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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. Demius
    thanks alot joker, i think i will go for the hd 25 after some extensive research on all three headphones, they seem like the sound signature fits me most. hopefully my bro can get me a pair to test out. Price wise it might be more bang for the buck to go for the vmoda, but after seeing so many people saying the hd25 are worth their buck and seeing as i want a long lasting headphone then i will go for these.
  2. egosumlux
    Instead of the M80, go for the XS, the HD25 has no soundstage to talk about, and the AHT-M50X is still v-shaped according to what I read
  3. 396629

    Don't let anyone talk you out of getting a HD25; it will last you a lifetime and is indestructible. It is not lacking too much in soundstage or anything else for that matter if properly driven. It scales up very well.
  4. Demius
    yes, this is exactly the reason i want them - a good set that will last me a long time
    on a side note, any chance some one can tell me the difference between the hd 25-1 and the amperior? from my own research they are sound wise different but overall the same quality, yet they are different in price by not so small of a margin.
    is there any point in buying the amperiors over the hd 25 for the same price?
  5. JamesBr
    +1 for HD25
  6. suman134
     Yes, amperior have better definition and better decay with bigger sound stage, thanks to anadoized aluminum cups, you get detachable cables too. But those two cables which come in box are thin, you will have to buy a better cable, then you have one with mic and controls, if you ever chose to use it with your Smartphone.
     And another point is that, its easier to drive too.
  7. suman134
    Let me know if you want to see some pics. I have Amperior, i take it everywhere i go.
  8. Demius
    thanks a lot for the offer, but its fine, i have seen countless of reviews and pictures of them :) I would not want to bother you.
    i think i will go for the amperiors now over the hd 25-1 ii, but both would be a great buy.
    They seem to have a timeless quality to them, through the years they have held their own (hd 25) and i am very impressed with their quality. other headphones come and go but these stay, and for i reason i can only assume. 
  9. musiclife

    You could post one or two pics here, always nice to see :)
  10. suman134
     I hope i am not too late. for this. [​IMG]

    It will be better if you get a stronger cable for this beauty. It works fine otherwise.

  11. Johnny Jumper
    Has anyone compared the HD25 to the newer beyerdynamic T51i?  Both are on my short list and I've got some gift money burning a hole in my pocket!
    P.S. I have Sennheiser PX200-II portable headphones now.  I am hoping to get something with a little more comfort and clarity...
  12. Shawn71

    You might want to consider Amperior to HD 25-1 II.....the silver cups like @suman134 has (picture above) than the blue edition (adidas?) which is pricier.
    suman134 likes this.
  13. Johnny Jumper
    Amperiors appear to be discontinued in the US. I only see refurb models for sale. Does any one know that f this is true?
  14. Shawn71
    Not sure but looks like it.....One amazon seller ships from NJ (LawStudent52011) and found an ebayer (federerstyle21) ships from NJ too, both have 100%FB, but amazon seller is way costlier ($97) than the ebayer. hope this helps.
  15. suman134
     I think they renamed it to Sennheiser HD 25 aluminum.
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