1. sgraphics

    Portable bass.

    I would like to know what would be the best portable bass headphone out there. I love bass and I will get the DT770 one day but right now I need something portable. My sister has the ksc-35's that I bought her and they are really nice and thumpy. But maybe there are portable phones that have...
  2. DustinBroke

    Sony DJ headphones

    Does the Sony MDR-V55 sound close to the MDR-V700DJ? Or the V500DJ? I just don't know if the V55 is good as the older model.
  3. sahwnfras

    The BEST rap headphone

    im looking for the BEST rap headphone. My price range is up to $200, and i want open headphones. If anyone knows of a headphone that has the bass of the dt-770 but is open that would be pefect
  4. bonfirehay

    Your 3 favorite cans

    Please order your top 3 full-size headphones that you own in terms of sound preference and then in terms of confort. I start:   Sound quality: 1. AKG K550 2. Audio Technica ATH-M50 3. Sony MDR-V700   Confort: 1. AKG K550 2. Sony MDR-V700 3. Audio Technica ATH-M50 
  5. mtliu

    Polaroid PHP8330 surprises me for a supposed lo-fi can

    I've been on this kick where I'm buying cheap cans and replacing the drivers with ones from broken ones. The way I use cans (I am a DJ), I tend to break them more often than I'd like. The cable or plug is usually the first thing to go - then I might step or sit on the actual cans and break the...
  6. Hank1972

    Looking to replace my Sony's MDR V500/V700 with something new.

    Hey I am a professional DJ/Music Producer and I have been using those Sony's for decades for both DJing and Production. Even tho they been discontinued I still been have luck finding them on Ebay at a decent price. But I got a few deadlines and a gig this week end and do not have time to wait...
  7. GoRedwings19

    Your top 3 best ever looking headphones.

    I was talking to another headfier and we talking about the Audio Technica's and the subject of the AT-W2002 came up. We both instantly agreed this is the most gorgeous cans we have ever seen. While I have not heard one and therefore cannot comment on the sound. My top 3: 1. Audio Technica...
  8. taoster

    most stylish headphones?

    Forget the sound, forget the comfort.. what's the most stylish looking pair of cans.. In order: 1. Sennheiser 2. Sony 3. AKG 4. Koss 5. Etys 6. Beyerdynamic 7. Grado whatchya think?
  9. Jlox1

    Shure Srh 750DJ vs. Sony MDR-V700DJ

    I have done hours of research and still havent found an answer. Me and my friend have them, me the 750's and him the v700's and I obviously think mine are better than his but he refuses to think so. Lets hear what the headfi community thinks. 
  10. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-V700dj has been killed. Anyone else sad?

    My very first pair of dj headphones was the V700dj more than 10 years ago.  In fact I still have them and it's working like a champ. Mine was Made in Japan, but more recent ones are Made in Thailand like all Sony headphones.  I found that the headphones are durable and can be played loud with...
  11. sertz

    V MODA Crossfade LP's vs. Sony MDR-V700DJ's

    So I'm new to the forum and Head-Fi in general, but thought I would start off with a little comparison of my own and get some feedback. I'm also a beginning audiophile I suppose, just learning the lingo and the tech behind everything.   I picked up my pair of MDR-v700djs a while back...
  12. busyychild

    MDRv700 Replacement Pads Fitment ?

    Looking to replace my tired stock earpads on my v700djs.   Was curious if anyone has any experience with the Zomo pads:   And also wanted to know if anyone has tried to fit a set...
  13. Dhanijel

    You're my only hope...

    Hi!   So I've been looking up headphones and soundcards all day to gather information on what's good and bad. I haven't bought a headphone for about 7 years so I'm kinda out of the loop. What I have now is "Sony MDR-V700" (which I really loved when I bought them) and a Creative Fatal1ty...
  14. Omshallom

    Beats - Pointing people in the right direction

    My take on Beats..................   so I've been reading the forums and Beats aren't getting much love, for many reasons mentioned in many threads, and justifiably so.?   A quick background       When I first started DJing, the only 2 headphones that other DJ's around me were...
  15. biggbenn74

    Headphones For The GF (Style Over Sound, Unfortunately)

    Hello once again, Head-Fi! My question today is: what headphones do females like? Particularly college age. My girlfriend has been needing some OVER EARS for some time now, and it's going to be Christmas soon... So, what better time than now. Alright, for starters, she is particularly fond of...
  16. User12345

    Seeking Advice -$100 Budget

    Hi,   I'm looking for some advice on which desktop (full size?) AMP to get.  Primarily I have a few low end headphones in my collection but looking to expand in the future and would like an AMP to properly drive them but I don't know where to start.  Music I like are electronica house, some...
  17. sdshannon

    Between the Sennheiser 598 and the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohms for video editing

    Hey there,  I'm a working video editor and after many years my trusty Sony V700s are toast. Not to mention they crushed my skull for way too long.    So I do video, not so much for sound mixing unless its a smaller project and the budget doesn't call for a legit mixer. I use M-Audio Bx5's for...

    What headphones do females find sexy? (gift idea)

    Well my lil sis has been looking for sexy closed higher end (mid fi) headphones for a few months. I've given her some suggestions like AKG's, but she says it's too expensive, so I'm just going to buy something for her birthday next month. She really is looking for something sophisticated I...
  19. rphit

    headphone for games and music on pc

    i want to know a good headphone full size, closed circumaural, with powerfull bass (for eletronic, dance music), good lows and mids, good soundstage (for games), very confortable, at least 10ft uncoiled cable or a flexible coiled one, low impedance (someone told me this would be good when you...
  20. shymog

    Looking for a sub-$100 pair of headphones that can be driven off my laptop's headphone port to replace Sony MDR-V700s

    The title says most of it, but a little more information won't hurt.   I've been using a pair of Sony MDR-V700s for quite a long time.  Yes, I know they're not particularly good, or well-regarded in these forums, and I can even agree with a lot of the reasoning for it.  However, they served...
  21. gr4v1ty

    Some Dj Headphone with the quality

    Well yeah the title says it pretty much what I'm searching for!     I've looked around the forum and I've seen thes headphones that seemed interesting  Sony xb 700 M50 Shure 550DJ Gemini DJX-05 STEEZ 808 (Pioneer) Shure SRH750DJ Pioneer HDJ500 Behringer HPX6000  Ultrasone...
  22. callefutbol

    Questions from a Newbie

    Hello Head-Fi, I am a teenager and have slowly been gaining interest in higher end audio and have a current set up of Sony MDR-V700 and M-Audio AV40 monitor speakers coupled with a Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 that was recommended along side them. I mainly listen to instrumentals, indie rock, and...
  23. HiFiGuy528

    Two Benchmark DJ headphones, Pioneer HDJ-2000 vs. Sony MDR-V700dj comparison video

    If you are in the market for a DJ headphones, these two are the go-to headphones by the pros.  
  24. aob9

    Upgrade to Hisoundaudio Rocoo P?

    Hi all, this is my first post here after many weeks of lurking around and reading these great forums. I would like your qualified opinion on my next upgrade path.   I have been using the Sony NWZ-X1060 since the original release date back in 2009 and have been very pleased with the SQ. Now...
  25. acme15

    Help deciding on headphones, budget £50 to £70 (NOT ABOVE!)

    hey guys, i'm a bit lost deciding on what headphones i should get with my budget of 50 to 70 pounds.    I would describe myself as a 'newbie audiophile', i can tell when headphones are bad or have highs that are too harsh, mids that are too forward etc, the slightest bit of distortion annoys...