1. noob7123

    please please please reply

    Hi im looking for some headphones that are under 40euro and i usually listen to hiphop with the chill music and not the kind that makes yoyr car shake like ice cube and i need some reccomendations. And i also need to know what bass is, i kinda know i i know that this is a stupid question but...
  2. dsf3g

    Scored a deal (Harman Karndon CL)d

    I wasn't intending to buy a pair of headphones tonight. I left the house intending merely to listen to some. Well, in all honestly, I left the house intending to listen to one pair in particular. A couple of weeks ago I dropped by the Apple Store and stated listening to a few of the headphones...
  3. Melvins

    Headphone specs

    Ok so I understand impedance fairly well, what other technical data and other jargon do I need to understand to grasp the crispness, clarity, bass, depth, and the loudness and distinctness of each instrument of each pair of headphones.   I will be spending between 100-200 bucks on some find...
  4. skollin1

    What headphones are the best?

    I broke my old sony $20 MDR-G45LP headphones and am looking to buy another pair of head phones. I listed a few I was checking out was looking for a few suggestions out of these picks, its just for listening to music at home.  Thankyou   Sony MDR ZX300 ---$20   sennheiser HD 229---$41  ...
  5. kennyj

    Closed HD-555 upgrade?

    I've had the HD-555 for a while, foam removed.  I absolutely love them, they fell in my lap for cheap, and I have no regrets about the purchase - but my wife hates that she can hear EVERYTHING that I listen to.   Can anyone suggest any closed-back upgrade options?  Trying to keep it under...
  6. ShinReine

    Recommend me headphones (yes I've read the stickies, but...)

    Hi peeps. Been reading through the forums, and I need help on what to get. My Monster Turbine Coppers are broken, standard cable-wiggle-for-sound issue. I don't mind paying for good headphones, but I don't want to pay for too much either. Problem is, I live in the Philippines, so I don't have...
  7. dooodstevenn

    Disappointed with Sony Xb-500

    after long hours and days of relentless search that would fit my needs, i decided to go with the XB line, and since many say the 500's are the best of the bunch, i drove 20 miles to the nearest best buy that had them.  tried them out, and even with some EQing recommended from other users...
  8. wilby

    On-ear headphones $50-$100

    Hi I'm looking for on ear headphones for under $100. right now I'm looking at these:   sennheiser 218I sennheiser 228 sennheiser 238 AKG 450   I know the first three are kinda the same.   The three things i really care about are these in this order: comfort sound...
  9. DoggieHowzer

    Which Supra-aural Headphones That Are More Comfortable Than Sennheiser HD800 and Beyerdynamic T1?

    I find both HD800 and T1 to be uncomfortable on my head even though these may be the top-of-the-line headphones. I don't know, maybe the large earcups that cover the entire ear, resting on the jawline that creates the uncomfortable feeling, or the combination of the clamping force, large earcups...
  10. Keegster396

    Sennheiser HD238 vs. HD598

    I couldn't find anything like the question I have already on the forums, so I'm going to start a thread; sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I have the HD238 and I was curious as to how the soundstage and overall sound quality compares to the HD598 and the rest of the HD5xx line. Can anyone who...
  11. yepimonfire

    Does anyone wear fullsize headphones out in public?

    I've been considering doing this simply because no matter how good IEM's can sound, they're no match for fullsize cans. 
  12. Tom22

    Having trouble finding a sub $100 headphone. Please help!

    Hi there, i'm a student commuting on the subway and train everyday for about 3 hours. i'll need good noise isolation, to block out ambient noise. i'm looking for a pair of headphones under $100, that have a slightly modern look to them. i'm currently using the monoprice 8323s, their great but...
  13. Folex

    On ear, open/semi-open portable headphones?

    Here is what I'm trying to find   On ear Open or Semi-open (ideally semi-open) Biggest possible driver 40mm-53mm Hopefully 10-24k range or better (Not terribly important, atleast 20-20k) leather or leatherish pads (preferably)  Light as possible (Must under 7oz)   Currently...
  14. Double-A

    Anybody have experience with the Sennheiser HD 239's?

     Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these. I want feedback from someone cause I am contemplating getting myself one of these. I want to get these for an entry-level open back pair of headphones (if I get these they would be my first open backs). I can get these for pretty...
  15. Lumos

    Semi open vs open headphone for classical music

    Hello people I am about to buy open or semi open headphone for orchestra and opera music. Besides AKG K 240 studio and Audio-Technica ATH AD700 nothing is in my head... can you suggest if I have any more options?   Which one is more better semi open or open?   My price range is 100 $...
  16. donunus

    Another new sennheiser headphone HD238 Precision

    check out the site... It looks like a cool new portable! The HD238 Precision
  17. tru3gam3r

    Best headphones under $65?

    I'm looking for some decent headphones well worth my money. Ive looked at some, including the Audio Technica SJ series, the sennheiser hd 238s, and the ATH-M35. Some other recommendations would be nice too. I'm a newbie when it comes to headphones, but my old jvc ear buds aren't filling the...
  18. CHaqmol

    HD 238-438 or 448?

    Hi everyone Between these three models : Senn HD 238 - 438 - 448 which one is a better choice for me since i mostly listen to jazz-jazz fusin-60-70's rock-classical and world (also,do i need an amp?) thanks
  19. mac00l

    Sennheiser HD 239 vs anything under $100

    I've made a comprehensive search of the forums, and I haven't found a satisfactory answer for what I'm looking. A few year ago I went trough a similar issue and after reading a lot it was evident that the best option that I had were the S4. Not a single question needed. Not the case today.  ...
  20. amundy14

    Best portables for $50

    I'm looking for some headphones under $50, portable headphones especially. I've been searching for some time and have found a number of options, but I would like some better advice. I listen to a broad diversity of music, so the headphones need to be all-around performers. I also live in Africa...
  21. ljperez84

    Sennheiser HD238 vs Grado SR60i

      Hello folks,    Please let me introduce myself shortly. I’m from Mexico, Male, 26 yo. Industrial Engineer,   Although I have been looking around for a while, today I decided to register so here I am.     About 4 years ago on a trip to Las Vegas. I purchased my PX100s. I loved...
  22. ingbeaver

    Strange problem Sennheiser HD 238 Precision

    Hi all   Just bought Sennheiser HD 238 Precision.   My problem: connecting the headphones to a mp3 player or a PC, one channel (the left) is not working. Connecting to a TEAC amp H300 ("classical" HiFi amp) all is working fine.  Sometimes trying the mp3 player/computer, the left...
  23. Danthrax

    Sony MDR-V6 mods... sound like Grados?

    So I bought a pair of MDR-V6's and decided to apply some of the Grado mods to them. What surprised me is how much they remind me of Grados now. Obviously there are differences but these have replaced my sr-80i's as my go to headphones.   The mods: Dynamat covered back Silver Plated Cable...
  24. markali88

    Klipsch S4 tips and monster lil jamz tips

    Hey guys. I've got a really question about the klipsch s4 tips.   I got a monster lil jamz headphones for free recently but, bought the supertips for em and i've gotta say they are pretty uncomfortable for extended periods of use.. I tried out the klipsch S4 tips and they were really really...
  25. ickle97116084

    Oh Noooo!!! The nozzle for my IE8 has came off - What to do!

    Hi all,   I was taking the Comply tips off my IE8s to swap them with new ones and the nozzle came off. Its has not snapped but turned in the housing and can be placed back on. This has no impact on the sound.   I got them as a gift from my wife for XMAS after I broke my Se310s again an...