1. jameswhw

    Does anybody have a collection of all ath's wooden headphones?

    Can you have a comparion between w11j to w11r or w10? Thank you!
  2. musicday

    Audio Technica W11R, Denon D7000, Hifiman HE500- wich???

    Hi guys, i own at the moment the W11R,and i do really like their sound and everything.Will D7000 or HE500 have a simmilar or better sound? Wich are more confortable to use?How much does the HE500 leak?Can i listen to them for example on the plane,train?The D7000 cable cannot be replaced? I...
  3. eyal1983

    Auzede LCD-2 vs. Audio Technica W5000

    I have the W5000 (f5005 mod.) -will the LCD-2 give me better SQ? i'm into new-age stuff. and refinement is a must...   Thanks! -Eyal
  4. wind016

    Useless Stax O2mk1 impressions. Stax O2 rig on a budget $2300 total

    I've had my Stax O2 rig for enough time now with a Stax SR 323s amp. I'm just going to post impressions because there are plenty of reviews that are more detailed and thorough than I can consider.   Initial first day -Before the initial first day of receiving the 323s amp, I did not use...
  5. Loevhagen

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?     External link = http:// www . flageborg . no / SVSpatruljen / Drum7HitsLeftRight . mp3   The former or the latter?  
  6. C

    HD598 and D2000 vs D7000

    I currently have HD598 and D2000 and pretty happy with them. However, I'm also curious of D7000 as I like D2000 a lot. Would it be a mistake to sell those two to get just D7000? My main is D2000 and HD598 is for live or acoustics music.
  7. wind016

    Why the Sennheiser HD598s are considered the best headphones in the world. Sennheiser HD598 review.

    Quotes of comments that were made in discussion of the HD598 (may be taken out of context):   “The mids are the SHOW STEALER, folks.”   “headphone that resembles Amber Heard's tongue”   “The only negative that I can think of is lack of sturdy chrome... That's all it really needs.”...
  8. cohiba45

    Looking to upgrade my Monster Turbines. Westone 3, UM3X, Westone 4, Monster Copper, Miles Davis??

    Hi, I am new to posting here but have been lurking for a little while. Great forums. I've learned so much.   I am basically looking to upgrade my Monster Turbines. I do like the sound signature. Just looking for a step up. I've owned the Shure SE530. But they were a little too warm for my...
  9. chelboed

    Flat sound vs. "fun sound" flat isn't fun?

    I just don't get this whole headphone review mindset of "these are great b/c of the ultra flat freq response". Flip side...these are fantastic because of the warm "fun" sound they portray...far from a flat response, but very desirable.    So which is it? I hear people who praise the flat...
  10. customcoco

    The most involving set-up/headphones

    hi post your impressions here. by "involving" I mean a piece of gear, (everything from headphones to amps, dacs, cd player, speakers, everything...) or a complete system, that just makes you forget about the sound, focus on the music. it can be (objectively or technically) the best you've...
  11. iamsmrt

    ATH-W2002 Appreciation Thread

    Hey all, Just wanted to give a shout out for my fave headphones, the Audio-Technica w2002. I know there aren't a lot of fans of their sound signature, but to me they totally draw me into the music and create an emotionally engaging experience that I haven't replicated with a different setup...
  12. wind016

    An 11 Years Late Review: Audio Technica W11R review vs Beyerdynamic T1 vs W11JPN/W2002/W1000 The Best of Audio Technica's Woodies

    Hi Head-fiers,   I've never really gone through the effort to write a review while A/Bing headphones for the purpose of writing a review. For this review, I actually spent several hours on several songs trying to pinpoint some minute differences that I hope would be helpful for any readers...
  13. Audio-Technica W11R

    Audio-Technica W11R

    Type: Closed - Dynamic Frequency range: 5 - 30k Hz Impedance: 48 ohm Maximum input: 2000mW Sensitivity: 100 dB Housing: hornbeam cherry heartwood Weight: 330g Cable: 3.0m Released date: 1st Dec 2000 Status: discontinued MSRP: Yen 58,800