1. Audezeer

    LCD-2 Drops sound in left ear for ~5-10 seconds when first starting listening. Help!

    This is what happens to my files when I listen to them:   FLAC -> Foobar2000 (WASAPI) -> M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 -> RCA Cables -> Woo Audio 6 -> Q-Audio Cable -> Audeze LCD-2   When I first start listening to music, the left ears sound cuts to nothing for around 5 seconds, and...
  2. Loevhagen

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    http://www.flageborg.no/SVSpatruljen/Drum7HitsLeftRight.mp3     External link = http:// www . flageborg . no / SVSpatruljen / Drum7HitsLeftRight . mp3   The former or the latter?  
  3. felipeunix

    MOD M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192

    Hello guys !!   I'm new on the forum but I followed some topics of 2013 and it was what made me register and post, share and learn too.   I'll change the capacitors on my Delta Audiophile 192. So let's parts .. quietly ..   Here is the clean image for best viewing...
  4. M-Audio DELTA 44 24/96 PCI Digital Professional Audio Card

    M-Audio DELTA 44 24/96 PCI Digital Professional Audio Card

    A complete 4 in--4 out 24-bit / 96kHz full-duplex recording system for PC and Macintosh