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Looking for closed back portable cans with some kind of soundstage

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sofastreamer, Nov 5, 2012.
  1. sofastreamer
    actually i am looking for a good set of over/around ear headphones for portable use. must haves:
    - good isolation
    - dry bass down to sub bass region
    - no piercing highs
    - at least a little soundstage, the bigger the better
    nice to have:
    - lots of details
    - quite neutral or balanced signature
    - not bulky
    already tried:
    - m80 (poor isolation and too rich sounding)
    - akg k518 (to dark and muffled sounding)
    - shure srh-240 (somewhat bulky)
    - krk kns6400 (too mid centric, looks like a clamp)
    i mostly listen to movie scores, chillout and ambient tracks. no vocals at all.
    price could go up to 200 $
    any recommendations?
  2. zazex
    I sort of hate to do write this because of all the noise surrounding them,
    but have you listened to the Audio Technica ATH-M50's?
    Based on your post, it seems they'd do very well for your needs.
    Amazon's price has recently been in the 125.00 range.
    The Shure 840's also come to mind, but they are bulky indeed.
    The sound, though, is very good.
  3. Kukuk
    The Ultrasone HFI-580's just might be what you're looking for. Their isolation isn't that great, but it definitely does block out a good bit of outside noise.
  4. Doc-holliday

    Actually you should just save up a few bucks and buy the very headphone in zazex's avatar....

    Go to the deals thread. Someone is selling it for $250......

    One of the biggest soundstages you can get in a closed can. Only my DT770 premiums rival them in that department...

    Zazex c'mon.... tell em what they should really get that really matches their description (except bulky arguably but with the slim headband I'd say not)
  5. sofastreamer
    thank you for fast suggestions! well, i need to tell more about phones i already owned:
    - m50: to me they have absolutely no soundstage, but they do have piercing highs
    - k550: this set is ok, but far too bulky for portable use. i sold them and kept my srh940 for home use though
    - Ultrasones: i tried the whole line up at the "highend" in munich and none was to my liking. S-logic did not work for me and the highs were untolerable.
    right know i have the following on my list of phones, i might need to listen to:
    - hd439
    - zx700
    - dt235
    - pro dj100
    - px200ii
    - ht-21
  6. ostewart
    Soundmagic HP100, although they are quite bulky, they come with a carry case
  7. Kukuk
    The HFI-580's probably have the most tame highs of all the Ultrasones, as well as the lightest S-Logic effect. They're definitely the closest, of all the Ultrasones I've heard, to sounding like a more traditional headphone.
    Of the other options you listen, I've heard the ZX700's and Pro DJ100's. The ZX700's are pretty nice, since they have great isolation and soundstage, but their highs are very piercing. The Pro DJ100's are probably more in line with what you want, but their isolation is pretty weak, and their soundstage isn't too spectacular.
  8. sofastreamer
    i ordered a zx700 and dt235 now. i will give an update after listening.
  9. Doc-holliday

    I don't know if you got it but my recommendation was for the K550... anyway...

    Yes PLEASE DO let me know about the DT235.. I don't need them at all but I have been thinking of adding them to my collection anyway.
  10. sofastreamer
    in post #5 i comment on the k550
  11. Doc-holliday
    Gotcha... missed that one.

    Ok well yes again I'd like to hear on the DT235 how that works out for ya.
  12. sofastreamer
    little update here:
    got the dt235, zx700, mdr-1r. quick impressions:
    dt235: really impressive for a 40$ pair of headphones. very neutral sounding and for a beyer impressivly smooth with muscular bass presence and without beyer peak. soundstage is ok, but nothing to write home about. resolution is enough to handle complex orchestra. only issue is that there is next to no isolation.
    zx700: really impressive. i got them from a fellow headfier for 50 eur and you could have told me, that normally these cost about 150. very good isolation (much better than 1r)  and comfort. very natural timbre. soundstage as good as 1r. resolution is just a hair lower than on the 1r. good overall balance and very smooth sounding. perfect for relaxed listening sessions. i love them so far.
    mdr-1r: not impressed yet. they fail in every aspect against my srh940. they are not bad, but here they cost about the same as the 940s. they have less resolution by a mile, separation, accuracy, imaging and especially layering lacks far behind the 940s. the good thing is, they are more comfy and as they are not as bulky, they can be used as portables. if you do not need portables, the shures are a steal for the same price.
    i guess i have to try the dt1350 now. hoping that they will give me the soundquality i am used to by the shures.
  13. MalVeauX
    For what you're looking for, I would have you look at:
    Brainwavz HM5
    Ultrasone HFI 780
    Ultrasone PRO 650
    AKG K272 HD
    Shure SRH840
    AudioTechnica A700X
    Sennheiser HD380 PRO
    Very best,
  14. jasonb
    I like the Koss DJ100 for a portable can, but they like a bit of power. They like a decent amp, and will not really get loud enough or sound very good from an iPod alone. 
  15. Doc-holliday
    Thanks for letting us know. I really am going to have to pick up a pair even though I in no way actually need them. Wish I wouldn't have passed up the chance to get a pair for 25 bucks a couple of months ago.

    Sorry to derail, but would you mind posting what you think about the comfort?

    They have amazing midrange detail and like you said about the 235 they don't have the beyer sparkle but still very detailed smooth highs. Excellent extension in bass but not emphasized. In fact I have to work them around a bit to get the right seal to feel satisfied in this respect. Being an on ear the soundstage is obviously going to be a lot closer in sounding. My only gripe with them is they start to hurt my ears after extended listening. Had them on for a couple of hours yesterday while watching the football game at the local bar and had to take them off in the 4th quarter :)

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