1. supermodio64

    Koss Mods

    Silver Surfer These are my favorite headphones. Big thanks to Tekki-UK on eBay for all the support. Below is a review of each component: Koss x Retrospekt Headband The KPH40 style headband is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. It works with multiple Koss drivers...
  2. masoknzn

    Koss Porta Pro driver not working

    Hi all, I have a pair of Koss Porta Pros, and suddenly the right side stopped working My first thought was that maybe a cable needed resoldering, but it looked fine Still, I resoldered it, no luck I tested a different cable, still, left side works, right side doesn't I tested the Koss...
  3. DekoniAudio

    Drop and Dekoni Are Giving Away 2 Drop Porta Pros and Dekoni Pads!

    EDIT: Winners have been chosen! If your initials are CB or TP, check your emails on how to claim your prize! Winners will be announced once they have claimed their prize. Dekoni Audio and Drop are giving away Drop X Koss Porta Pro headphones with Dekoni replacement pads! There will be two...
  4. DekoniAudio

    New Pads for the Koss Porta Pro and KPH30i/40

    Hey Dekoni fans, We hope everyone's been staying safe and hydrated in the summer heat! Here's a quick update on what we've been doing to stay cool. When it comes to on-ear headphones, Koss' Porta Pros find themselves at the top of the weight-to-sound quality...
  5. DekoniAudio

    Discontinued Alert: Pads for ESP95X

    The Fenestrated Sheepskin ear pads for the Drop x Koss ESP 95X headphone is being discontinued! Our ear pads for the ESP 95X will no longer be in our Dekoni line up. This set of pads was designed to reduce the reflections of the direct sound before entering the ear to produce a cleaner sound...
  6. tynext

    Does anyone have any info on the Koss XTR-9's?

    I've only been able to find some auction listings on estate sites and on eBay, but I haven't really seen any information besides that. Even when looking at Koss' own history page, there doesn't seem to be a mention of the headphone at all. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but does anyone have...
  7. Promick

    Koss K-500 vintage headphones

    After all, the company Koss during the leadership of its founder John Koss was truly great, and then the optimizers came and it turned out what happened. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that the company could produce small-scale batches of headphones for "human testing". The case in the...
  8. C

    Koss KSC75 vs Porta Pro?

    I've been looking at these two headphones as the best "beginner" audiophile headphones because of the low price. Does anyone know how they differ in sound? From what I've heard so far, the Porta Pros sound relatively warmer.
  9. Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

    Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

    "A revival of the standard-setting ESP/950 released by Koss in 1990, these headphones bring electrostatic quality into a whole new price bracket."
  10. J

    My favorite budget headphones I had ever used

    Hello. This is my first post. I wanted to compile a list of the greatest headphones I have ever used. I no longer own any of them, due to my nature of being a tinkerer. Important to know with this post is these following headphones (aside from the top headphone on this list) are like digging...
  11. Sherman

    Koss HV/X replacement pads?

    Koss finally stopped selling replacement pads for my HV/X. The pads were great except that they literally disintegrate after a few years. The original pads came with adhesive on them which stuck to the smooth plastic of the headphone. Does anyone know what pads might fit this headphone?
  12. davstev

    Electrostatic headphones - membrane coating loss?

    HI Folks, Not too long ago, I bought a near-mint, still boxed pair of early 70s, Koss ESP-9 electrostatic headphones. Obviously old, but in good cosmetic shape & seems barely used. After several weeks I found the time to hook them up. I wired the E-9 energizer to the back of my Kenwood 700M...
  13. P

    Koss Portapro amp tips

    Hello everyone! I am a new member in this forum, thank you for having me and I love what you guys are doing here! I am slowly coming into the audiophile world but by far can't call myself one. My first glimpse into this world was with Sennheiser px-100ii phones(loved them) and after these I got...
  14. B

    KOSS KSC75 vs Soundmagic E10C

    I am in a need for a new daily driver after I lost my E10Cs a few days ago and I've heard quite a bit of good things about the Koss but how do they compare to the E10Cs. I liked them well enough for outside stuff because of the decent sound and reasonable price. The Koss cost less and supposedly...
  15. DozerCSX

    For Halloween: Re-animating the JVC HA-RX330

    So, for Halloween, I decided to do a small audio project - to BRING the DEAD back to LIFE! Perhaps worse than dead, take a dull, lifeless sounding headphone and turn it into a real killer... The Victim: I found a clearance JVC HA-RX330 at my local Fry's for the undead price of $4.99! I snatched...
  16. Koss Rhythm KPH30i

    Koss Rhythm KPH30i

    Retro design Dual-sided hard-wired portable-friendly cable Open-back form factor
  17. joe

    Koss Porta Pro Wireless Review

    If you're looking for a tried-and-true budget headphone that sounds great and doesn't break the bank, you can easily look at the Koss Porta Pro. It's a legend in the community and a well-regarded headphone, especially at its $49.99 price point. Practically everyone has experienced or owned the...
  18. Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    The new Koss Porta Pro® Wireless takes the legendary sound and the iconic design of the classic Koss Porta Pro® headphones, wireless. The Koss Design and Engineering teams collaborated to create the perfect wireless configuration using Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X to ensure the Porta Pro® Wireless...
  19. Ohaple

    KSC75 Over the Ear Project

    The project was initially inspired when I ran across the StratoKOSSter thread by accident while troubleshooting a problem with my Sony MDR V6. I read the thread and was pretty encouraged by the results claimed. Since I am somewhat handy I thought I would come up with my own design. Here is a...
  20. paecificjr

    Replacement Pads for Koss K-6

    I found a pair of Koss K-6 at an antiques store and impulse bought them. Now I'm trying to refurbish them. There is a crackle when the cable is moved and they only work when the cable is in one particular position, so I will be either redoing the connections or the entire wire, but I digress...
  21. Abdulla Mehdi

    Koss PortaPro's or Sony MDR-XB550AP?

    They cost almost the same and I just wonder which one of them would you buy if you had my needs? So I'm looking for a pair of on ear headphones that I'll be able to use mainly at the gym but sometimes at the buss too. My priorities are: sound quality > Isolation > Comfort > Durability > sound...
  22. 1

    I want to buy standalone working KOSS E/90 amp(without headphones).

    If you got one. Name your price in this thread or in the PM.
  23. HiCZoK

    Are people using sound cards or dac's? What is the general opinion?

    Hi everyone. I have Koss porta pro and Fiio E10k and I am not sure if I should switch to sound card or external sound card(preferably)... I am a bit curious about it's special effects, dolby headphone and stuff described in mad lust thread. I find it a bit limitating having to connect...
  24. HiCZoK

    Is there a way to still buy AKG K26? Or similar recommendations? (watch Pontypool before reading topic!)

    Hi everyone! I am a huge Koss Porta pro fan and I use it as my main driver with fiio e10k. PC use almost exclusively. I like the adjustment mechanism, build, how light it is, comfort and of course sound quality(I like warm, bassy enjoyable sound). I would like a headphone quite similar but...
  25. Brian1234

    Vintage KOSS ESR9

    I have a Vintage pair of KOSS ESR9 electrostatic headphones and am wondering a few things: 1) Anyone know of any basic info on the net about them? 2) Any idea how good they were and if they may have degraded over time? 3) Can I get replacement pads for them? From KOSS? 4) They havent been...