1. slefty

    Questions about full sized sealed headphones for iPod for $70 or less

    A friend is looking to get his son a set of headphones for his iPod. Wants a full sized sealed design (so no Grado SR60), and with a price around $60 (US). His son has hinted for a pair of Hesh2 or Skullcruishers from Skull CandySkullCandy, but all my kid's friends with those have had them fail...
  2. Walabamba

    Cheap Headphone Recommendation

    So I was searching for cheap hifi headphones, and I need help.   My desired price would be under 70 euros. I can purchase from Sennheiser, AKG, Sony, Marshall, Phillips, Pioneer or JVC. If possible, I can also purchase the Beyer Dynamic DT 235.   Please help me, I am having a hard time...
  3. Saoshyant

    Highly portable headphones

    Hi all.  As this forum is slowly draining my expendable funds, I'm growing curious about highly portable headphones, and when I mean portable, I mean on the level of the KSC75 and PX200-II.  Disregarding IEMs and similar, what might be an upgrade beyond the two listed headphones?  Any...
  4. Don Tonberry

    Suggestions for Budget well rounded headphone?

    I've been using my JVC flats for quite some time now and they are just now starting to wear out a little so I'm looking for new headphones to replace them. I quite liked the sound of the Flats so I'd maybe prefer to get something similar and balanced like the Flats. I listen mainly to Rock...
  5. sweets11388

    Can you guys help me find headphones for my almost deaf Grandmother?

    This may sound a bit sad, but she is in her 90s and does not want to live anymore.  She is a music lover and hasn't heard music for over a decade.  We are going to surprise her in a week or two with music!   I'm looking for something very very light, probably supra-aural cans with a fiio...
  6. orelv

    best over the ear for around 80$

    I had hd448 that got broken :\ I currently have in ear vsonic gr07 and I like the sound but I still have lack of bass, especialy the low range. on ebay the shipping for my country is around 40$ for most of the items. so my budget is around 100$ and I would like to get recommendation for 60...
  7. Gyroscope352

    My Beyerdynamic DT 235 Mod: Decrease Muddiness and Tighten Up Bass

      My main pair of cans is an AKG Q701, but I needed something a bit more portable (and closed-back) for traveling--but I didn't want to spend a ton of money. I got a used pair of black DT 235 'phones on Amazon for about $30. They were...shall we say, a good start! But not perfect.   I liked...
  8. KlarkKentThe3rd

    Beyerdynamic DT 235: better than Koss ProDJ100?

    For about two weeks the Koss phones were on my wish list for portable use. And that's when (an hour ago) I found out about Beyerdynamic DT 235. From the looks of it, those just might be the model I was looking for, since BD seem to be one of the top manufacturers who KNOW THEIR S***.   But...
  9. Fizban

    Got myself a T50P, love it, any reason for me to get the DT235?

    As above.     Thanks peeps!  
  10. Fizban

    Beyer's DT235

    Hmmm just wondering, how come there's almost no mention of this classic?  What I wanna know is, how does this old champion compare to nowadays' offerings?  
  11. L

    Beyerdynamic DT 235 or Beyerdynamic DTX 300p ???

    Hi guys and girls in the headphone world, I need some help to decide between the DT 235 and the DT 300p. I'm going to use this at my job and it's a bit noisy environment. gonna use a Fiio E11 and 1st Gen.iPod Touch, music style: mostly rock and electronica. So whitch one is the best and do...
  12. goodsound

    If I didn't like SR60, DT235 will I like SRH440 or MDR-V6 ?

    I did not like the Grado SR60 and Beyerdynamic DT235 because of their treble response. I found that to be too bright and harsh to my ears. However, I have always and still enjoy my KSC-75. Also liked my AKG K501. I am now considering the Koss DJ100 and its #1 on my list, but also wanted to...
  13. aussiebuddha

    Creative Aurvana Live! CAL! vs Beyerdynamic DT235

    Hi Guys. I'm looking to buy a set of entry level full sized headphones, and currently between these 2 models. I've seen very good reviews on the CAL! as well as the the DT235. however, there are 2 things that point me towards the DT235 slightly.   1) Noise isolation, I'm planning to use...
  14. blackkfox

    Advice on Headphones (AKG K450 vs. Beyerdynamic DT235)

    Hey everyone, hopefully I have the right forum or whatever. I'm completely new to this website, but I was wondering if I could seek your collective advice on choosing a pair of headphones. So basically, I started looking on Amazon for a new pair of headphones (mainly for listening to music at...
  15. dudlew

    Beyerdynamic DT235..... really underated.

         Well I have had this head phone for about a year and some listening to it off and on. My setup is simple. Not hifi, but works. I have an ipod 3rd gen connected to a PA2v2 vis a sendstation LOD connector. I use a Cambridge Audio mini to mini cable to join the two.       I am visiting the...
  16. devhen

    Beyerdynamic DT 235 - Wow!

    Holy sh** guys, why doesn't this headphone get more love around here? I picked it up for $38 on Amazon and for the price they are absolutely stellar. They beat the Monoprice 8323, IMO, which I consider to also be a $40 headphone since its stock ear pads are deplorable and have to be replaced...
  17. xcmiler

    Need Help Deciding Between the HTF600, Beyer DT235, Monoprice MHP-839, and the Superlux 661

  18. strangelmad

    Best headphones under £90

    Hi guys, I'm really hoping you can advise me - I'm looking to buy over the ear or large on ear closed headphones for my boyfriend.  I only really know about in ear canal headphones, cos that's all my sensitive ears/head can stand!  He can't stand them tho :(   Anyway, trying to get him...
  19. sofastreamer

    Looking for closed back portable cans with some kind of soundstage

    actually i am looking for a good set of over/around ear headphones for portable use. must haves:   - good isolation - dry bass down to sub bass region - no piercing highs - at least a little soundstage, the bigger the better   nice to have:   - lots of details - quite neutral...
  20. Famouse

    Amp question

    Note: I'm not to experienced or knowledgeable about amps so please excuse me if I make a stupid.   Okay, I was originally going to just get an e6 but I realized that I wouldn't really use it much for on the go. Now I'm wondering what would be a good amp (or DAC whatever) for at home use and...
  21. xlEnt

    Gym headphones NOT IEM

    Looking for some decent headphones that can be used at the gym   can't be IEM's as my ears are sensitive and the sweat being pushed into my ear is the reason i'm now looking for non IEM   was considering the px100, but they've gone up in price the last time i checked, and even then i...
  22. Zach182

    Help choosing headphones

    Hello,   I am in need of finding new headphones. I currently have an iPod Touch 3rd gen with all ALAC files. I'm looking for a closed set and spend more or less $50. I listen to Punk and Ska, some bands are Blink 182 and side projects, NOFX, Sum 41, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Sublime...
  23. Balgheet

    Ideal Headphone Selection Help Please

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of good headphones under $50. I'm looking for something with... Good clear sound Some bass Perhaps a microphone   I'll be using it to listen to music (Examples below), maybe play Modern Warfare 3, and watch the occasional Netflix movie. I know I'm asking a...
  24. idruke

    Monoprice DJ or Sennheiser 202. Which is a better, who cares if they break, phone?

    Or other suggestions. No more than $30. Must be fairly compact.   Look forward to hearing your opinions.
  25. bb62610

    Best Over/On-Ear Headphone for under $30

    My friend was wondering if he could be a decent headphone for around $20 and I recommended to him the Monoprice 8323 a.k.a Kicker HP541's but I was wondering if there were more options out there.  Which would you recommend?  Anyone?