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Beyerdynamic T90/Bottlehead Crack Optimal Setup

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by felixioz, Dec 25, 2013.
  1. felixioz
    Hi everyone,

    I just decided to pull the trigger and upgrade from my trusty M50 to the Beyer T90 paired with the Bottlehead Crack as the amp. As the M50 was driven easily enough with my Galaxy S-III/computer, I don't have any additional sound equipment besides my headphones, Android phone and desktop prior to now.

    Given I'm spending $450 on the headphones and $279 on the amp, I don't want some $5 interconnects to ruin the sound fidelity. So with the headphones and amp aside, can you guys help me out with suggestions for sources and wires/cables needed to finish the setup?

  2. MattTCG
    There are lot's of cables and subsequent cable debates. A good starting point would be:
    Kimber Kables are also one that I've used with good success. Good quality build for sure. 

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