capable of some truly powerful bass when paired up with some bass boosting. I honestly don't see how anyone can want MORE than what the M50 can put out with the E5. If you want even MORE bass, the XB700 is fine alternative, easily having more bass before and after the E5.
This is Head-Fi, and people frown on bass boosting, but for TRUE bassheads, the best way to get that lovely bass is a simple bass boost, no question. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a headphone, or buy a decently cheap and capable headphone like the XB700 or M50 with an E5. Hell, my ATH-ES7 + E5/E7 has murderous amounts of bass, and they cost me $55 refurbed on Newegg.
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The Shure SRH750DJ is no slouch in the bass department, either.
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so what do you think would be the best headphones for my bass cravings gbacic , remember i like deep rich punchy bass but remember not cheap bass gbacic what headphones would you suggest for a bass-head
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Ok so should I get a pair of Beats By Dre Studios Or The Ultrasone HFI 580 Now Beats By Dre Studios Are 299 or 350 In Canada where I am now i can get a pair of beats by dre studios for about 200 dollars and i can get the Ultrasone HFI 580 For about 160 , or Denon AD-HP1000 For 140-150, so what do you guys think i should do since i am just looking for something that is mainly going to bounce of my head when listening to rap music .

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