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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. caldeeo
    Hello guys, nice post
    I want to buy a decent headphones, thanks to this post i got an idea of what to buy but some stuff are too old so they out of the market.
    I got aroud 50 $, what do u guys think is a good idea?
    I have this options..
    Soundmagic P10
     JVC HA-M750 “Black Series”
    Panasonic RP-HTX7
    Prodipe Pro 800
    Panasonic RP-HTF600-S
    Astrotec AS-200HD
  2. swaffleman
    You should review the sony mdr zx110. They are pretty cheap, I think you can even find them for around 15 dollars, and they sound really nice for that price. Probably not audiophile quality, but I really enjoy the sound that comes out of them. Very clear, fairly detailed (although lacking in detail when compared to my sennheisers or audio technicas, but not by a huge amount), pretty balanced, pretty spacious sounding. I think some might say they are slightly bass heavy, but the bass doesn't overpower at all to me. The sound is a little on the wooly/dry side (maybe a little veiled perhaps?), but overall very good. 
  3. Slater
    If you like a v-shaped signature, want something portable and with good isolation, give the Meizu HD50 a try.
    They are an amazing value. Premium build quality, excellent portability, surprisingly comfortable for an on-ear, good isolation (closed), generous accessories included, easy to drive w/mobile devices (32ohms).
    Typical consumer v-shaped signature, but the bass isn't bloated or artificially boosted. Slightly recessed mids. Decent soundstage. There are a few threads on HF discussing them and reviews elsewhere.
    You can get them everywhere for $60-$65, and sometimes as cheap as $45 if you're lucky enough to catch them on sale from sites like GearBest. You will need to spend twice as much to get hey sound like cans that cost twice as much. Whenever I see them on sale for $45, I usually buy a spare pair (to have on hand as gifts, for my daughter, etc).
    For a smaller budget, the Panasonic RP-HTX7 from your list is a good value (good entry-level can, but were just too harsh for me - I gave mine away).
    I also just picked up a pair of Philips SHL3300 for $20 shipped from newegg (a steal), which sound great out of the box & are slightly moddable for improvements as well.
    While the RP-HTX7 and SHL3300 are plastic-fantastic contruction, and nowhere near as compact/portable as the HD50, for the price they are great cans.
  4. Prognathous
    It was probably mentioned earlier, but it seems that the OP doesn't update this thread anymore, but rather this site: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-review-list/
    Great resource of information!
  5. Slater
    Funny you should mention those - the ZX100 (non-folding) is actually the 1st pair of "decent" headphones I ever bought. I later got the ZX110 when it came out.
    BTW, you can correct some of the veiled sound (and improve clarity) by removing the thick layer of felt that covers the drivers.
  6. galaxy999
    Gosh it's been 8 years
  7. vegetaleb
    Anyone tried the new Xiaomi BT earphones?
  8. HiCZoK
    I just ordered AKG K414p (discontinued rebrand of even longer discontinued akg k26p).
    It should be here in few days and I am not even sure if I should open it. It's supposed to be never used and not easily available... any opinion of about this?

    I just bought it because it's in a movie I like and because I like the design. IMO more headphones should have porta pro headband. I don't see how it catches hair. It never does. Just adjust it before putting it on Your head
  9. HiCZoK
    That AKG k414p is here and it's pretty little nifty headphone. Blocks the sound well and keeps the seal. There is a lot of bass. A LOT. It's really fun even compared to porta pro which already is bassy.
    It's quite also tight and I think porta pro is more comfortable. Porta pro also sounds a little warmer and more relaxing maybe.
    This seems like there is much on the low end and much on highs. Not much going on in mids. But sounds pretty fun to me.

    To my ears, I am surprised this headphone and AKG k26p was never really more known? Not even a topic about those here.
  10. FunkDrummer
    Are the HP50's sonically better the Momentum 2's? I've been debating between getting one of the above.
  11. Armaegis
    For me, the comfort and greater portability of the Momentums sways it heavily in their favour.
  12. Slater
    I agree (even though I don't own the HP50). I have many other full size headphones to choose from, and I find I grab my Momentums constantly. Very compact, super lightweight, and oh so comfortable. The lambskin earpads are like heaven.
  13. FunkDrummer
    Definitely going to pick up the Momentum's then! Thanks a bunch guys!
  14. Slater
    They're warm and v-shaped so make sure that's the signature you like. It's a very safe consumer tune, so if you're a treblehead or classical music lover that is looking for a neutral or overly bright headphone, you won't be happy with them. They're closed as well, so they don't have the wide soundstage of an open headphone.

    Also be aware there's 2 versions. I have the original version, which has slightly smaller pads that I would almost consider on-ears (the pad size is between on-ears like Beats Solo and true over-ears).

    The 2nd version (Momentum 2), has a folding design and has larger earcups (more a true over ear). The sound is roughly the same, as is the headband pressure, overall comfort, materials, etc.

    The smaller pads of the V1 doesn't bother me because the pads are so soft. But some people get irritated by anything touching their ears.

    I hope that helps.
  15. FunkDrummer
    Thanks a bunch
    Thanks a bunch for your help again! The treble roll off seems to be putting me off at this point, unfortunately.

    How does the treble of these cans compare to the likes of the HD598? I like the treble detail of the HD598, but it feels a bit rolled off to me.
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