1. snedanator

    Quest for portable headphone

    Hi Headfiers, im looking for a portable headphone for my long distance plane trips, in can be completely foldable or just the earcups foldable, and not too huge looking, must have  good isolation and comfortable for at least 5 hours use, and i would prefer it looks the part, ie, not cheap...
  2. Goit

    Colored sound?

    I'm trying to decide between two headphones, one of them is more "colored". Can someone give me some examples of what a "colored" sound is? The Glossary was too brief.
  3. Jforsyth89

    Is this a reputable dealer? The prices are very low. I just want to make sure I'm not gonna get scamed if I pruchase something from Bluetin. Thanks
  4. Sasaki

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    I've just got mine, one day ahead of the announced released date! I had a reservation at Fujiya-Avic store and I picked it up today. Click pictures to enlarge. ATH-ESW9 is new Audio technica portable and the housing is made of wood(African Padauk). The African Padauk is a material of...
  5. xnothingpoetic

    is this site legit ??

    I've been looking for a closed portable can and was searching for a low price on the ES7 and found this site: If it's a legit site I just might buy one and sell it for twice the price I want a closed can but from what i've been...
  6. Asr

    Review: V-MODA M-100

    Review: V-MODA M-100   published on June 16, 2013   (click for larger pic)   - download a printable 4-page PDF version of this review (right-click the link & save target, or just tap for mobile devices) Intro I first heard V-MODA's M-100 at CanJam@RMAF 2012 (in October)...
  7. touchrespwn

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 & V-moda Remix Remote

    Hey Head-fi,  I recently bought an Audio Technica ATH-ES7 and some V-moda Remix Remote, and I wonder if either of these headphones need burn in and for how long? Please help me out! Thanks Samuel
  8. touchrespwn

    Are the Audio Technica ATH-ES7 better than Beats By Dre Studios?

    Hey Head-Fi I just bought a pair of ATH-ES7s and I was wondering if they were better than beats by dre studios according to the sound. Please help me out guys. Thanks Samuel
  9. Anomaly10

    Similar Headphones to the ATH-ES7?

    So I'm looking for a pair of headphones to replace my recently broken ATH-ES7s. I know they're now discontinued, and I don't really feel like paying out the nose for a new pair, and I'd rather not a refurbished pair (the pair that broken on my in only 6 months were refurbished, a replacement for...
  10. Anomaly10

    Similar Headphones to the ATH-ES7

      So I'm looking for a pair of headphones to replace my recently broken ATH-ES7s. I know they're now discontinued, and I don't really feel like paying out the nose for a new pair, and I'd rather not a refurbished pair (the pair that broken on my in only 6 months were refurbished, a replacement...
  11. Koopa989

    Where can I buy a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ES7's?

      so i guess im late to the party...they seem to be discontinued and there seems to be fakes just about everywhere.   i would like to have these at a decent price so i would appreciate it if you guys could point me to the right direction. last thing. are these an...
  12. jc222284

    Ultrasone HFI-580 VS. SRH750DJ VS. ATH-M50S VS. ATH-ES7

    I Am willing to spend up too 200$ on a pair of headphones. I'm no audiophile I just love to listen to music, I mainly listen to Dubstep and Drum and bass I love deep bass that does overpower. I listen to my music on my Iphone 3GS all of my songs are apple lossless.   Here's a few examples of...
  13. j2126s

    Refurbished ATH-ES7 for $70... worth it?

    I'm just curious if paying 70dollars for a refurbished product will actually be worth it...   Also, looking for some feedback from people who did buy ES7 refurbished thought it was worth it.   ty in advance.
  14. OmegaSwitch

    Help with purchase needed (after Audio-Technica ATH-ES7)

    Hello, I am looking for a new set of headphones after my pair of Audio Technica ATH-ES7s broke last week. I'm looking for something similar- closed-ended, mid-range headphones that supply a fair balance of all frequency ranges-, but I would not like to spend more than $100. The ATH-ES7s were...
  15. Bureiba

    Upgrade from ATH-ES7 - need help!

    Hello Head-fi!   After reading through so many threads here, I finally decided to register and post one myself. So I'm looking to upgrade my ES7s and I've picked out a few possible choices. Feel free to make other suggestions as well. I listen to J-Pop / K-Pop and a bit of electronic, 95% of...
  16. armoOndo408

    Looking to upgrade from ATH-ES7s

    hey guys my audio technica ath-es7s left earphone recently started to stop working and i thought rather than paying to get them fixed i thought it was time to upgrade.. i had my ES7s for 2 years and i love them, but time to move on   im looking for something maybe similar, but of course...
  17. Caluub

    ATH-ES7 Re-cabling Needed

    My ES7 cable got ripped out of the y-split today and I'm not sure that it's something I can fix myself. I'm looking for an affordable re-cabling. I considered the Enyo cable from Null Audio but I'm not sure if it's worth the money. Any recommendations are appreciated. 
  18. myaa02

    Are these ATH-ES7 fakes ?

    Alright, I've been looking around the internet and I'm having trouble finding a decent price for these headphones. I'm prefer the white ones, but the black ones are fine as well. I'd like to know if these are fake...
  19. jokieboy

    ATH-ES7 driver attachment problem

    Hi guys!    I've had this wonderful pair of headphones for almost three years now and have repaired the wires now two times. No problems with that. However, now when the wire lost connection for the third time the plate that attaches to the driver came off when I was fixing it. This was...
  20. who_me_33

    ATH-ES7 Recable

    The other day, the I finally got round to recabling my ATH-ES7's.  The reason for this, the cable was getting too short, after being breaking a about 20cm away from the plug.  There was nothing fancy used in this, as it is a temporary measure (although will be keeping the headphones still, I am...
  21. Monsters Ink

    Real or Fake? Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

    Hello everyone, I got a pair of these ATH-ES7s and they sound good but I was wondering if they were real or fake. **They do have modded ear pads and they have an Apple cord.** Here are some pics: ^Original ear pads and carrying pouch^   So, are they real or fake? Thanks if you can...
  22. KhanF

    Any recommendations? I broke my ATH-ES7s.

    Hi   I recently broke the cord of my out-of-warranty ATH-ES7s, and right now I've inquired about repairing them from the authorized repair center here in Montreal but it looks like I'll have to buy new headphones. Boy, did I love these headphones.   Anyways, there were Bose AE2i for $113...
  23. JudgmentZefhyr

    Requesting help in identifying ATH-ES7

      Could anyone with knowledge of fake Audio-Technica ATH-ES7's take a look at these images and tell me if I have a fake here? Some parts of them match the authentic images in the ATH-ES7 thread but some parts seem...fake as well.   The cable rests going into the headphones are both...
  24. jthm

    ATH-ES7 issue - right can's wire has come loose and audio cuts out

    The cap that secures the wire to the can is cracked and the wire is loose, it can be pushed into the can a fair amount. If I manipulate the wire with my fingers squeezing and pushing it up a bit into the can I can get audio. I'm wondering if this is an issue that can be fixed and if so does it...
  25. joev789

    Upgrading from ath-es7's to TMA-1?

    Recently i broke my ES7's stupidly but felt it would be a good time to upgrade think the tma-1 is a good choice but any other recommendations or comment let us know.