1. ljokerl

    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

    Introduction   I started planning this review around the same time I joined head-fi and saw how useful multi-headphone comparisons could be for a newcomer. I put my meager (at the time) collection of portable headphones to good use and tested them against each other. What started out as a...
  2. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Astrotec AM90, AS100HD and AS200HD

    Astrotec is a company that doesn’t seems to have much of a name in the headphone business, even though it has been found back in 2002 making and designing headphone for others. But with so many small OEM/ODM headphone companies in China, you simply won’t make a name unless you have something...
  3. Astrotec AS200HD

    Astrotec AS200HD

    Style: Headband Connectors: 3.5mm Package: Yes Use: Portable Media Player Function: Noise Cancelling Communication: Wireless microphone: none earphones type: wired