1. CarlosUnchained

    BottleHead Crack Mod

    Hello, I'm new to DIY world so I'd like to start with a kit, the Crack caught my eye. Since is an OTL amp It does not pair well with my LCD-X. I'm looking for advice on what parts change/add/remove to make it more powerful on the 20 ohm region. Also I'd like to add a second pair of RCA...
  2. Trojita

    Best Amp for a Sennheiser HD700?

    I saw mentions that the HD700 pairs best with a Tube Amp. Right now I just have a FiiO E17 Portable Amp and a Creative Titanium HD (which I don't think even has an amp built in).   My budget is around $200-$400.   Should I be looking at a Solid State Amp or Tube Amp? I guess I should also...
  3. Schizeophonic

    Lego Bottlehead Crack Base - Share your creation!

    So, I recently purchased a Bottlehead Crack from a fellow head-fier and wanted to do some work on the provided wooden base. The conundrum is that I wanted to listen to it while working on the base. The only thing I had laying around was........ LEGOS!! I confess... once I started, I couldn't...
  4. MadJukes

    Recommendation for Tube Amp

    Hi guys,   I recently got into the over-ear cans and bought myself a HD600 and HD650 for christmas. Since this was my first foray into higher end headphones, I got myself started with a Fiio E09K and Fiio E17 as a good starting point DAC/Amp. After listening to both of them I decided I liked...
  5. Blnd2Spll

    Thunderpants Impedance (for Bottlehead Crack)

    Hey Everyone,   I am thinking about buying the Thunderpants TP1 headphone kit.  Does anyone know the impedance of these cans?  The original Fostex T50RP has an impedance of 50 ohms, but I assume the mods alter this reading.  I currently have the Bottlehead Crack OTL as my headphone amp...
  6. V

    Burson HA-160DS or Bottlehead Crack (+HRT SMII+) for Sennheiser HD 650

    Dear Experts,   Only after 100+ hours of honest, very useful yet inconclusive research I decided to start a new thread on this classic topic with hope that I can gather more specific information than is available on existing threads (I have read all of them).   I consider myself a beginner...
  7. dead99

    Questions about Bottlehead Crack for HD650

    When the question came which amp I needed for my hd 650 everyone said that the Crack with Speedball upgrade was the best but first i got some questions. 1. I read that it's a warm sounding amp, but so is the Sennheiser, isn't that going to be to much? 2. I'm willing to spend up to 800 euro...
  8. F

    Beyerdynamic T90/Bottlehead Crack Optimal Setup

    Hi everyone, I just decided to pull the trigger and upgrade from my trusty M50 to the Beyer T90 paired with the Bottlehead Crack as the amp. As the M50 was driven easily enough with my Galaxy S-III/computer, I don't have any additional sound equipment besides my headphones, Android phone and...
  9. acidogio

    Need advice for upgrading amp, Sennheiser HD600

    As the title says, I am a proud owner of a nice pair of the classic sennheiser HD600. My actual set up consists of: hd600 > schiit magni amp > pre-amp > thorens turntable or hd600 > magni > modi > pc I feel as the magni is a tad on the bright side, and that I could really improve the sound...
  10. vaibhavp

    End Game setup under $500

    I am looking forward to start building my first serious rig for home use.   I know for $500 you can't get a true end game rig, but I am looking for suggestion that in your opinion, you can live with for a very long time without feeling anything missing.   For example, I have heard a lot of...
  11. kellybundy110

    Bottlehead Crack w/ speed in the Los Angeles need a builder :)

    specifically in the southbay, if you have experience building one or someone who knows looking for anyone that can build it for me. THANKS
  12. SNSDluv

    Bottlehead Crack, background humming noise?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Bottlehead Crack and I paired it with Modi DAC. However, I can hear a slight humming noise coming out of the headphones (tried with my HD700 and UE900). Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks a lot! :) Regads, HC
  13. miziq

    New LAB12 HPA OTL Headphone Amplifier / USB DAC review

        New LAB12 HPA OTL Headphone Amplifier / USB DAC review
  14. F

    What else do I need to complete this setup??? Beyerdynamic T90's and am building a Bottlehead Crack.

    Hi guys!!   I'm upgrading from an ATH M-50 paired with an Android phone listening to FLAC files or high bit-rate MP3's for music. This most certainly has given me an (re)appreciation for music and as a result, I've definitely contracted a bad case of upgraditis :P   So I decided to pull the...
  15. meeklo062704

    Audio confilcts

    I'm having issues with only being able to run one audio stream at a time. I'm currently running Windows 7->Essence stx toslink out->Schiit Bifrost->Bottlehead Crack->Sennheiser HD650. Before I got the Bifrost, when I was running rca out from the stx, I could pause a movie in jriver to watch a...
  16. vegeto626

    LittleDot MKIII, MKiV, or Bottlehead Crack?

    Hi everyone, I am looking into start in the world of tube amps and I am considering the LD MKIII (ebay, 235 from china), MKIV (ebay, $329 from china) and the Bottlehead Crack ($279).   Current Equipment: Sennheiser HD 202/280pro/595/650 UE 5 pro Koss KSC75 Monoprice IEM's   Fiio...
  17. Abovetheair

    Pairing w/ DT880's (250ohm)

    Hello,   Looking to pair my DT880's with a DAC for around $100. I am thinking of getting a tube amp to go with it. What would be my best option, the Schiit Modi?   Amps: Bottlehead Crack Schiit Vahalla
  18. swmtnbiker

    Crack + Speedball vs. Lyr

  19. Whitetriton

    My experience with DIY Crack maker Bottlehead was not great, how was yours?

    Hi All.  Have you ordered from Bottlehead before?  If so, did you have a positive experience?  Or, was it less than positive?    I had an experience with Bottlehead, the vendor that sells the Crack headphone amp DIY kit that I would like to share.  I purchased one from their website during a...
  20. MDR30

    5670 W396a 2C51 6N3P tube thread

    This little marvel is starting to show up in many configurations. It's a capable, compact double triode that apparently was designed for tanks half a century ago.   I have it in a preamp amplifying low voltage sources to an OTL headphone amp. NOS seem to be scarce, and if anyone is...
  21. charlie875578

    Cheapest Amp to Drive HD600

    I'm on a budget but want to get some Senn HD600's. I'm not so nieve to believe I don't need an amp with a little power, but I'm realistic to know I can't spend more than $200 on an amp. I currently have a Fiio E10, but would this be enough. I know Fiio is cheap so how about the new E12 or the...
  22. gregr507

    Looking for a DAC under ~200$ for my hd650's and bottlehead crack...

    Is there a better choice than the HRT music streamer II? That's what I'm leaning towards now, any others I should consider?   Also, would spending more money on the DAC help all that much? I have heard the msII is good bang for your buck, but it wouldn't hold back my cans or amp, would they...
  23. gregr507

    Getting a new amp for my hd650's; schiit lyr vs. bottlehead crack?

    Hey everyone, I had a question about amps to go with my 650's. I've had the 650's for a little while now, and I love them. I think they were worth every penny. I've been driving them with the e7/e9 combo, and while I really enjoy the sound, I feel like I'm not letting my 650's live up to their...
  24. TurboRotaryFreak

    ESI Juli@ (XTE) -> Emotiva XDA-2 -> Bottlehead Crack OTL w/ Speedball Upgrade -> HD650?

    Hi,   I am finalizing on what I may need to have a decent rig for approximately $1-1.5k. So far, I figure I want a decent soundcard, which in my opinion tends to be the ESI Juli@. As far as a DAC, I'm looking at either the Emotiva XDA-2, the TEAC UD-H01, or the Schitt Bifrost. I'm pretty...
  25. calipilot227

    Tube CD Player?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've started a thread.   As many of you know, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool analog guy. However, I realized a long time ago that some of my favorite music simply isn't available on vinyl, and there's nothing I can do about it. So, I've got to occasionally make due...