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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. roma101
    The HD25 Aluminum is a different headphone to the Amperior. Different driver (higher impedance j believe -- not sure if it has the same driver as the original HD25) and with leather pads. I would love to try those and compare to my HD25s.
  2. DisCHORDDubstep
    http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserHD25Aluminum.pdf http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserAmperior.pdf
  3. Johnny Jumper
    I just ordered beyerdynamic T51i cans today!  Latest evolution of the 1350 I believe.  They're coming this week.  
    I'm going to run comparison between these, my Creative Aurvana Live!, and my Sennheiser PX 200-II.  I'm hoping the beyer's will take me to a new level.
    Wish me luck!
  4. suman134
     Hmm, okay, i thought they are the same.
  5. cnumb3033
    He'll all,

    I have been searching for quite sometime for a leather custom hard case for my JVC Kenwood Victer stereo headphones HA-SZ2000 - and haven't found anything. I'm unsound eng., so I travel a bunch, would enjoy the durability, and look classy with the leather!

    If many one could at least point me in the right direction or has a referral- it would be extremely helpful!

    Thank in advance for your time!
  6. LordSin
    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over Ear must be here!
  7. 396629

    + Jays U jays, B&O H2, Focal Spirit One S and I'm sure there are a few others

    edit Yamaha Pro 300/400/500 ?
    LordSin likes this.
  8. 396629
    Oh and a few pro headphones that's were the real value lies

    HD25 obviously,HD26, GMP 8.35, MT220, HD380, maybe DT250 and even DT150 ! You'd have to brave or at least a little eccentric to wear some of those in public mind.
  9. ljokerl Contributor
    I really want a GMP 435 S in white. Surprisingly sleek for Pro headphones; photos don't really do them justice. 
  10. 396629
    Agree they look great. Interested in all their products.

    they also have a new portable out; the none-catchy named '3 Can 116'

    Germans do love there random number and letter combos
  11. banquier
    Good review! Comparing on-ear with in-ear is a bit tricky. Would be nice if you include some custom IEMs.
  12. LordSin
  13. garcsa
    Good luck! [​IMG]
  14. Demius
    Finally got my new amperiors, i was very excited, their sound quality was good but then i noticed something very strange and annoying, the right cup (driver) makes an annoying high pitched whispering sound, when ever an "s" or "t" or "ts" sound is made in the song. sometimes (alot of the time actually) it appears when a high frequency sound is played in the song. Im 100% sure this is not normal, i have never heard this annoying sound in another headphone, any one else in this thread have this issue with their amperior/hd 25 or any other headphone?
    i have posted a threads about this in the help section, here is the link:
    besides this problem (which if i cant fix it i will return them), they look real nice and sound nice when this problem doesn't occur. 
    i won't say more about sound quality because of this problem and and used them for 2 hours.
    i wil post some pics later on i hope
  15. dauhak
    How is CAL compared to JVC S500 AND JVC SZ1000 ?
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