1. vlcakc

    Single Headphone

    I suspect that I have a somewhat different problem than most of the forum users here, but perhaps someone can suggest some solutions. A little over a year ago I suffered an overnight sudden hearing loss caused by a viral infection. I permanently lost all usable hearing in the right ear and had a...
  2. RBP901

    Headphone choice

  3. PrODuCeRR

    Hey Guys I Need Your Help Picking Out A Pair Of Bassy Headphones Thanks

    Hey I post another thread if you guys care to read about that, it explains more on what i am looking for , Out of the six pairs of headphones i post in my last tread I am trying to figure out which one`s have more bass and better sound, but i am really going for what one`s have better bass  ...
  4. PrODuCeRR

    I Need Help Picking Out A Good Pair Of Headphone`s With Alot Of Bass

    Ok Well i have been looking to buy a good pair of headphones for the past 2 weeks. I have been doing research and I have looked at alot of good pairs in my mind, but honestly I do not know much about what is good and what`s not when it comes to headphones, so anyways i can spend 150 at the max...
  5. Jotuns

    Creative Aurvana Live! VS Stanton DJ Pro 2000

    Hello,   For the last few days I've been searching for new headphones to replace the current one I have which is the Stanton DJ Pro 2000S. This is because this one is totally falling apart and being hold together with tape at the moment.   I've been doing some reading on these forums and...
  6. Stanton DJ Pro 2000S Swivel Cup Headphones with Carry Bag

    Stanton DJ Pro 2000S Swivel Cup Headphones with Carry Bag

    The DJ Pro 2000 delivers high output without compromising on sound quality. It features a unique folding design with a rotating ear cup and padded shoulder rest for more comfortable monitoring. The choice of top DJs like Tiësto