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7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by loevhagen, Jun 17, 2011.
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  1. Loevhagen
  2. JPresz
    I hear the first
  3. Loevhagen
    I hear the second.
    On my speaker setup (an acoustic threated room), the first illustration is spot on.
    Go figure...
    For the one of you that can hear the first illustration on a head-fi rig; please post your rig´s components. Thanks. )
  4. Markon101
    First graph on my AKG K702's. Close to the second graph on my AKG K240's.
  5. roadcykler
    Beyerdynamic DT 880, 600 ohms, Bottlehead Crack, M-Audio 24/96 sound card and I hear the first example.
  6. wind016
    I hear both exactly like the picture.
    Audio Technica W11R
    Anedio D1 DAC
  7. henrylee
    mbp >srh750  i can hear first illustration.
  8. TMRaven
    AD700 out of iMac: graph 2
    DT990 with hrt msII, ldmkII, DT990/600ohms: graph 2
  9. TMRaven


    What picture?  I think it's just the same thing looped twice, and not two different instances of the former picture and latter picture.
  10. TobaccoRoad
    I hear the 2nd one. The first and last kicks are clearly distinguishable from the middle ones which seem less spacious.
    Sennheiser HD600 / Denon D2000 from Nuforce HDP
  11. wind016

    OOOO...  It's closer to the second picture for me then. =) I was wondering because it doesn't sound exactly like either of those pictures.
  12. BotByte
    The same as the picture without any problems.
    Grouped more in the center, I could distinguish between more left or right, but in the middle I was guessing what direction it was coming from.
    Fostex T50RP out of Sony Receiver from Computer Via RCA
  13. Loevhagen
    For the sake of good order: The sound file containes 7 drum hits looped in 2 sequences. I.e. the first 7 hits and the 7 last hits are excactly the same...
  14. sulvaat
    Xonar ST > Symetrix 304
    (4 headphone output all leveled to equal loudness, tried each phone one after another) 
    Round 1
    Sennheiser HD 25-1 mkII: Second.
    Ultrasone HFI 580: Second
    Fischer Audio DBA-02: First
    HiFIMAN HE-4: First
    Interesting results! 
    Closed cans showed the second yet an IEM and an open planner magnetic phone showed the first.

    Round 2 (Results that showed change based on driver or housing design from round 1 in bold)
    Grado SR80: First
    HiFIMAN RE-ZERO: Second
    AKG K99: First
    Custom orthodynamic SFI driver in an ATH-RE70: Second

    In this round, the ortho and the IEM showed the socond sample however the semi-open K99 and the fully open SR80 showed the first again. Perhaps the dynamic driver in the RE-ZERO is the cause for change versus the dual BA driver in the DBA-02?
  15. wind016

    That's interesting. Do you think it may have to do with frequency response?
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