1. dcfitjar

    Upgrade from AKG K518DJ (K81DJ), price up to 200 USD - suggestions?

    Hi! Not long ago I bought AKG K518DJ, but I'm not that happy with them. Can anyone here help me finding a replacement? :) Sound: I don't know much about this, but the sound of the K518DJ is a bit "muffled", like there's a wall of bass, with just a few details of higher notes being able to...
  2. NER0

    AKG k518, weSC Oboe or MAYBE something else

      I want a nice pair of headphones. the key elements I'm looking for are: - Style - Clarity, and sound. - Good Bass.  I want to spend under 75 dollars (CAD). Might spend 100 (CAD) if I'm really interested in them.   I really like the AKG k518 and the weSC Oboe. So if anyone has used...
  3. idvsego

    Circumaural with the sound of a k81/k518?

    I was really pleased with the sound of the 81dj for the price but couldnt take the comfort level.  I just dont like the pads on my ears, I prefer it around them.  Anybody have a suggestion for a circumaural set that sounds liek the AKGs?
  4. Ne12o

    Cheapest place to get a budjet cable for AKG 518DJ in NYC?

    Hi, I'm wondering where I could get some cheap budjet cable to replace the stock cables. Preferably something cheap, since these cans aren't the most expenesive to beginw with. I've been reading some threads, but I really don't know what material to get? I see some people buying cables that...
  5. gacyde

    [ASK] [NEWBIE] Denon ah-d1000 + shure srh-440 + ultrasone hfi-580 COMPARED to akgk518dj (owned)

    I need you guys answer my question and give recommendation for me I am gonna upgrade to one of this denon ah-d1000 / shure srh-440 / ultrasone hfi-580     1) What the differences between them compared to mine akg518dj (bass/mid/treble)? 2) Give one recommendation based on this: 50%...
  6. HaBBarN

    shortening the cable and replaceing the jack with an angled one on akg 518dj

    As my title says, is it worth the hassle to shorten the cable and replace the jack? or should i just leave it at 2,5m?   im only using as portables so i need like 1.2meters of cable.
  7. SimplyConfused

    AKG K518s, K450s, Sennheiser 238s or PX200-IIs?

    Really confused atm, but thinking of getting a pair for a girl friend of mine and I'm wondering which pair sounds the best out of those(or anything better in your opinion).. Which one is the best for heavy rock or punk? Since her favorite band is MCR, though she listens to some pop and...
  8. Shiryu

    AKG K518DJ Build Quality - Get new pair or...?

    Hi all,   I have had two pair of AKG K518DJ headphones and they are a blast: good bass (not too heavy), good sound quality overall for the price. There's just one problem: my second pair now died on me, with the same problem as my first.   I usually take my headphones everywhere, take...
  9. SpyroRM

    AKG K518 ear pads alternatives?

    Hi I own an AKG K518 and I wonder if there are some alternatives for their ear pads that will be much more comfortable.
  10. MrKitty

    New DIYer's questions before recabling k518

    Hi everyone, I just got my k518LE and the fact that each cup has it's own wire going to it kinda bugs, so I've decided to mod them to be single sided and have a detachable cable. I've done some searching on the forums and found a few people who've done this before, and yet I still have some lack...
  11. nosebleedXd

    k518 cable problem

      so here is a picture of my k518 cable near the speakers   its always twisted and its poking my face when i wear them so it gets really annoying   i have no idea how they've become twisted like this   any idea how to fix? 
  12. Karawasa

    AKG K81 vs K518

    The common wisdom seems to be that these are the same headphone. But I stumbled upon a thread here (http://www.head-fi.org/t/477809/akg-k81-dj-vs-akg-518-dj-limited-ed) that indicated otherwise. Can someone explain the difference between the two frequency graphs (for a layman) and/or tell me...
  13. Pedro Oliveira

    Should i get rid of my AKG's K518 DJ or not? Please help... :)

    Hello... :)   First of all i would like to say thank you for accepting as a member of this fantastic forum and if i posted this topic in the wrong section i am very sorry... ( I am portuguese so excuse me if i say rubbish... XD)   So here's the deal... A couple of weeks ago i got the...
  14. jiankkll

    AKG 518DJ detachable cable with single entry modification

    First of all, Thanks to "cyberspyder" and "supergolf" for the nice modification tutorial:    http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/479688/a-pic-by-pic-akg-k81dj-k518-recable-thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/559367/akg-k518-k81-detachable-cable-mod-single-entry-guide-lots-of-pictures  ...
  15. Tapash

    PLEASE HELP... Marley Positive Vibrations vs AKG K518DJ

    Hi,  I went to store today to try some headphone. Tried  Marley Positive Vibrations. Sounds very good to me (Dont take my word, I'm not an expert).  Now I have heard a lot about K518, of how good they are in all section except for the comfort. I had the same experienece with Marley as well...
  16. Scavenger

    I need a new pair of headphones and your help will be appreciated!! AKG K 518 DJ vs AKG Q 460

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to these forums and I made an account just because I saw that I can learn much about all things concerning the music and the sound from here. I am also stuck between these 2 models of AKG headphones - K 518 DJ and Q 460 (as mentioned in the topic). So, I need new...
  17. Aellius

    New headphones. K518 vs PortaPro vs ... (considering strange prices in my country)

    Hi everyone!   Sadly my CX300-II in-ears broke after 5 years of use. I was very satisfied with them, but now I would like to try out portable headphones instead of in-ears.   I have an ATH-AD700 at home and all I can say about them that they were worth every penny (and they cost me $150...
  18. invalid404

    AKG K518 LE vs. Klipsch Image One

    I have narrowed it down to these 2 basshead portables and wanted a final opinion before I make a final decision.    I have a Fiio E11 amp my source is an iPod Touch 4G. Audio files on the iPod are all converted 256kbps AAC, half are from ALAC files and the other are from 320 mp3's.   I...
  19. sofastreamer

    On Ear similar to K518 but without the sub bass roll off?

    i like my k518, but i really miss that lowest notes. as you can see, they roll off quite early in the bass region. are there any on ears, that are similar in size and overall soundquality but have better extension? i would pay up to 150$.   here is the graph from...
  20. NextJune

    AKG K518 LE Low volume ?

    Hello,    I just purchased an AKG K518 headphone. I like it so far but I have a little concern about the volume. It is quite low compared to my Sony XB500 and Klipsch S4 with of course the same volume setting on my Sansa Clip Plus (with Rockbox).    It's loud  at about -15/-5db but still...
  21. Pedro Oliveira

    Akg K518dj/ K81 should i trade them?

    Guys i have the opportunity of exhanging my k518'dj (k81) for the uptowns....     Do you think the philips are worth the shot when comparing to the k518's/k81's? Would you call it a improvement in terms of sound quality?   They will mostly be used for outside use since ia have already...
  22. deka-fi

    Headband for Akg K518

    Where can I find a synthetic leather headband to apply to my akg K518? Thanks a lot
  23. Tamirci

    IC: Better than K518?

    Hi fellas. As the name suggests, looking for something better than k518's. I have used m80 for a while and found them too bassy to my taste. And whats more, as I am a skinhead some headphones do not go with me :) Err like Ultrasone Hfi 580s. Or Denon D2000s. While k518 being best with my...
  24. tacobff

    Question about the term basshead headphones

    What differentaites a basshead headphone from a really crappy bass heavy headphone? Like what am I supposed to be listeninig for?
  25. laojianke

    head phone suggestion

    I plan to buy my first pair of good headphones this year. I listen most of classical music (symphony most of time) and easy music. I don't want to spend too much on it but can reach $300. Not sure if HD 449, 518, 598 or AKG K518. Thanks for help.