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    They got the look
  2. bb rodriquez

    WTT my Beyerdynamic T90 for your Sennheiser HD 700

    Looking to trade my T90s for someone HD700s. I recently purchased these about a month ago from amazon open box. Overall I really liked the detail, but the treble and sibilance could becoming fatiguing for me after extended listening. They're ridiculously comfortable and lightweight. They are in...
  3. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  4. ematthews

    Identify used phones..Purchased new

    Just received my new Beyer's this morning from Amazon. T90 version.. Great price too. In any case they almost look like they were demo's or maybe a returned item. Is there any concern here if they were returned from someone. I always worry about electronics. How they were treated.... Burn...
  5. jtycho

    Help with quality portable setup - Tera/Beyerdynamic?

    Hello Everyone,   I'm new to this forum but have been snooping around for a bit.  I'm an audiophile but have never had any interest in headphones, so I basically no nothing about them.  I've been struck with the urge for a descent portable setup for times when my iPhone just doesn't cut it...
  6. fizzle

    Please help me find my next IEM in the 500-800$ range

    Hi all,    I just sold my Beyerdynamic T90s and need to move on to IEMs. I'm looking at the W60, SE846 so far. Any other worthy considerations? I'm likely purchasing used.    Thanks
  7. Huckle

    Sennheiser ie80 in full sized cans

    Hi guys, I've just listened carefully to all my headphones, and, sadly, my favorite tend to be the Sennheiser ie80... At least tonight. "Sadly", because I'm not really an in-ear guy...   So my question is simple : to you, in which full sized open cans will I find the ie80's sound signature ...
  8. inasafeplace

    Advice required (Beyerdynamic)

    So here it goes. I have never had a chance to try out any Beyerdynamic product and I'm quite liking the reviews I have been reading. Now I want to go for a pair but I need advice as to which one to get.   What is the best one I can get? Which one will get me the best results for my money? A...
  9. cs098

    Possible hair(s) in the drivers (Beyerdynamic T90)

    I'm 90% sure there are hairs in my t90's drivers due to rattling (with the left driver rattling far more). Is disassembly similar to the 880 or 770s? Can I just follow those instructions or are there some differences to take note of?  I haven't found anything that specifically shows the...
  10. Gilly87

    DT860 - totally forgotten?

    Just got a pair of these on Amazon for $150 (( as a substitute for my T90 that I can leave at work while the T90s stay home, and I have to say, I'm damn impressed. Soundstage is proportional but not enormous, but it's a...
  11. iKhayyat

    Upgrading and Need Some Tips

    Hello guys, I have been looking to upgrade my gear and i came up with a few salutations that i thought you guys can help me choose which is best for me.   These are the Headphones that i have at the moment:   Beyerdynamic T90 Denon AH-D5000 HiFiMan HE-500 Audeze LCD2 <== "coming...
  12. GotNoRice

    Moving beyond the DT990 Pro 250ohm

    I like my DT990 Pro 250ohm headphones a lot.  I've had them long enough that I'm on my 3rd set of velour pads now.  I power them using my Yamaha C-80 Preamp (~1984) and it works great.   I've built up my stereo over the years (mostly vintage components) to the point where it sounds quite good...
  13. Tyco3000

    Need advice buying some audio equipment. Options are Hd 700 vs Beyerdynamic T1 vs Beyerdynamic t90

    I personally listen to Alternative rock, rock, and pop.I have the Akg Q701s. Any help is welcome! You can also list some headphones I might want to look into. What im looking into is something with more bass then the Akg Q701s and will sound good with a variety of genres.
  14. B9Scrambler

    First Look: Bass on a Budget

    Hello Head-fi,   I came across a nice little IEM the other day. So far I have about 20 hours on them, and while they are not outstanding, they are certainly a solid choice for a non-audiophile looking for an inexpensive pair of IEMs that look subtle, and pound out some serious bass.   What...
  15. BigBadWulf

    I am looking for upper class gaming Headphones? Which one? I posted some ideas.

    Hi Gentlemen,   I think I am now addicted to headphones. Just like you! ;) So I plan to buy one real good headphone (ok I think, there it will not stop). First I have to save some money for it, but as everybody here knows it starts with reading a lot of reviews, tests and forumreadings (and...
  16. ag8908

    Why are some people so against vacuum tubes?

    They clearly change the sound, so the stuff about them not being worth it is clearly just a matter of tastes, and not a matter of them not doing anything. So why all the hate for vacuum tubes? Some of us like that sound. Feels more human, less cold. every time I google about tubes i see a ton of...
  17. Emilijus

    T90 vs HE-500 vs HD650

    Hello there,  Which one is better for cheap gear? Which one is better with expensive gear (scales better) ? What is the main differences in comparison (body, soundstage, imaging, bass, treble) ? Which do you prefer more and why? Has anyone compared these headphones (especially with...
  18. potatoe94

    Best Value Tube Amps

    Hello , i wish to invest in a tube amp which is has excellent value for performance , tubes have to be rollable , as i am using a Beyer T90 , my iFi iCAN Nano amp starts to sound alittle piercing on some music . Hence , i would like to have some suggestions regarding this , and hopefully people...
  19. Fegefeuer

    Beyerdynamic T90 Jubilee - Limited 90th Anniversary Edition

           Soooo. Same peak? Different tuning? Who knows? Out of all DT770s I liked the LE AE the best as it had the tamest highs and least...
  20. Jason8777

    FS: Beyerdynamic T90 Mint Condition Shipping + PP included CONUS

    For sale is pair of Byer T90 in Excellent condition, 2 months old.  Purchased New from Authorized Retailer. Headphone comes with original box.  Price is Firm.  Ship to CONUS only.  USPS Priority Mail with tracking, and Paypal fees included!.  Item available for pick up in SoCal, $340 Cash. I'm...
  21. htgiddlow

    HELP with the T90

    Hey guys,   This is my first post. Been a fan of Head-fi for almost 7 months when I first put on a set of Edition 8 Palladium's that my friend showed off. HAD to know what blew me away and found this little gem online.   I think I have a rather unique question because I know the cans and amp...
  22. F

    Beyerdynamic T90/Bottlehead Crack Optimal Setup

    Hi everyone, I just decided to pull the trigger and upgrade from my trusty M50 to the Beyer T90 paired with the Bottlehead Crack as the amp. As the M50 was driven easily enough with my Galaxy S-III/computer, I don't have any additional sound equipment besides my headphones, Android phone and...
  23. krismusic

    Who got headphones?

    I posted this in portable where I tend to post more but I hope it's OK to ask here as well. Who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if they were a present to yourself but post anyway. Very happy holidays to all. :)
  24. Zinowor

    Looking for the right USB sound card.

    Hello, I'm new to the site. I just made an account both to ask something and because I'm becoming more of an audiogeek with each passing year, so joining a site dedicated towards it seemed appropriate. Went from a low-end Turtlebeach headset to the Beyerdynamic T90 I have now, with about 8...
  25. FrZ-Fi

    Help me choose my first AMP :)

    Hello Head-Fi :) I have been a long time lurker reading different reviews on headphones, amps, ect. I finally set my self up with some higher end cans (Beyer T90) and need some good amplification to go along with it. So far I have been using the Creative Labs ZX sound card to power the...