1. Desta1972

    Grado (tri-)Dilemma

    Hi there. Here's my ID: New Member and newbie in the world of audiophilia 90% classical listener (and very demanding in timbrical quality) / 10% everything that's not hip hop. 100% PC (for job reasons) / high quality streaming (Spotify Premium/Idagio) I recently decided to take a survey in...
  2. dj_mocok

    How many Centimetre is the width of Alessandro/Grado headbands ?

    Need a quick answer, im currently stretching wires to make a stand for my coming headphones (this is to compensate my anxiousness ) All of grados/alessandros headbands are pretty much the same size are they? Can someone tell me how many cm is the width of the top part of the headband ? The...
  3. boytbpc

    Shopping in Taipei

    I'm going to Taipei this weekend, and while there I want to listen to some cans. Anybody know some good stores? BTW I can speak and read a little mandarin (enough to get me by in my daily existence) so take that into consideration if it matters. Thanks Boytbpc P.S. Anybody in the...
  4. momomo6789

    what sub $100 grado should i buy

    or is there anything a little more expensive that's better ONLY grados.
  5. PKayy

    Looking to Purchase a pair of headphones as a birthday gift!

    Hi! I'm looking to purchase a pair of headphones as a gift to my sister! She listens to primarily korean pop (just basically pop music with some electronic I guess). It needs to have decent bass as well. I'm looking to spend 100. I'm thinking about the Sennheiser 448. I'm thinking of more of an...
  6. wolfxomg

    Best headphones under $70-90 !

    Hello everyone,   I am a college student,regular music listener, i am looking to buy a pair of headphones under $70 and my audio sources will be an Alienware m15x, Galaxy S phone and iPod Classic.I mostly listen to rock, metal ,celtic, trance and others.My main moto is to get  a good bass...
  7. Justinsane82

    I Really Need Some Help On A Suggestion

    Firstly, I just want to let you guys know that I'm not one of those guys who just jumps in expecting everybody to do the leg work for me on this. I've been reading up on a few sets for the last few days and as I'm sure most of you know or have experienced, that has only made things worse.   ...
  8. 1024

    My Alessandros are gathering dirt

    I came to this forum back in march looking for headphone suggestions, and ended up going with the Music Series One from Alessandro. They sound great, but they have a rather odd problem. After a couple months, the left headphone started buzzing when listening to anything with bass. It sounded...
  9. swenzke

    What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi?

    Hey everyone, Like the topic says, what was the first headphone(s) you purchased after coming to Head-Fi for the first time? I'm a little curious because I've been here for about a month or so, and already bought 2 headphones . First one I bought were the Sony MDR-D66 Eggos for portable use...
  10. munkong

    Alessandro and The Yellow Duck !! review by.....munkong

    at first, Pardon for my poor English but I would try to review for everyone purpose of this review is for your child or your wife or your girlfriend Ha Ha Ha, sure this thread very useful for everybody it's easy to find in supermarket it's sponge, use for bath, for children, and for...
  11. Forward7

    Is there a "perfect" Headphone for the Genres Rock / Metal ?

    Hello,   I am listening to Rock and Metal Music for 25 years. I got a very good loudspeaker but I had to sell them because of job-related reasons.   Now I looking for the a headphone showing me Rock (Hard Rock, Classic Rock, AOR, Stoner Rock, etc.) and Metal (Heavy Metal, True Metal...
  12. CamelBackCinema

    Alessandro - Lazy company?

    Alessandro is located in PA and I live in OH and I ordered my headphones a week ago and still havn't received them. I have e-mailed them and have gotten no response as well as called them several times and all I get is there voice mail. Is this company just pure lazy and slow? I am getting...
  13. sghound

    which cans are not made in china?

    outta curiosity, which are the current production brands that are not made in China? or do certain brands make their cheaper models in China and the highend models in country of origin?
  14. blacknile

    Alessandro Music Series 1 2009 "Improved"?

    Improved in what, exactly? Has anybody tried both these and the previous version? Are these worth 10$ more? Care to comment? Thanks!
  15. aoconnor17

    Beats Pro Review!l

    I got my new Beats Pro the other day after waiting an insane amount time for my amazon pre-order to process. I know that the studios get a good flaming here, but I feel like the Pros are a far better set of cans (I've listened to both, and I like the studios, but damn, these are great). As a...
  16. Mr.P

    Grado 325i V Alessandro Music Series 2

    Hello , can anyone tell me what the difference between the Grado 325i and the Alessandro Music Series 2 Headphones are please , because the specs are the same . Many Thanks.
  17. mcgsxr

    DIY Wood for Grado/Alessandro's

    I am in the process of getting down to modding a set.  I own MS1i's, and have Grado sr60i's incoming.  I want to go to work on the Grado's first.   I would like to diy up a set of woodies - I have seen the giant threads about the results, but have not seen anything documenting how, or what...
  18. plainsong

    Poll: What's your pad of choice with a stock Grado or Alessandro?

    While I wait for my incoming ms-1i, back in the day, headfiers were pretty happy with the TTVJ flats. There were lots of Grado mods, but those were very popular more or less across the board for stock Grado/Alessandros. Times have changed though, maybe having something to do with the i updates...
  19. bcasey25raptor

    5 most under rated headphone brands?

    what brands do you think deserve more then they get in terms of reviews and attention. i would say pioneer, and akg, shure, grados, and denon.
  20. ljokerl

    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

    Introduction   I started planning this review around the same time I joined head-fi and saw how useful multi-headphone comparisons could be for a newcomer. I put my meager (at the time) collection of portable headphones to good use and tested them against each other. What started out as a...
  21. WhiteCrow

    cant seem to find any Alessandro cans

    well I'm looking into getting a new pair of cans, not a super spendy pair but in the 150$ range and i hear that Grado are basically what I'm looking for, so I'm looking for some Alessandro cans but cant seem to find then, supposedly they are a way better listing experience for the same price as...
  22. patsyleung

    How was your experience with Alessandro?

    So I recently ordered a pair of Alessandro MS2i's. While waiting for the order to arrive, I did what I assumed any head-fier would do - read up on the product to soothe the wallet pain (right?!). I found that the majority of cases involve the customer ordering, waiting, and receving the package...
  23. ricmat

    MY Alessandro MS-1 Appreciation Thread

    Hi Guys!! Well, this is my post 200 and I want to make something more... In fact I've been waiting for this! I think I’ll just start from the beginning – I studied music for almost 10 years, and ended up with what I can say a good ear!  So at a certain time in my life I started to...
  24. kerwin

    Grado versus Alessandro

    Because i'm not always that impressed with peoples 'reviews' about the comparison in these two companies, I decided to mail both company's and just ask them what's the difference. Grado had a very fast and simple reply: There are no sonic differences. Alessandro however, wasn't that keen...
  25. penguindude

    Used Headphones Price Watch

    So i constructed a list of average used headphones prices. This should be useful for those just entering the used gear market. Let me know if i have anything wrong on the list.   Prices do not include shipping. Prices in US Dollar and are based on excellent condition of the equipment.  ...