1. dudlew

    Just bit the bullet and bought the beyer DT235......

    Well its been a while since I was here and things have changed since my Senn 497s died on me :(   Anyway I am back in the game. I just hit the purchase button on the DT235 with a Sansa Clip+,  and a PA2v2 amp from Gary. From all of my research, I hope this combo lives up to my expectations...
  2. tdockweiler

    Koss UR-55 Soundstage and Grill MOD

      I'm not aware of many people owning the Koss UR-55, but I just did a mod the other day and I liked it so much that I felt I absolutely MUST share it with everyone. It turns a good headphone into something really great and improves many things. I always liked the UR-55 but sometimes I felt...
  3. ugene

    Help choose portable headphones (Senn, AKG, Beyer ...) ?

    Hello, I am choosing new headphones. It has to be portable on-ears (not full). I am also planning to use them outside and in transportation. I dont have requirement, that they should be open on closed(I know the advantages/disadvantages of both solutions).I will also use them with portable...
  4. mojoe24

    Best closed headphones for ~$50

    I know the Grado SR60s are good, but they are open and I can't find them for anything closer than $80.  I'm looking to pick up some headphones for my friend.
  5. Neil27

    DT 235 vs AH-D501 vs Other £30ish headphones

    I am looking for a pair of on ear headphones to buy for my sister as a christmas present. she will mostly be using them with her ipod. I am looking for a decent all rounder to introduce her to nicer sounding audio. Isolation is also pretty important!   I have found the Denon AH-D501 at a...
  6. anon99

    help buying headphones

    Hi   I was looking to buy a pair of headphones as an xmas gift for someone who will be using them for house/pop/rock music. The budget is around 50 dollars. Ideally it would be something portable, and closed style, and comfortable for long hours of wear. I was looking at the DT 235 and...
  7. ilia7777

    PHILIPS SHP 5401

    I bought these for $50 brand new shipped. I have to say that I'm very impressed. They are miles ahead of iGrado in terms of comfort and design. They are super comfortable. There is just right amount of bass and overall the sound is very impressive for 50 bucks. I was hesitating to buy them as I...
  8. hojomojo96

    beyerdynamic dt 235   How are they for the price?   I'm a bit of a basshead, but really, I don't care about the quantity so much as the quality. Mind you, I would like portables that are "fun" sounding. How do...
  9. Spigon

    Headphone Advice

    Hi! I am currently trying to find some decent headphones to use for: gaming, rock, pop, and occasionally hip-hop. My current budget is $40, but can be expanded up to $60 depending on the given situation; my current choices are between the Koss Portapro, Grado Sr-60i, and Beyerdynamic DT235. My...
  10. globydudems

    I need help choosing new headphones! Please take my poll.

    So I broke my in-ear headphones and I've decided to move on over to over-ears. The problem is, these are going to be my first set and I have no idea where to start. I did some research, mostly from ...
  11. geoxile

    What are the best portable headphones on a 50 USD budget?

    I'm a wannabe audiophile, but I'm way to poor/cheap to spend money on the better stuff. >_>   Can I get some advice?
  12. hojomojo96

    I'm looking for sub-50 over-ear headphones

    I have heard a lot about the Audio Technica ATH-30's, but thats just about it.   Does anyone have reccomendations for good headphones? I enjoy a good amount of bass, but am not a basshead. I would like crisp mids and highs. Generally, I listen to R&B, hip-hop :P, and rap.   If you post a...
  13. conduct

    Comfy all-around headphones for less than $200?

      I'm looking for a pair of headphones under $200 that would work well with a wide variety of music--classical (mostly baroque and modern), IDM, post-rock and noise, some acoustic and vocal stuff. I have no preference whether they're open or closed. I get migraines, so I need something...
  14. bisayaboi

    Full size open or closed for drumming $50

    Any recommendations? I already got the ATH-M35 on sight.   Comfort, a straight cable, being lightweight, and at least some clamping on the head is most important. Being is easy to drive is also important.   Sound isolation and what not don't matter as much as I play on an electronic drum...
  15. bisayaboi

    Best fullsize around $50?

    What's important is: 1. Comfort 2. Some head clamp 3. Straight cable 4. Sound quality 5. Easy to drive   No portables, ultra-portables, or IEM's.   Already looking at: Sony MDR-V6, Sony MDR-7506, Beyerdynamic DT235 PRO, Sennheiser HD428, Shure SRH240, ATH-M30/5, ATH-M40FS
  16. Soundofmusic

    Closed, over the ear, AKG-style headphones, ~$350?

    I am contemplating on buying my first set of real headphones for use in a office landscape, and at home. I need them to both isolate (heated) discussions between coworkers, and prevent any sound from escaping at normal listening levels. I will be using the headset without any amp with the...
  17. tinkertrain

    Seeking for advise on closed headphones in the 50 GBP (70 USD) mark :D

    Hi!   I've been reading a lot of reviews about closed portable headphones lately, because I want to buy a pair.   I currently only have open headphones: Sennheiser HD485, PX100 and Koss KSC75.   I want to try a different sound to sennheiser and I don't want to spend a lot on them...
  18. Jolida302

    Beyerdynamic DT231 Vs DT235

    Has someone tried the new DT235 and compared it against the DT231?
  19. stadtkind

    Music enthusiast looking for some headphones advice in the 50 - 100 Euro range

    Hey guys, some friends who received some very good advice for buying headphones have recommended me your forum, and since I am considering which ones to buy right now, I thought I would try and tap into the collected expertise here  :)   A bit of info on my listening habits and ideas...
  20. funkl3

    Help buying over the ear headphones!

    I'm trying to buy a good pair of over the ear headphones for my girlfriend's birthday. She has some ear piercings that prevent her from wearing earbuds so she wants some that will go over her ears. I've been looking at a few but I don't really know too much about over the ear headphones (I own...
  21. beck13

    Need Koss KSC75 Closed Replacement

    Hi guys   can anyone recommend me a replacement / alternative for a Koss KSC75?   it needs to be; > closed > portable > as AWESOME sounding as koss ksc75 !   it can't be; > canalphone or earbuds > gigantic headphones > something that needs amping > over $100   i...
  22. magx

    Beyerdynamic DT235 ?

    I'm looking for sub 80$ headphones. I'm going to use them unamped(!) along with Asus Xonar DX and sometimes with Ipod. I listen to all kind of music(Trance, Rock, Folk, Classical). So it has to be good all around efficient headphones, I don't really care if they are open or close. I thought...
  23. ljokerl

    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

    Introduction   I started planning this review around the same time I joined head-fi and saw how useful multi-headphone comparisons could be for a newcomer. I put my meager (at the time) collection of portable headphones to good use and tested them against each other. What started out as a...
  24. scarman117

    Need help figuring which portable headphones to get!

    The upper end of my budget is around about €40(including delivery to Ireland). I'm getting a set of headphones mainly for commuting on the bus to college. The options I've been looking at are the Sennheiser 228, JVC s400 and Beyerdynamic DT-235 The Sennheisers I'm considering as all my...
  25. scarman117

    Are Beyerdynamic DT-235s good portable headphones?

    I'm looking for headphones(on a budget of about €40 including postage to ireland) mainly for the bus to and around college and the 235s look like a decent option to me. However i have a couple of questions. How bad are they for leaking, like bad enough to disturb people near me on the bus...