1. N

    Built-in Amp Volume vs Audio input volume?

    Hi I have m-audio av42 speakers which have a built in amp that powers them. There is a knob on the front that controls the volume. When I have audio going from the chord mojo to the av42 I hear a difference when using the built in amp at full volume and using the mojo at a lower volume or the...
  2. Bedroomdj

    Suggestions for dorm room computer speaker setup

    Hi i have a budget of lets call it $600 and that is pushing it, i may be able to up it to $7/800 but lets try to not go much over 6. im moving into my dorm which is about 11'x12' and 7'-9' tall. (Due to neighbors i was told that i should just get 2 speakers like the paradigm shift a2's, the...
  3. P

    Improving sound quality with M-Audio Super DAC II

    I want to improve the sound quality of the mp3 songs I play in my computer. I want to be able to connect the computer to my receiver and to a couple of desktop active monitors. It should be play to both outputs simultaneously. I'm thinking to buy a DAC, and the M-Audio Super Dac looks like a...
  4. Mops123

    What should i upgrade ?

    i use the pc for : gaming/music/movies   there is no main use, i use the 3 of them pretty much   i have: audigy se amp http://audio-database.com/TechnicsPanasonic/amp/su-c04-e.html speakers:http://www.thevintageknob.org/technics-SB-F1.html (click on spec bottom left corner)   i...
  5. arijspieter

    M-audio can't make reliable monitors?

    i have heard a lot of good things about m-audio speakers/monitors (bx5, av40,...) because of their great sound for a such a small price (i don't have any myself). but, i've also seen multiple posts of people whose m-audio speakers are broke within 2years of normal use(broken capacitors and...
  6. Destroysall

    A worthy upgrade?

    I have this old Panasonic SC-AK520 "Mini System" 2.1 set that I had laying around and have been using them for a while now as Computer Speakers.  I loved them since I got them!  The sound stage is very nice and instrument separation is decent as well (could be a tad better, but I can live...
  7. gp23

    HD600 - boomy bass - is it my amp?

    Hi. I am a long-time headphone user, but a newcomer to the world of decent ones. I recently bought a pair of HD600s after reading so many good things about them. My previous pair were HD215s, which were reasonable, if slightly light in the bass. My amp is a 1999 Sony CMT-SD1 - an integrated CD...
  8. incubated

    Are AKG Q701 for me?

    I recently finished school and finally managed to get a minimum wage job. I was able to treat myself to a Fiio E11 headphone amp recently and found it an excellent addition to my Alessandro MS-1s. The iPod sounds more powerful and punchy, but I hear a enough sibilance when equalizing, and...
  9. fadedmemories

    Best speakers on a $125 budget?

    I am looking for a speaker setup but I am on a budget of $125. I am looking for the best quality and bass I can find. I listen to music, game and watch movies. I also have a X-fi Xtrememusic sound card. I am currently eyeing the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and M-Audio AV40. I am open to all suggestions.
  10. tampabobby

    Beyerdynamic DT880 VS. Sennheiser HD 650 VS. AKG K701

    I produce dance and techno music in a home studio. I have nice monitors but I need some headphones to work with since I live in apartment and can't really crank a lot of bass for any extended period of time.   From a lot of Googling I've narrowed it to the DT880, HD 650, or AKG K701 (I am...
  11. BadMagic

    Lehmann Linear with Sennheiser HD 650

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if something is wrong.   I've got an M-Audio ProFire 2626 audio interface connected to my computer. The 2626 feeds into my Presonus Central station.   I just recently bought some Sennheiser HD 650's and a Lehmann Linear headphone amp but the...
  12. LmnLm3

    Alternatives for Big Ears?

    So my AKG K240s broke (the mini-xlr jack on the phones themselves. might have lost the wire.) the leads came unsoldered from the jack, and I don't know how to solder, or have any.   I use these as studio monitors (everything from mixing classical acoustic strings to tweaking dubstep in Live...
  13. ParryPerson

    AD700's through a mixer? (Computer software for a newbie?)

    Do I lose anything doing this? I have a M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 (a PCI recording card with good output) that I have to run to a mixer, then I plug the AD700's into the mixer.   Is this bad? Should I just use the on board (It is a pretty new motherboard) sound?   They sound great! But if...
  14. Loevhagen

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    http://www.flageborg.no/SVSpatruljen/Drum7HitsLeftRight.mp3     External link = http:// www . flageborg . no / SVSpatruljen / Drum7HitsLeftRight . mp3   The former or the latter?  
  15. plastick

    Just bought my first pair of real cans!

    Hey guys! I'm kinda new here and wanted to blurt this out   I registered a while back while lurking but decided to share my eye-opening experience after buying a pair of real cans!   I've owned a pair of MDR7506s for a while and definitely enjoyed them. Soon after I started discovering...
  16. Groto

    Sennheiser HD 650 Setup

    I have been a home theater enthusiast for several years and want to get a higher quality out of headphones. I have owned Audio Technica ATH-A500 for probably 6+ years now and they just don't sound all that good because I am used to my high end speakers.   After much research it seems like...
  17. PhoxHound

    Headphones for a total basshead

    Hey all! It's been quite a while since I've been on Head-Fi, but once again I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones. For a long time I've been using my beloved Bowers-Wilkins 686 desktop speakers for my main audio setup, but due to college-related moving I'll be without them for a significant...
  18. gabjuasfijwee

    [HE-4 Amp question] Should I go with the EF5 bundle or should I get a speaker amp?

    This may seem like a silly question, but I am not well-informed when it comes to amps. I've been reading through threads a lot but I still feel not well-informed enough to make a purchase.   Background: I've been reading a lot about the Hifiman HE4 and I'm quite convinced that I will...
  19. TonySunshine

    Fiio E7 for line in recording

    Hi All  not sure if this is the right section to ask, but can the Fiio E7 be used to recording an analog line in signal to the computer via the DAC? I know the Nuforce Icon mobile can do this, but I was just wondering if the E7 can too. Basically I would like to be able to use the DAC in...
  20. StringBoi

    Best headphones for Classical $500 price range?

    Been a few months now, and I'm ready to upgrade from my 555's.  I was thinking to move to 650's, but someone else suggested the 600's or k701's.   Would either of these be a noticeable difference over my 555's....and can anyone suggest maybe some other higher end cans up to about $500?    ...
  21. ronnie89

    How much better is Little Dot I+ with onboard sound than with dedicated sound card or usb dac?

    Hi guys,   Im new to this forum and this is my first post on headfi. there is so much useful, first-hand information here from audio enthusiasts from all over the world and i figured out this would be the best place to find answers.   I just got my grado325is not long ago and i have...
  22. drummerboy04

    M Audio IE 30 - extended cord??

    Does anyone know if you can get an extended cord for the IE30s? 46" just isn't going to cut for me. Just wondering thanks!
  23. Philly boy

    Can I mix (studio work) with my DT-770's?

    I am teaching myself Pro ToolsHD 9.0 (M-Powered) and CUBase6. I am building a "Hackintosh" box to run these apps and my many plugins. I have an M-Audio ProFire 610 firewire I/O interface. I have a gaggle of mics from live sound days. I could treat the room (8' x 10' cement walls and floor) to...
  24. LearnedHand

    Rega Brio and Headphones

    Hey All,   First post to this forum.  Surfed here occasionally for sage advice though.  Anyway, this past summer I was looking to start playing vinyl on my "nice" turntable (read: not the portable I bought at Urban Outfitters), so I went out and bought a manageably priced amp.  I ended up...
  25. Tamirci

    Audiophile on budget, looking for your opinions.

    Hey man don't look at me like that! :D Can't an audiophile go budget?    I used to have Creative Gigaworks T3+SB X-Fi Titanium and it was good. Now I have a Microlab Fc-730 5.1 but only mobo sound, which is crap. My t3 times ordered from ebay dac/amp Musiland US 02 Dragon (which is 2...