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Best headphones under £90

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by strangelmad, Nov 17, 2012.
  1. strangelmad
    Hi guys, I'm really hoping you can advise me - I'm looking to buy over the ear or large on ear closed headphones for my boyfriend.  I only really know about in ear canal headphones, cos that's all my sensitive ears/head can stand!  He can't stand them tho :frowning2:
    Anyway, trying to get him something pretty good without the thumping bass that loads of headphones seem to have.  I tried on a friends Dr Dre beats, and although I didn't like the sound (muddy bass) and don't care about the flashy good looks, they are the sort of size and comfort I'd be looking for!
    He'd be wearing them all the time, so they have to be fairly portable, but ones like the sennheiser px200 ii seem a bit small for me - I don't really like the sound of such small cans.
    Please give me your favourite headphones under £90 (really strict price limit, I'm broke...)  Any replies would be hugely appreciated, the more I look the more options I see and the more confused I become!
  2. Doc-holliday

    Take a look at beyer dt235. Larger sized on ear velour pads. Inexpensive. Good sound. Portable.
  3. sinnottj
    I'd suggest looking at a pair of Creative Aurvana Live, currently 60 quid from amazon, although they can be found 10-15 pounds cheaper if you look.

    Fantastic headphones for the money. Over-ear, but small & light enough to be portable, amazingly comfortable and, most importantly, excellent sound quality. They produce very respectable amounts of bass, but it's far better quality than the muddy bass sound of most cheap ( and not so cheap) consumer headphones.

    There's lots of opinion on them on this forum, if you search, and this review is also worth a read: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/creative-aurvana-live-classic-reincarnate
  4. strangelmad
    Thanks for the replies, I'll have a look at those ones. Nicely under my price bracket, too :)
  5. chrisjackson

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