Headphones for Doom metal (and perhaps som analytical listening of classical music) for max 230 $
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Mar 18, 2013
I've bought the AKG K518 DJ headphones and have been using them quite alot, for electronic music they're great with the nice bass, but I mainly listen to doom metal which I feel doesn't need almost any bass, and will perhaps listen to some classical music in the future aswell.
Example of some songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoxFsAtdw7w
Mainly Violin for the classical music parts, and there's some in the doom metal tracks aswell :)
I've been looking at for example the AKG 242HD, which can be had for little less than US 230$
Anyone have any recommendation, I want the best, I guess, analytical headphones for the budget of 230$.
They're strictly for home use I should say, no need to be portable.
I've also seen the Sennheiser HD598. Treble I would say is important, but I'm really new to more expensive headphones. (since it's violin I'm going to listen to) 
These seems interesting too AKG K240 Studio: they can be had for for 120$.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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