1. Juusuhako

    Is this jack cable "safe" to use?

    Hi, I just got a pair of Aurvana Live 2, and I bought a different cable since I read most places that the one that comes with it isnt too good.   Unfortunately the cable I bought is too big (the plastic) to fit the headset, so I had to cut it off to make it go in. The cable is not exactly...
  2. aural bliss

    Lightweight Over-Ear Headphones

    Hello all   I'm looking for lightweight over-ears, say less than 200g.  Preferably closed back headphones.   So far I've come across:   Sennheiser momentum Bose soundtrue   Any others to recommend ?
  3. TJ Max

    A good Creative Aurvana! Live 2 competitor recommendation needed.

    I recently purchased two closed back headphones, the Aurvana Live! 2 and ATH-M50xBL. I've decided that the Aurvana Live! 2 is better to my ears (great sound stage, mids and treble extension), so  I'm going to return the ATH-M50xBL. The Aurvana's are not perfect however, they have this nearly 6...
  4. fernx25

    Help choosing between Creative Aurvana Live vs Aurvana Live2

    Hi, I've been looking around head-fi for a while, for an upgrade to my current HD201. I seem to have decided on the headphones in the topic, but the problem I'm having is deciding between the two based on price. In Australia the Live1 is selling for $80 while the Live2 is not available. If I...
  5. DumiXPS

    Creative Aurvana Live 2 or Sony XB910

    I want to buy one of them, but I don't know which one. Please help me. Both have in-line microphone, which i need.
  6. lootr5858

    Which is better? Creative Live! 2 or Audio Tech m40x?

    I'm tired of iems, they sound too in my ear (limited soundstage?). (i'm not an audiophile so bear with me sry) i want something that sound more spacious with good vocal, clarity, instrument separation, and a warm sound. i'm very picky and don't like any headphone that has sibilance. I'm also...
  7. walfredo

    Auvarna Live!2

    Hi Folks!!   Has anyone tried the Aurvana Live!2?   I could not find any thread on it.   I really liked the Auvarna Live! original.  Very nice, smooth, relax sound that went all with accustic and jazz, what I listen the...
  8. ljokerl

    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

    Introduction   I started planning this review around the same time I joined head-fi and saw how useful multi-headphone comparisons could be for a newcomer. I put my meager (at the time) collection of portable headphones to good use and tested them against each other. What started out as a...
  9. kingpage

    Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Review and Mods

      Impedance: 32ohms (variable volume) Sensitivity: 105dB/mW Cable Length: 1.2m Price: US$199 ($129 now)   The original Creative Aurvana Live! (aka CAL!), which is still available for sale, was derived from Denon D1001/D1000 using Foster drivers.  CAL! is not only cheaper, but some would...
  10. gambler

    Mic For Gaming?

    Hi Guys   First post...   I've been doing a lot of research on these forums prior to purchasing some audio gear.   I've got some Creative Aurvana Live! 2 (CAL!2) headphones on the way, and I need some kind of mic solution (I'm replacing the stock cable which has a crappy mic and inline...
  11. disillusion

    New Creative Headphones

    Hello, newbie here (but have been lurking for a while). Just saw this on Engadget (, maybe some people will be interested?     Creative Aurvana Platinum Creative Aurvana Gold Creative Aurvana Live!2 Aurvana Live...
  12. jackwess

    Creative Aurvana new range of headphones to be released!

    They Just announced on a press release the new range of models: Aurvana platinum, Aurvana gold, and Aurvana Live! 2   If they are anything like the classic Live! headphones (sound quality wise) i'm in! 
  13. registradus

    Creative Aurvana Live! 2

    Was just browsing the Creative website and it looks like they've updated all their headphones. Has anyone had the chance to try them out?
  14. chapeshiel

    Creative Aurvana Live 2 or Dt990?

    I will be using these headphones specifically for gaming but will listen to music here and there. Thx for the help!!!
  15. Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset with 40mm Drivers and In-Line Mic

    Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset with 40mm Drivers and In-Line Mic

    Immerse yourself in true-to-life music and tighter bass tones in unmatched comfort with the Creative Aurvana Live!2. With cutting-edge Bio-Cellulose driver technology and meticulous acoustic tuning, it delivers a natural and faithful audio presentation. It also sports a detachable audio cable...