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Monoprice DJ or Sennheiser 202. Which is a better, who cares if they break, phone?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by idruke, Sep 25, 2012.
  1. idruke
    Or other suggestions. No more than $30. Must be fairly compact.
    Look forward to hearing your opinions.
  2. idruke
    bump for input.
  3. idruke
    Bumping again.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I'm try to decide between those two headphones, which one would fit better on a smaller head (for an 8 year old).
    I would say you should go for the Monoprice,
    With the Sennheiser your buying them somewhat for the name.
  5. devhen
    The sound quality of the HD202 is total rubbish IMO. I've heard nothing about the Monoprice DJ which tells me they probably aren't anything special. The Monoprice 8323 or Beyerdynamic DT 235 have great sound quality and are several steps up from every other headphone I've tried in their price range.
  6. idruke

    The monoprice dj is the 8323. I will look into the beyer you mentioned.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I've heard several positive comments about the Monoprice DJ headphones.
  8. devhen
    Oh my bad. I know they have a few different headphone models... didn't realize the 8323 was the "DJ". Its sound quality is *very* good for the price. However, I found the DT235 to be better overall thanks to it having a pretty wide soundstage compared to the razor thin soundstage of the 8323. If you want emphasized bass I would go with the 8323. Otherwise I consider the DT235 to be better in pretty much every other way.
    If you get the 8323 I recommend the Beyer DT250 velour pads with it. Its quite uncomfortable with the stock pads.
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Beyerdynamic EDT 200/250V Velour Ear are nice, have them on my Sony MDR-V6.
    As the pads cost $23, better just to buy the DT235 headphones.
  10. idruke
    Decided to get a used superlux 668b instead. I just put up a buying listing offering $30. Hope I find one soon.
  11. dabotsonline
    The DT235 seem to use slightly different velour pads, @PurpleAngel :

    EDT 231 V
    Article Number: 954249
    Ear cushions pair, velour, for DT 231, DT234PRO, DT235, MMX1, MMX2

    EDT 250V
    Article Number: 942704
    Ear pads for DT 25*/28*/29* -velour

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