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Upgrade from Koss ksc75

  1. fatherfish
    Hello all.
    I've been enjoying getting into headphones a lot and learning from everyone here.
    I currently have Koss ksc 75,modded (cut out and drilled).  I liked the sound at first and enjoyed it even more with mods.
    My question is this I want to keep the same clear highs I'm getting now but get more on the bottom end. (not boomy or muddy though that drives me nuts).
    From what I've read the Beyerdynamic dt235 would keep the cllear crisp sound I like but would it fill in the bottom end more?
    I've also read about the Grado 60i/80i haveing more bass and a good fun starter headphone, but what about the clear highs i like?
    Any thoughts or suggestions ?
    Oh currently unamped but thats my next step
    Thanks for your thoughts,

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