1. Gyroscope352

    My Beyerdynamic DT 235 Mod: Decrease Muddiness and Tighten Up Bass

      My main pair of cans is an AKG Q701, but I needed something a bit more portable (and closed-back) for traveling--but I didn't want to spend a ton of money. I got a used pair of black DT 235 'phones on Amazon for about $30. They were...shall we say, a good start! But not perfect.   I liked...
  2. pandareds

    Maxwell DHP-II vs. Sennheiser HD428 vs. Beyerdynamic DT 235 vs. Koss UR55

    Out of these 4: Maxwell DHP-II Sennheiser HD428 Beyerdynamic DT 235 Koss UR55     Which one would you guys choose based on sound and comfort?  
  3. Fizban

    Got myself a T50P, love it, any reason for me to get the DT235?

    As above.     Thanks peeps!  
  4. L

    Beyerdynamic DT 235 or Beyerdynamic DTX 300p ???

    Hi guys and girls in the headphone world, I need some help to decide between the DT 235 and the DT 300p. I'm going to use this at my job and it's a bit noisy environment. gonna use a Fiio E11 and 1st Gen.iPod Touch, music style: mostly rock and electronica. So whitch one is the best and do...
  5. goodsound

    If I didn't like SR60, DT235 will I like SRH440 or MDR-V6 ?

    I did not like the Grado SR60 and Beyerdynamic DT235 because of their treble response. I found that to be too bright and harsh to my ears. However, I have always and still enjoy my KSC-75. Also liked my AKG K501. I am now considering the Koss DJ100 and its #1 on my list, but also wanted to...
  6. aussiebuddha

    Creative Aurvana Live! CAL! vs Beyerdynamic DT235

    Hi Guys. I'm looking to buy a set of entry level full sized headphones, and currently between these 2 models. I've seen very good reviews on the CAL! as well as the the DT235. however, there are 2 things that point me towards the DT235 slightly.   1) Noise isolation, I'm planning to use...
  7. blackkfox

    Advice on Headphones (AKG K450 vs. Beyerdynamic DT235)

    Hey everyone, hopefully I have the right forum or whatever. I'm completely new to this website, but I was wondering if I could seek your collective advice on choosing a pair of headphones. So basically, I started looking on Amazon for a new pair of headphones (mainly for listening to music at...
  8. dudlew

    Beyerdynamic DT235..... really underated.

         Well I have had this head phone for about a year and some listening to it off and on. My setup is simple. Not hifi, but works. I have an ipod 3rd gen connected to a PA2v2 vis a sendstation LOD connector. I use a Cambridge Audio mini to mini cable to join the two.       I am visiting the...
  9. devhen

    Beyerdynamic DT 235 - Wow!

    Holy sh** guys, why doesn't this headphone get more love around here? I picked it up for $38 on Amazon and for the price they are absolutely stellar. They beat the Monoprice 8323, IMO, which I consider to also be a $40 headphone since its stock ear pads are deplorable and have to be replaced...
  10. xcmiler

    Need Help Deciding Between the HTF600, Beyer DT235, Monoprice MHP-839, and the Superlux 661

  11. KlarkKentThe3rd

    Beyerdynamic DT 235: better than Koss ProDJ100?

    For about two weeks the Koss phones were on my wish list for portable use. And that's when (an hour ago) I found out about Beyerdynamic DT 235. From the looks of it, those just might be the model I was looking for, since BD seem to be one of the top manufacturers who KNOW THEIR S***.   But...
  12. danyi

    Choosing portable headphones. Superlux HD661 vs. Beyerdynamic DT235

    Hi headfiers,   I'm searching for portable headphones and I would like to ask for your advice. After searching on the site and looking at the available options in my country (Argentina), I've ended up with two alternatives that are similarly priced here and are relatively affordable:   -...
  13. tuftedgrackle

    Upgrades from Beyerdynamic DT235 in the $100-400 range

    Hi all,   I currently have a pair of DT235's and love the sound of them, but 1) They're not very comfortable for long periods of time, and 2) I'm wondering how good something in a higher price range will sound.   Basically, I'm looking for a similar sound, just better. I looked around a bit...
  14. danielcgold

    Mid-range comfortable headphones for daily listening

    I'm looking for a decent pair of headphones for daily listening at work. I currently have a pair of Sony mdr v150's and they hurt the backs of my ears after 30 minutes. It might just be my ears because earbuds do the same thing. I don't do audio editing or need super high quality headphones; the...
  15. choopashoopa

    I am a death metal guitarist moving into an apartment soon.

    I require a headset that would allow me to play unheard. I need something that won't make my playing sound muddy and awful. I'd also be using them for my listening pleasure. I was told that you guys would be able to help me. I don't have an endless supply of money, I'd need something in the...
  16. Noobpwner

    Casual music lover looking for new headphones for 50-70 USD

    Alrighty well I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones. I've done a bit of research but I would love a second opinion from you guys!   Here's all the info I can think of that'll help   My price range is around 50-70 USD I play alot of games (FPS, RTS and the like) I plan on using...
  17. Ande2

    IEMs vs. closed headphones

    I would need some new headphones for use in the office. Because of the office use they have to be closed or IEMs.   Portability is not an issue here. I will probably only use them at work.   What do you think should I go with for example Shure 215 IEMs or start to look for some closed...
  18. jinxeddeep

    Suggestions for headphones for use with iPod and laptop for around $60

    Hey guys,      I'm all excited about my first post here and can't wait to interact with the head-fi community. Last week, I finally decided to get myself a full-size headphone after two loyal years with in-ears. I am still a fledgling audiophile and so I am not as educated as most of the...
  19. DjAmTraX

    GREAT sounding light weight headphones, not IEM.

    Are there any GREAT sounding light weight headphones out there?  If so, please advise and your thoughts on which full headphones it compares to in sound.  One that looks good would be a bonus.  Like these.    
  20. muzikfrrrik

    Best portable full-size cans for iPod Classic

    Hi.   I'd like to get some advice on buying a new pair of headphones. I've had only two cans so far, both by Philips under 50 euros. The ones I'm using at present are Philips SHL9560.   These are my requirements: * neutral - I don't like the sound to be coloured, want to hear it they...
  21. fatherfish

    Upgrade from Koss ksc75

    Hello all. I've been enjoying getting into headphones a lot and learning from everyone here. I currently have Koss ksc 75,modded (cut out and drilled).  I liked the sound at first and enjoyed it even more with mods.   My question is this I want to keep the same clear highs I'm getting...
  22. greendream

    Portable closed back showdown.

    Hi!   I have been searching around these forums for a while, and although there's a few threads about closed back phones it normally comes down to HD25s or Beyer DT1350. I used to have HD25s, and they were GREAT headphones, but they weren't VERY portable, and they are also very expensive...
  23. arneetsingh


    I am a noob regarding headphones technical specifications.i m looking to buy  a over the ear headphones with a great bass and sound quality.please provide me some info on products that fits to my req.
  24. bmbmjmdm

    Headphone-buying virgin in need of help please!

    Hi, so, for the first 18 years of my life I've gotten by using whichever hand-me-down headphones made there way onto my ears.  Now I finally have some money and want to buy a good-quality pair of (relatively) cheap headphones but am in desperate need of help!  I primarily use headphones when on...
  25. Geo212

    Looking for some advice on over-ears under $60...

    I *was* looking into IEM's, but after experiencing ear fatigue I don't feel too comfortable with them anymore. I'm just looking for a decent pair of over-ears (or cans, whatever you want to call them) for under $60 that have a sound quality similar to the IEM's I was going to buy, the ECCI...