1. egokun

    Any portable/full can that sounds like Sennheiser IE8?

    Hi everybody. I am a proud owner of a Sennheiser IE8. I also own three headphones: Audio Technica AD2000, Sennheiser HD 558, and AKG K518 DJ (Euro model of K81, if I'm not mistaken). As much as I like all of them, the IE8 is my absolute favorite when it comes to PRAT and engaging sound. To my...
  2. d3njiR1

    Choosing some "nice" cans under $100.

    I would like to buy a nice (at least as nice as you can get <$100) set of cans. I don't really care whether in-ear or over-ear. I mainly listen to instrumental/classical music (ex. ThePianoGuys, Beethoven, Mahler). Right now I am using a pair of Apple earbuds (ick) and I am really getting tired...
  3. lepermessiah

    Signature Acoustics O16 Live Review

    Signature Acoustics made a splash with their much loved C12 wooden iems. It was well made, reasonably priced and was fun to listen to. Buoyed by the success, Signature Acoustics has launched another iem- the O16 Live. Let’s see how the second offering fares.   Build quality, Packaging...
  4. Andeby

    DT770 Bass rattle

    Hey there! When listening to music that has deep bass I always get a pretty bad rattling in my DT770's. On The Dark Knight OST - Why So Serious? the bass doesn't even sound like bass but like a rattling effect. Plugging my much cheaper AKG K518DJ headphones into my Xonar Essence STX they...
  5. razer0

    Advice needed, portable on-ears

    Hello head-fi forums, I'm new at the forums and from looking at the grammer you could spot that English isn't my primary language. So please excuse me grammer Nazi's .   Unfortunately my trusted portables(akg k518le 's ) broke last week. The where only a few problems with the akg k518...
  6. M

    In need for an advice: Versatile headphones for outdoor use

    I'm looking for a pair headphones that would stay on my head while f.e. skateboarding. Not too big so it wouldn't be much trouble having them just hanging on my neck I listen to various genres of music - hardcore, grindcore, post-rock, sludge metal, post-punk, jazz, mathcore, some 90's hip-hop...
  7. Kolapso

    Headphones for Doom metal (and perhaps som analytical listening of classical music) for max 230 $

    Hello   I've bought the AKG K518 DJ headphones and have been using them quite alot, for electronic music they're great with the nice bass, but I mainly listen to doom metal which I feel doesn't need almost any bass, and will perhaps listen to some classical music in the future aswell.  ...
  8. ehraihcn

    Best Headphones for studying???

    I just got accepted into a graduate program and will be doing a lot of studying (preferably with headphones on), so I'm curious which ones would be best for me... The following features are important to me: - $125 max, but prefer more of an $80 pricetag - Good audio quality.  I listen...
  9. Marulken

    AKG K518 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50

    Hello, i am a guy who has been producing music for quite a while, and i am starting to get kinda serious about my music production. Right now i am using a pair of modded AKG K518s but i am thinking about upgrading to the ATH-M50s, so i have a few questions for you.   Firstly, is there a...
  10. tordfuglstad

    Fiio E7 + iPhone 5 = successful?

    So I've read a lot of threads on the Fiio E7 and people wanting to connect them with iphone 5's. I have yet to read a successful combo. Is there anyone out there who has figured out how to make it work?   Just got into this headphone thingie and came across this forum, makes me want to buy a...
  11. Psycedilla

    AKG K518DJ VS Skullcandy Hesh 2.0

    Hi.   Registred at this site to try to find some help.  I've been using skullcandy's hesh for some time now. and when they went out of production I switched to akg k518dj. Now the akg is unfortunantly on ear, but i prefer over ear and big drivers. My problem now is, dough im very pleased...
  12. Alonso

    JVC S500 or AKG K81DK(K518DJ)

    Hi guys I´m new in this amazing wolrd and I need your review about this headphones. which of this 2 headphones will you choose? please tell me about the pros and cons =)  and, what do you think about this headphones to her electronic music and rock?   Thank you very much for your time...
  13. niv141

    Budget headphones for a basshead ($50)

    Hey there, Ive been browsing in the internet and mostly in this forum to find a headset suitable for my needs but really couldnt find anything that completely suit my needs, and right now I have a big headache seeing all these names and brands of headphones and "Do I want these" and "Do I want...
  14. deka-fi

    Best portable Headphone under 100 $ for HipHop

    Hello everyone, I have to buy the portable headphones. Here are the requirements: 1) price under $ 100 2) comfortable and closeable 3) closed with good insulation 4) music hiphop, rap and electropop   Will use the headphones with the residue cip zip + FiiO e6   I've already...
  15. slax head

    Upgrade from akg k518 under 90$ / 100$ ?

    Hello i have read many many thread about an upgrade from akg k518(LE), but i'm not be able to decide what are a good headphone for my.   What i whant are this requisites:   - Good isolation but not totally, i ride in bicycle but i get underground - Possibly balance but if sound more...
  16. M

    Any tips on making AKG K518 sound better?

    First off: I'm a noob so bare with me I listen to stuff from GY!BE to Converge to Fugazi to Neurosis so I'd like a balanced sound I took the extra foam out and it did help with reducing the bassiness a bit. Do you have any tips on making the sound even more balanced? You know, mods and...
  17. Pedro Oliveira

    Low price Beyedynamic Headphones - Are they worth it?

    Hi guys i was looking for some bargains on the web and discovered this models:   Beyerdynamic DTX 910 - 35 Euros Beyerdynamic DTX 900 - 40 Euros Beyerdynamic DJX-1    - 40 Euros (Tyll from InnerFidelity made a review on them and he says they are pretty good)   Are any of these worth...
  18. HecticVector

    AKG K518 Recable

    Background: Hey all, so basically the jack snapped in half on my K518's during a night of rough use DJing. Since then I replaced the jack with a radio shack model, but the stock cable was a pain in the *** to solder, so I just clipped some old ear buds, used that cable and soldered to drivers...
  19. oceanfx

    AKG K81/K518 recable job gone bad--am I screwed?

    Hey head-fi. I'm halfway through recabling a pair of AKG 518s and it appears that I've decoupled or melted both of the contacts on the right side driver after successfully hooking up the left pair. Is there any recourse for me? I can't see any place left to solder to, but there is also a lot of...
  20. ostewart

    AKG K518 DJ first impressions

    Hey people, just got my AKG K518 DJ's and my initial impressions were wow, nice bass, but not as much nor as boomy as some have said. Well the first thing i did was take the foam pads out and made the cable shorter by cutting and resoldering. They are now burning in. I am very pleased with them...
  21. ostewart

    new or fake AKG K518 DJ?

    I just got some K518 DJ's and wondered if they are a updated version or fake. They have a different strain relief on the jack than i have seen in pics the adapter is not screw on and also the swivel hinges swing freely, where some people have said they are fairly stiff. Here are some pics
  22. supergolf

    AKG K518 K81 detachable cable mod single entry. Guide + lots of pictures

    Hello!   So I finally ended up modding my AKG K518 DJ headphones (AKG K81) adding a detachable cable socket.  I wanted the ability to use different cables depending on situation.   Thought I would document the process as I consulted so many sources on headfi to do this mod.  Thanks to...
  23. dcfitjar

    Upgrade from AKG K518DJ (K81DJ), price up to 200 USD - suggestions?

    Hi! Not long ago I bought AKG K518DJ, but I'm not that happy with them. Can anyone here help me finding a replacement? :) Sound: I don't know much about this, but the sound of the K518DJ is a bit "muffled", like there's a wall of bass, with just a few details of higher notes being able to...
  24. NER0

    AKG k518, weSC Oboe or MAYBE something else

      I want a nice pair of headphones. the key elements I'm looking for are: - Style - Clarity, and sound. - Good Bass.  I want to spend under 75 dollars (CAD). Might spend 100 (CAD) if I'm really interested in them.   I really like the AKG k518 and the weSC Oboe. So if anyone has used...
  25. idvsego

    Circumaural with the sound of a k81/k518?

    I was really pleased with the sound of the 81dj for the price but couldnt take the comfort level.  I just dont like the pads on my ears, I prefer it around them.  Anybody have a suggestion for a circumaural set that sounds liek the AKGs?