1. r1sh

    Headphones for trance music and gamin' for less 200$

    Good day!   I've got right now Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 i totally love it, they are so light that i even sometimes forget about them.   I want to make a little upgrade of them for more quality headphones but not more then 200$   Needs are the same: gamin' Call of Duty MW3 on Creative...
  2. tnastylax

    recommendations for first pair of headphones.

    ive been reading threads over different headphones but if im going to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones i figure i might as well try to get as much info as posible. I listen to a range of music so i guess an all around pair would be best- punk,indie,pink floyd,radiohead, phish kind of...
  3. 343 Grenadier

    Decent all-around headphones for under 250 USD.

    Good day, Head-Fi. I'm a newcomer to the world of high-quality audio. My first question and post here on Head-Fi's forums concerns a computer I recently constructed for someone else that I plan to turn into an HTPC some time in the next few months. It is limited to PCIe x1 sound cards and will...
  4. Strauss95

    SoundMAGIC HP100 vs HP200

    Just wanted to see what the main differences are between the closed back HP100 and open backed HP200. Things like soundstage, bass quantity and quality, etc. There isn't a lot of info about these headphones so I wanted to start this thread for people like me that are cross shopping the two of them. 
  5. Slatexx

    Upgrade for M80s

    Hello!     I wrote a post about the same topic but anybody answered yet . I bought a pair of M80s about a year ago, I am very happy with these but since I am starting to learn about audio I would like to experience better sound if possible. Any ideas for an upgrade for the M80s? I listen...
  6. C x 2

    Headphones around $200 CAD

    Hi everyone, looking for a pair of closed headphone (preferably with a removable cable) for around $200 CAD. Comfort is huge as it was an issue with my last pair of headphones (M50x). I'm also looking for clarity, powerful vocals, controlled bass, and a wide sound stage (I'm a beginner so please...
  7. K4Sait

    Best over-ear headphone under 200$ for music & movies

    Hi I want to buy a new headphone to use it almost for everything (Music, Movies, Web Series...) And i found the SoundMagic hp100 (199$) and i think that i'll get it. What do think is best for me since my budget is 200$ and i need somthing really comfortable and I can use it whitout the need...
  8. zazex

    SoundMAGIC HP100 owners - How's the clamping force?

    Thinking of adding these to the collection since I'm looking for another set of reasonably good closed headphones.    The UK & USA reviews I've read praise them highly.   What I want to know is - how is the clamping force?   If you recline slightly, do they fall towards the back of...
  9. AzureBeat

    $200 for one can to rule them all. Sub $300 shootout?

    So, that's my objective. I currently have $200 for headphones. I may get more sometime, but at this moment I'm not sure. If I do get more, than I'll have $300 to play with, so I'd like to see a sub $300 can shootout. (I did search for one, and didn't see such a thread.) So here's what I'd love...
  10. slytherin

    good isolators portable headphones, for under 100

    I have the beats solo, but I really don't like them and I am hoping to get another set of portable headphones for cheaper , I usually listen to house, classical and alternative rock and samba.What are somo good picks?
  11. Anewills

    Problems with headphones/music/itunes/gear/ who knows?

    While trying to find out how much difference I could tell between music bitrates, I've come across a problem.  In particular, with the song "layla," I have a version that I got online which bitrate is 128 kbps, and I have the CD which I imported to my computer and put them as apple lossless...
  12. MrTheposter

    Will SoundMagic HP 100 headphones work well for all genres and nature recordings?

    I want to buy a good pair of closed headphones that will sound good without the use of amps and be comfortable to wear for a few hours at a time if needs be. The headphones will be used for listening to many genres including most types of rock (but nothing to heavy such as Death metal), Jazz...
  13. sanquintinb

    New guy looking for full sized phones.

    Hey all. I replied in the recommendation thread but didnt really get an answer. Im looking to replace my iBuds with some closed full-sized, over the ear cans. I want over ear because I have really small ears and on-ear, in-ear designs are uncomfortable as all hell. I have varied interests in...
  14. nikrage

    What do you think of Soundmagic HP 100?

    I've made my decision to take the Soundmagic HP 100. I know they are quite new and not very popular, but I did my research and they look very impressive. What do you think about them? I'm also open to alternatives and comparisons.
  15. RevinNerd

    Comparison of these sub $200 headphones? (PLEASE HELP)

    So ive waited WAY too long to buy my first pair of actually good headphones (Ive been surviving on monoprice 8320s). Recently I've been set on Beyerdynamic Custom Pro Ones, but a friend is now telling me they don't really compare to Shure SRH440's (which are half the price), and that they are...
  16. M

    Budget of £180 in the UK - German Maestro, Soundmagics or one of many others! Help

    Ok as stated in title I have a budget of around £180 to buy new headphones. All of my headphone experience is mainly IEMs. Currently using either Phonak 232 or AKG K3003. My only real experience of full size headphones are my Shure 440, I like them but would like to go up a level or 2. My...
  17. Shikarikato

    Best Headphones for ~$200-$250

    I'm rather new to the world of audiophile headphones so I'm rather confused all over the place. I don't mind if the headphones are open or closed. I listen to Classical and Dubstep,DnB,Electro stuff of that sort. One of my concerns is that I plan to stream games and I'm not entirely sure if...
  18. TrantaLocked

    Help choosing: NVX-XPT100 vs HD 280 vs HD 598 vs SoundMAGIC HP100

    I am a previous owner of the HD 280 and actually loved the set, but had to return them for money issues. My main issue with the 280 was that they had a bit too much sub bass and not enough detail/texture in the upper mids and treble (the 280s have a pretty substantial fall off at around 4K)...
  19. rajeevrn

    Soundmagic HP100 review

    Summary   Pros: Soundstage, Beautiful Highs, Deep Bass   Cons: Neutral mids(not necessary a bad thing)   Read to know more!   Introduction   The Soundmagic HP100 sitting on top of the Matrix M-Stage Amp HPA-2(with USB DAC)     I had promised to review my Soundmagic HP100s (though I...
  20. SoundsGood

    Closed cans for classical - options

    Looking to upgrade from my current pair: Denon D1001.  I know closed aren't preferable for classical, but I need to keep them closed to block external noises.  I use them mostly out of my MacBook listening to lossless files or streaming from MOG.   So far, I've been thinking about the...
  21. johnnyqm

    Best Headphones for EDM/Classical/Everything else under $300

    I know there's likely a thread that I haven't found named something similar, but I need some direct advice because I'm relatively new to this.   My max (for the headphones, (portable) Amp/DAC comes later please disregard) is $300. They need to be portable, closed and be relatively mobile...
  22. ramarge3653

    Best Portable Headphone without an amp for $250 max Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop Genres

    I'm looking for recommendations for a portable headphone that will be used solely with my Galaxy S4 playing FLAC audio files.  I'm looking for something to fulfill the Rock/Metal and Hip Hop Genre.  I love bass, but don't want something sloppy that will overpower the mids and highs.   I've...
  23. DeadMerc

    Suggestions for new headphones.

    I have the Dt990 Pros right now, the left speaker is not working so I am sending them in for repairs. I am just going to try some new headphones though and sell these when I get them back. Really disappointing. I had them for 3 months. Anyway, I want headphones for gaming and music. I have a...
  24. drbluenewmexico

    BASSAWARE: A NEW BASS AUGMENTATION DEVICE FOR HEADPHONES that delivers true visceral response...

      BASS AWARE comes ALIVE!  photos from   Here on head-fiers (as we are affectionately known) are always interested in improving our sound quality through upgrades There is resurgence in headphone sales worldwide with many companies putting out new models and new...
  25. posteriorpounde

    Damaged Structure on Soundmagic HP100

    So my Soundmagic HP100 have fractured at the joint here. It's not a clean break yet, but it seems rather threatening. Any ideas on how I can repair this? I'm alright with either DIY options as well as paying for the services of others.