1. muzikfrrrik

    Best portable full-size cans for iPod Classic

    Hi.   I'd like to get some advice on buying a new pair of headphones. I've had only two cans so far, both by Philips under 50 euros. The ones I'm using at present are Philips SHL9560.   These are my requirements: * neutral - I don't like the sound to be coloured, want to hear it they...
  2. fatherfish

    Upgrade from Koss ksc75

    Hello all. I've been enjoying getting into headphones a lot and learning from everyone here. I currently have Koss ksc 75,modded (cut out and drilled).  I liked the sound at first and enjoyed it even more with mods.   My question is this I want to keep the same clear highs I'm getting...
  3. greendream

    Portable closed back showdown.

    Hi!   I have been searching around these forums for a while, and although there's a few threads about closed back phones it normally comes down to HD25s or Beyer DT1350. I used to have HD25s, and they were GREAT headphones, but they weren't VERY portable, and they are also very expensive...
  4. arneetsingh


    I am a noob regarding headphones technical specifications.i m looking to buy  a over the ear headphones with a great bass and sound quality.please provide me some info on products that fits to my req.
  5. bmbmjmdm

    Headphone-buying virgin in need of help please!

    Hi, so, for the first 18 years of my life I've gotten by using whichever hand-me-down headphones made there way onto my ears.  Now I finally have some money and want to buy a good-quality pair of (relatively) cheap headphones but am in desperate need of help!  I primarily use headphones when on...
  6. Geo212

    Looking for some advice on over-ears under $60...

    I *was* looking into IEM's, but after experiencing ear fatigue I don't feel too comfortable with them anymore. I'm just looking for a decent pair of over-ears (or cans, whatever you want to call them) for under $60 that have a sound quality similar to the IEM's I was going to buy, the ECCI...
  7. darkfireblade25

    Best Headphones Under $100

    I'm looking for headphones that have the best audio reproduction quality to price under 100 bucks. I mostly listen to movie soundtracks, j-pop and various metal. I currently own the sennheiser 238 and portapros. the sennheisers's vocals sound really soft compared to most headphones and the...
  8. tdockweiler

    Beyerdynamic DT-235 Modded (how to create the best $50 headphone EVER)

    About 6 months ago I found that the Maxell DHP-II's memory foam pads could be used on the DT-235 to convert them from supra-aural to Circumaural. I found that this made them into one of the most comfortable headphones there is. At the time though I had wished the sound was a little better. It...
  9. excelsior

    need recommendation what and where to spend

    hi head-fi, i have around 130euro to spend but i m getting confused about what should i buy im looking not only headphone but other equipment as well(dac,amp,dap etc) i like to listen jazz,pop,rock,rnb mainly actually im quite happy with my current set up but having money to spend really...
  10. jreme

    Cheaper AKG's decent?

    Hey so I was recently looking at the AKG K514 as an option for some new cans. So far my best headphones are $20 JVC Flats (still great value), and I was looking for a slight step up. The AKG K514's have pretty good reviews and for the price they seem like the best option.. The other option was a...
  11. Germancub

    Shure SRH240 First Impressions

    Hey everybody,   Just picked these up a few days ago and wanted to write down my impressions for you guys.   First off, the build quality is quite solid given the price point although they won't be mistaken for something expensive anytime soon. I find the fit pretty comfortable, the...
  12. Fizban

    Beyer's DT235

    Hmmm just wondering, how come there's almost no mention of this classic?  What I wanna know is, how does this old champion compare to nowadays' offerings?  
  13. thegerbilking

    Headphone Reccomendations around $50

    Hey everyone. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my old ones broke. I'd appreciate any recommendations in the 40-60 dollar range. My budget is pretty tight so I probably won't go over it unless it's a really good deal.   Anyway, I'll be using it from mostly my laptop...
  14. pandareds

    Alright, need help with final list!!!

    So I made my final list for the headphones I'm getting   Koss UR 55 ($50) Sennheiser HD 205 ($43) Sennheiser HD 238 ($55) Sony MDR XD200 ($23) Philips SHP8500 ($40) Beyerdynamic DT 235 ($55?) Maxell DHP-II ($50) Denon AH-P372W ($45) --> white ones look sick     All of these...
  15. arj154

    cheap full sized headphones? £40 max idealy £25-30

    Hi can anyone recommend some good headphones in this price range? its for someone who listens to rock mainly but also pop etc. (this is for my sister) Also sound isolation would be nice as she will be using them on the bus etc and durability as well.    EDIT: i see that theres a buyers...
  16. Ragincajun713

    Didn't Care for XB500, what to get instead?

    I recently purchased a pair of XB500's from BB since they were on sale this week.  They were great for house, techno, and dubstep.  But they were horrible for ska, pop punk, punk, hardcore, and any other rock I played on them.  I could not hear the vocals in most songs.  When I could, they...
  17. Neithan

    Best Headphones for under 60$

    I'm starting to look for Full Size Headphones now...   I'm looking for the best deal under 60$...   I want a headphone that is capable of preforming good in all range but particularly in the bass area :p... That doesn't mean that I don't care for midrange or highs! I ear Deep house...
  18. chameleon44

    help in selecting a pair of headphones for pc and radio studio use

    Hey everyone,   I have read many of the reviews and posts about the headphones i am among to choose from.   the thing is, there is no place i could in fact try them out (i'm in greece), in terms of sound and comfort (fit) so i would like to ask for the help of those who owned or tried...
  19. dudlew

    Impressions...... Beyer DT235 vs AKG K81DJ.. WOW!?!?

       Ok, So I have had the K81 DJs for about a month now and it has about 40 hours of play time on it and I got accustomed to the sound. All was well in lala land. I havent listened to it for a few days now, due to pulling some extar hours in the field both in Surveying and Photography and also my...
  20. leoniedelt

    need some cheap cans, rec me some?

    Right. Am looking for cheap cans. £50 ish or less, pref less. New or used, i ain't fussed.   I guess on-ear because my husband's Superlux 681s hurt my jaws under my ears because they are so flipping huge and envelop my entire skull, but am open to suggestions.   I largely listen to tv...
  21. dudlew

    Scaling up..... Looking to upgrade..

    Well Its been a while, and the upgrade bug has hit me. I have an IPOD touch 3rd gen with a Sendstation dock and PA2V2 amp with the Beyer DT235. I like the sound, but I want more. Now my living situation is such that I just can’t audition cans unless I travel out of the country, which is rare...
  22. Type35

    Jays V-Jays vs Beyerdynamic DT 235

    I've search HF long and hard but couldn't find any comparisons between the V-Jays and the Beyer DT235. Could anyone comment on their respective sound signatures?   Thanks
  23. KLJTech

    Looking for good portable amp for $100 or less.

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for a portable amp that I can use with either my Grado 325i's or AKG701's (sometimes maybe my Klipsch Image X5's) along with my 8GB Sansa Clip when I just want to chill in a part of the house away from my main system.   Two amps I'm looking at are the FiiO E7 and...
  24. zoofer

    Is there a full-size closed headphone (circumaural or supraaural) as comfortable as Bose under $100

    Is there a full-sized headphone as comfortable as the Bose Triports? I have a large to x-large sized cranium and my almost 2 year old Senn HD280pro is still too uncomfortable due to the high clamping force (believe me, I've tried all the suggestions to loosen them up with no success). I have a...
  25. rb101c

    Closed, Portable, Budget Headphones for use with Laptop/MP3 Player

    I just discovered this site recently and was hoping that you could help me upgrade from my current, mediocre headphones.  I'm looking for a pair of closed headphones with minimal leakage to use (unamped) with my laptop and mp3 player.  I would prefer to not spend more than $80, but definitely...