1. K

    DT-880 PRO w/ cheap tube amp vs Fidelio X2

    HI Like many I have been lurking around a lot and done some research but I need help with the last piece. I am looking for a pair of headphones to be used with my desktop computer, mainly listening to music and movies. The headphone should offer great soundstage and the feel as if I am in the...
  2. Arin7

    Is there any differences between Beyerdynamic DT 880 - 32/250/600 ohms?

    The title sums up my question but if sound vise there is any difference please explain to me, (of course I know above 32 I will be needing an amp to drive them) :) , and one other thing, after 15 days of reading and watching reviews I finally have bought Sennhiser HD 600, but I heard many good...
  3. dt77

    A Budget portable dac/amp for a Beyerdynamic DT-880 premium 600 ohm cans

    Hi guys, I just bought DT-880 Beyers (600 ohm), got them for mixing and producing purposes. I also bought an SMSL SAPII TPA6120A2 amp (quite a budget option), as I figured that my laptop wouldn't be able to drive a 600 ohm set of headphones properly. The amp is decent I guess, but now but I'm...
  4. dt77

    Beyerdynamic DT-880 premium 600 ohm: DAC/AMP?

    Hi guys,    I just got my beyer cans today, got them for mixing and producing purposes. I also bought an SMSL SAPII TPA6120A2 amp (quite a budget option), as I figured that my laptop wouldn't be able to drive a 600 ohm set of headphones properly. The amp is decent I guess, has more than enough...
  5. [No title]

    [No title]

    Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones with Moon Audio Black Dragon V1 Headphone Cable - 'the original black dragon headphone cable'
  6. [No title]

    [No title]

    Beyer DT-880 (600 ohm)
  7. Retrias

    Dear Head-Fi Help me Kill my Wallet

    Dear head fi , I am pretty new here , just getting into the better part of the audio world , so far I have a beyer dt 1350, and a fiio e 17, so now I want something to use at home, something that maximize on comfort, you know like a full size headphone, so I am looking for the headphone that is ...
  8. ematthews

    Owner of Senn 650 and Beyer 880 seeking better phones

    I am looking for better phones. Both the 650 and the 880's are great but lack to total sound I am looking for. The Senn's have better bass but the Beyer's have better treble and are more clear.. What I am seeking is the Beyer's mids and highs with a better bass and low end. Was going to...
  9. eddie75

    Best Headphone for Rock & Metal 200 - 600 €

    Hey guys,   I'm searching a new headphone for home listening. Price range 200 - 600€. My favourite music is rock and metal. I listen to nearly everthing in this two genres, except most death & black metal (although i love Death or Opeth for example). My favourite metal bands are Iron...
  10. adrenc94

    Need recommendation

    Hi there, please help me out with some recommendation for my home set up.   Rig: Laptop > Foobar 2000(Will be playing mostly FLAC and 320kbps MP3) > Schiit Modi & Magni > Headphone Usage: Music & Gaming(FPS) Genre: Non audiophile collection of :P consisting of the following : Rock...
  11. Jcat4

    Good overhead headphones for EDM around $300-$400

    Hello all, I am in search of a good substitute for my krk rp6 monitors for when I move on campus for college. I would like a pair of over-ear headphones  for EDM (primarily progressive house and trance). I am looking for good bass with a lot of impact on kicks without sacrificing too much in the...
  12. Ignoxio

    Buying 300$ range over ear headphones

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a pair of  over ear headphones for around 300$ (I'll be buying in € but whatever). This will be my first pair of headphones so I can't tell you what characteristics I like. After reading similar threads and reviews I've narrowed it down to these: AKG...
  13. redrich2000

    Koss A250 - WHOA!!!!!

    So I just got a pair of A250s from a friendly head-fier and **** these things are amazing. Listening with my Cute Beyond I am blown away in a way I never was with my old Beyer DT-880s and M3 amp. I reckon its the phones making the difference. They have all the detail and soundstage of the Beyers...
  14. Revroo

    Help me chose headphones please.

    Hi i have been looking in to getting a good pair of headphones for a while now, ive been thinking about getting the Sennheiser 650s for a while but in the end didnt go for them because of the price when purchased with a good amp. i listen to mainly electronic music e.g. glitch hop, house...
  15. madferit

    Looking for a replacement for HD555

    So it seems like my 8 year old 555s are finally starting to give in. Since I'm very used to my 555s and haven't really used anything but them for the past 8 years I went right off into comparing 558s to 598s. I am not an audiophile, but my take on 555s has always been that they're a well balance...
  16. nonononononono

    Pairing a Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 600ohm with Audioengine D3

    Will the amplifier inside a D3 be powerful enough for these 600ohm cans? If not, would it be a reasonable idea to use the D3 with an O2 amp?
  17. 3

    300 ohm, 600 ohm, what is the difference?

    It's just the volume? Or frequency? Can someone tell me what is really the difference?
  18. Lesmiserables13

    Beyerdynamic dt880 250 ohms vs 600 ohms

    I'm looking into these two headphones so I'm wondering if you can tell which one is 250 ohms and which one is 600 ohms? Does it actually say on the headphones itself? (says if you're buying one without the original box)
  19. I

    soldering advice - DT880 repair

    decided to replace the 3.5mm jack on a stock dt880 cable.   cut the cable.   stranded enamel wire. why the hell do they use enamel wire?   How do i tin a solder this stuff??
  20. teohouse88

    Best headphone under 250 dollars for EDM Music

    Dear all, I would ask You an advice about the headphone I need. I got a pair Of Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear That I use with a AMP/DAC Jds Labs C5D... Now I need an audiophile headphone, a more detailed headphone with good bass but That sounds differently from the Momentum. I almost listen to...
  21. 00Dan

    DT880/600 Rattle

    Hey all. I recently purchased a DT 880/600 and after listening to it for a bit noticed a rattle in the right driver that occurs when lower frequencies are played. I did some searching and came to the conclusion that it is likely a hair on the driver. So I disassembled the driver and used scotch...
  22. viggen

    USB Bus powered dac/amp for HE-500 Recommendations

    Hi:   So, I recently started my headphone journey and picked up a bunch of headphones to try.  I haven't been quite happy with any of them, so I keep upping my headphone budget.  I never thought I'd fork out for a HE-500, but, in my desperate attempt to end my headphone journey, so I can use...
  23. Dustwulf

    Amp for TT setup

    I'm putting together my vinyl setup at the moment, I picked up a SL-1200mk2 with a Shure M97xe cart. I'm going to be listening with my DT880 600ohms and I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on a amp. I was thinking of maybe finding a used Valhalla or Asgard. I don't have too much...
  24. isagreg

    Head Amp/ DAC suggestions for $250 - $1,000

    Hello,   I'm looking for Head Amp/ DAC (combo or separate boxes) for $250 max. that can drive the following adequately.   Currently have: Sony MDR-V6 Shure SRH440 AKG Q701 (on its way)   Planning to have: Beyerdynamic DT880 (600 Ohm) Sennheiser HD 600   DAC: 24/192...
  25. Zyrrac

    Looking for suggestions to power DT880 (600 ohms)

    I'm looking for an amp to power the Beyer DT880 600ohms. I currently have have a Xonar Essence STX and from what I've heard, doesn't drive the 880s very well. I haven't bought the 880s yet so I can't test it for myself. So I'm looking for an amp that would be a considerable upgrade to the...