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On-ear headphones $50-$100

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wilby, Jan 16, 2013.
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  1. wilby
    Hi I'm looking for on ear headphones for under $100. right now I'm looking at these:
    sennheiser 218I
    sennheiser 228
    sennheiser 238
    AKG 450
    I know the first three are kinda the same.
    The three things i really care about are these in this order:
    sound quality(just has to be clear)
    if they can i'd like them to fold flat
  2. KetchupNinja
    What kind of music do you listen to?  The first on ear headphones that come to mind are Grados.
  3. wilby
    rock and rap mostly, bass isn't that important to me, if that matters.
  4. wilby
    which grados were you thinking?
  5. joseph69
    If sound quality is your #1 priority then buy the grado SR80i. Crystal clear upfront mid-range, nice highs and just the right amount of bass. They do not fold, but the driver's rotate 360 degree's, so they lay flat. They are 100$U.S. all day on AMAZON.
    They are excellent headphone's!
  6. wilby
    I have been unable to find comfortable headphones because i have an oversized head. I am willing to sacrifice some quality for comfort. how comfortable are these?
    the laying flat works works for me.
  7. KetchupNinja

    +1 for the SR80i's.
    Grados are excellent for rock and I think they're quite comfortable.  They feel light to me so that might be the reason.
  8. wilby
    are the sr60i's any worse?
    do you own a pair of the 80's, and do they apply alot of pressure?
  9. KetchupNinja
    Yes, I do own the SR80i's.  I tried out a buddy's SR60i's and I believe they sound similar, but the SR80i's bass extends a bit lower.  They don't really clamp too hard, they have enough pressure to stay on your head.  I've seen a few users changing out the pads though.  If you can audition them somewhere, I would highly recommend it.
  10. wilby
    so the only difference is the bass?
    and do they change them to a different kind of pad?
  11. joseph69
    I don't understand what you mean by, are the 60i's any worse?
    Yes I previously owned SR80i's, that is why I recommended them. The reason I don't anymore is because I have this problem where I must take everything apart and mess with it, and while trying to mod them I unfortunately broke them, or I would still have them and probably would have not purchased the MS2i in place of them, and since then I have traded the MS2i for the 325is.
    Yes from the factory they do apply a lot of pressure but...
    I shaped all of my Grado/Alessandro headphone's into a U shape so there is no pressure on my ears at all, and I have no issue's with their comfort at all. I obviously love the Grado sound, and have heard and owned my share of headphone's, and IMO there is no sound like the Grado's!
  12. KetchupNinja
    At least to my ears.  The ear pads can be change to more of a bowl type cushion.  I believe they are called the L Cush pads.
  13. wilby
    i mean do the 60i's have significantly worse sound quality. and how would one go about reshaping the grados
  14. joseph69
    The SR60/80i come with (S) cushions, wich can be Quarter modded to expose the driver's, or you can purchase the (L) cushion's  which are shaped differently and also expose the driver's.
  15. proton007
    I'm using the Sennheiser HD239.
    Pretty good sound for the price, very comfortable.
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