1. ShinReine

    Recommend me headphones (yes I've read the stickies, but...)

    Hi peeps. Been reading through the forums, and I need help on what to get. My Monster Turbine Coppers are broken, standard cable-wiggle-for-sound issue. I don't mind paying for good headphones, but I don't want to pay for too much either. Problem is, I live in the Philippines, so I don't have...
  2. wilby

    On-ear headphones $50-$100

    Hi I'm looking for on ear headphones for under $100. right now I'm looking at these:   sennheiser 218I sennheiser 228 sennheiser 238 AKG 450   I know the first three are kinda the same.   The three things i really care about are these in this order: comfort sound...
  3. borgman

    Is the JVC HAS4X (Xtreme Xplosives) good?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my broken 10 euro cans and through my research i came upon the JVC HAS4X which is affordable to me.   What i'm specifically trying to find out is how it stands in terms of audio quality, if compared for example with the Sennheiser hd 228 or Sony mdr zx 300 or the...
  4. petervii

    Ridiculous needs for portable headphone!!!

    Hello to you all! I hate starting new threads ,but i thought it would be nice to give you a laugh at what i'm becoming through this forum. I started out 15 years ago searching for a decent sounding headphone. Look at what i need this month and understand why i want to punch myself:   I want...
  5. ppoon

    Recommendation for my first pair of full-size Headphones (Price range: approx $100)

    I have been using my pair of Sennheiser HD 228 for a while now and would really like to invest in a full-size pair of headphones that sound good and preferably look good. I mainly listen to pop and r&b music though I enjoy listening to calmer tunes, so more or less everything really :P. I'm...
  6. Funkyph1l

    Paris student needing new headphones

    Ok well, I'm new to the website but not new to the headphone industry i have owned and tried many pairs of <£100 headphones and my senhesiers HD228 aren't cutting it anymore. I have a fairly expensive good quality sound system but i want to take the music on the go now! So i'm going to...
  7. ralphch

    Best headphones for open-environment office use

    I'm looking for some great headphones to use in an open-office environment, with the most important characteristics being: - Price under $150 US. - Relatively portable (not gigantic). - Comfortable to wear over prolonged periods of time. - High audio fidelity with good, but not...
  8. LizardKing1

    Complicated Catalogs

    We've all been to some of our favorite companies' websites, right? Well, when I started on Head-Fi the first thing I wanted to pick up was a Koss Porta Pro, so as you can imagine I visited their website often. And while I went to the Product Select button, I felt like I was in the Matrix. The...
  9. laaurora

    AT W1000X or W1000 or neither? And what to drive them with?

    Hello, Head-Fi. Audiophile newbie is looking for your advice here.   Brief description of my situation:   I'm a designer working long hours at my home office. Although I'm alone there most of the time and making noise wouldn't be a problem at all, somehow I always use headphones as my...
  10. MicroNik

    Recommend me some good headphones?

    Hi, you may know me as the guy who comes on the forums once each month, pokes around, asks about headphones knowing nothing about anything and then leaves, only to repeat.   Well here I go again, looking for headphones. But this time I know a bit more.   Im looking for some portable...
  11. MicroNik

    Choosing between Sennheiser headphones.

      Hi, you may know me as the guy who comes on the forums once each month, pokes around, asks about headphones knowing nothing about anything and then leaves, only to repeat.   Well here I go again, looking for headphones. But this time I know a bit more.   Im looking for some...
  12. Beerme


    just a heads up for you people, Tesco have a sale on, (at least mine does, Ipswich, Copdock),   HD228 £25, (I got the last black pair, 1 white pair remains.....),   PX100 II £24.95, (I got a black pair but there were plenty left of white/black),   the Addidas sport ones, OMX...
  13. Amar1990

    Suggestions: ~ £150 Full-Size Headphones

    Hey all, I'm looking for a new pair of full-size headphones, and have a PA2V2 amplifier which I will be using in conjunction with my HTC Desire (not the greatest source I know, but it's all I have to work with!) I currently own a pair of Sennhesier HD 228's, and was happy with the sound...
  14. SKisaGooner

    Sennheiser HD 228

    I'm interested in getting my first pair of good headphones, and after days of research I am looking keenly at the Sennheiser HD 228.   I've seen a lot of posts in this forum regarding that headphone, about how the positioning of the headphones on the ear makes a huge difference and some...
  15. MicroNik

    Help with choosing portable headphones

    Hi!   Im currently torn between headphones right now. My first pair of over-the-ear ones were Sony MDR-v150. Needless to say, they were terrible. Now I just got Sony MDR-NC7 yesterday. They are noise cancelling but they are no better than the previous. They are also very uncomfortable.  ...
  16. dustinxsober

    on-ear headphones for primarily death metal & grind?

    done a bit of browsing, but all i've seen are talks of enya and pink floyd.   are any headphones known to be particularly good for listening to death metal & grind?   was primarily looking at the lower end grados (sr60i, sr80) and sennheisers (hd 228, hd238). looking for something...
  17. Computerstud


  18. Aero-R

    Suggestions for PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DSi audio.

    I'm looking for headphones or earphones for my PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DSi. I'm the owner of a Sennheiser CX300 and Sennheiser HD595. Unfortunately the CX300 have some problem on the left side after years & years of carefully use & enjoyment, so I've only tested the audio of this...
  19. applaudio

    Picked up the HD 228! (now with REVIEW and PICS!)

    Edit: I have added pics, as well as a review. See page two of this thread.
  20. astroid

    Sennheisers fall from grace.

    With the 650/600 being discontinued and excluding the HD800 Sennheiser only have a few sets of cans that are any good imo. The HD25-1, HD598 are good but the 4 series are underpowered and overall disappointing. The 2 series are ok, I had the 228 / 238 and creating a portable can that can't be...
  21. MicroNik

    Sennheiser Px 90?

    Hey,   I was looking on Sennheisers website. Im still looking for portable headphones that have great sound quality. Right now, i have Sony MDR-v150's. Im not looking for super high quality, but I want it to be above average.   How are the Px 90's? I havent seen any videos of them around...
  22. ghoststeps

    Best Sennheiser under $100!!!

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm a noob. I'm going to buy the first pair of high-quality headphones. Most of the time, I listen to music at my campus, library and home. I listen to Pop, Slow Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B and Electronic (Taio Cruz and Lady Gaga stuffs). I'm considering PX100. Do you have any...
  23. Builder

    Headphones for the office

    Hi all,   I'm sorry to start a new thread on this topic, but I tried some of the advice in the other threads and it didn't work out for me.   I'm looking for a decent set of headphones for the office that don't leak sound (my boss doesn't like that :)) and are comfortable for long...
  24. nosebleedXd

    best comfortable and isolating headphones for $100<

    i am currently using akg k518le and i find them to be very uncomfortable   so i was want some more comfortable ones and hopefully have better noise isolation and less sound leakage   let me know some suggestions thanks =]
  25. Portaljacker

    Student Needs Help! PMX 60s broke!

    So my ever trustworthy senn pmx 60 finally died, in a most spectacular fashion: the cord ripped out as my knee hooked the cord standing up after class. :P I'm way out of warranty, which I was taking advantage of that free warranty since I live very close the to Canadian repair center.   I've...