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Creative Aurvana Live! 2

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by registradus, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. registradus
  2. Magicman74
    There was a thread (Somewhere) about these awhile ago. I don't think they are out yet? But there is a seller on ebay from China who is importing them right now for $185, A little too steep for taking one for the team. I know list price is around $135 or so, might be best to wait for the official roll out, at least price wise.
  3. GaryPham
    Pretty excited to hear people's first impression of these.  The orginal CAL! are one of my all time favorite headphones.
  4. Nexodon
  5. meyner
    didnt know they existed lol
  6. zachgraz
    Hi !
    I got to try the CAL!2 on the CEE show in Singapore yesterday. Similar sound signature to the Aurvana Live! 1, slightly improved clarity, bass and soundstage. The new ones are better built and larger, they will cover your ears fully and they are super comfy to wear. If you loved the No1 get the No2 if the improved size does'nt bother you.
    I have written a first impression review on German Hifi Forum: http://www.hifi-forum.de/index.php?action=browseT&back=1&sort=lpost&forum_id=211&thread=559
    I am not having the time right now to translate it fully into English but you might want to try Google translator.
    I will try to answer questions if there are any.
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  7. Nexodon
    Great! <3 But they deserve all that difference of price or not?
    I mean, between 50 euros and 130 there is a great difference : I could buy with just adding 20€ 3 CAL!1 with that amount. What do you think?
  8. zachgraz

    Actually I would wait until they get listed on Amazon worldwide. The price might be much lower than on the Creative website. For the Live! 1 the prices always stayed at the RRP on their website while they cost 50 Eur on Amazon.de and ~70 USD on Amazon US.
    The CAL!2 cost ~100 Eur in Singapore now and even on the Consumer Electronics Exhibition (ends tomorrow) they do not sell them cheaper than on their website.
    I am a fan of CAL!1 but I did not buy the new model right away.
    Also, at 130 Eur there are quite a few alternatives.
    Nexodon likes this.
  9. ss2625
    yeah, just saw these on amazon, but they are out of stock and no one has written a review yet.
    will wait for more impressions ^^
  10. registradus
    my original CALs just broke so I'm trying to decide whether to get the CAL2s for $169 AUD or CAL for $79...
  11. Lorspeaker
    looks gooooood....i am in the hunt for a portable, is it foldable? 
    and hows the isolation, what stopped me buyiing Cal1 is the isolation...
    i could hear the radios blaring in the shop when i first tested CAL1.
    Love the sound sig then, hope this will beat all the KEFs/NADs/PSUs :p
    wait....whats this...????
  12. taeyangsg
    Hey guys, this is my first post here, kindof stumbled across this thread when I was searching for the creative aurvana live 2 reviews.
    I have already ordered a red one from their online store and should be receiving it next week! I don't see any other online retailers selling it for a cheaper price but creative is offering a 15% off promo code for their facebook customers so I guess that's the best deal out there yet for this product.
    I will give you guys my review of the product once i receive it! Super excited and hope it lives up to expectation! Really don't want to send it back!
  13. Lorspeaker
    hi Tae, welcome to headfi...n as they say here often.."sorry to your pocket..wallet..piggy " :p
    have u test it out briefly at the shops in your locale?
    one is up for sale.. 
  14. taeyangsg
    Hey Lorspeaker, thanks for your hospitality! Yes i did had a chance to try it at the recently concluded electronics CEE show that zachgraz went to. I played with it for about 15-20 minutes (yeah i know, the people behind me weren't that happy!) and it sounded good and really comfortable. I did had to blast my volume to the loudest as the convention hall was crazily loud but from my short time with it, it felt like a really good buy. But then again, i wouldn't have gotten it so soon if it wasn't for the discount. It's crazy how Creative hasn't gotten any reviews out on this product (good products, poor marketing as usual). 
  15. Lorspeaker
    well, u can take one for the company...get us a REVIEW asap ..handsome !! 
    i like the RED color option too..what gears are u pairing with this new can?
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