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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. ljokerl Contributor
    I guess a timeless design like the Grados is as good as any to model your headphones after.
    And no, aside from the fact that they have some upper midrange boost, as do the Grado headphones I've tried, these didn't really remind me of any Grado set. 
    This kind of deteriorates as you get down into the 6-7 pt range but near the top that's about right.
  2. MusicMate
    I hope i'll be alive to finish reading the review! You know that a human lives for about 80-90 years?
  3. HeadHigh
    Can you recommend me Ciem or Iem like Audeze lcd 3 soundsignture ? what's your best open and close headphones?
  4. garcsa
    Philips SHP 5401, somebody? ---> http://www.head-fi.org/t/763783/philips-shp5401-dynamat-modded
  5. mukumi
    I would love to see what you think about the Koss SP330. Those look extremely comfy. I would like to find an alternative for my vmoda m80 without breaking the bank and those Koss seems to fit the bill.
    The only serious review i found is the one of innerfidelity but I always like to get a second opinion.
  6. ljokerl Contributor
    Well, the measurements look pretty good [​IMG]. I'm glad Koss is still bringing out  decent new headphones.
  7. donunus
    ljokerl, did you ever get to listen to the sony 7510 even casually? I was just wondering if you thought they were an upgrade over the zx700. They look identical :D
  8. ljokerl Contributor
    Never got to try them but I've been told they sound better than the ZX700. 
  9. swaffleman
    Do you have the Polk Hinge headphones? I just got them and would be super curious to see what others think. They newer wireless version is 200 dollars, but I got the old version from best buy (same thing but with a wire) for 40 dollars. I am really impressed with them. 
  10. munnich
    hi guys i had jvc s400 which is broken now.
    my budget is $70 and looking for only on ear headphone which will an upgrade from jvc s400 since i dont want to buy another jvc s400.
    i dont wanna buy KOSS or Grado  either.
    please recommend any other company. thankss. just want some on ear pair.
  11. suman134

     I a few months ago couldn't have though of recommending a skullcandy but, if you are not looking for a flatter response and will enjoy some bass, go for skullcandy grind. For $60, they are good with detachable cable. On ear.
  12. ljokerl Contributor
    I've only tried these at a show. Didn't think the sound was special, but they were listed at like $150 for the wired version back then. I probably wouldn't mind them at $40 [​IMG]
  13. Demius
    Hi guys, im having a hard time choosing between the vmoda m80/ ath m-50 / hd 25-1
    i can see that by the chart they are closely coupled together, and after reading each review separately i have concluded that they all suit my needs.
    one thing i would like answered though, is that right now the pricing on the vmoda m80 is 110$, compared to the m50 (140$) and the hd 25-1 (230$)
    there is a huge price difference between the vmoda and the hd 25-1, about 120$, how ever, in the summary its original price is 200$ (the vmoda)
    is there any point picking the hd 25-1 over the vmoda price wise? does it justify the 120$? i realize that the hd 25-1 is a bit beter with better isolation and SQ might me a bit better, but at such a difference in price i would find it hard to just go with the hd 25-1 (although i must admit i always have a slight favor towards sennheiser, they have never dissapointed me).
    up until now all i have had are rather cheap IEM that cost me less than 50$
    i would greatly appreciate an answer for the above (mostly about the price difference).
    thanks in advance
  14. ljokerl Contributor
    I would pretty much go by sound signature and comfort. If you're okay with an on-ear fit and a warm and smooth sound that puts clarity in the backseat a bit, the M-80 is your guy. If you'd rather have something more aggressive and v-shaped (emphasis on bass and upper mids/treble) and again don't mind the on-ear fit, go for the HD25. In all other cases, the M50 (or M50x) is more of the default/safe choice.
  15. swaffleman
    I would be interested to see a review of the original PX 200's if you have a pair on hand. 
    The sound improves a noticeable amount (mostly with regards to the bass) if you put the newer PX 200's pads on them. They end up having like...15% more bass than the PX 200 IIs and everything across all the spectrum feels like it has more impact. The stock pads for the originals are thin and small, like half the girth. 
    The mids are definitely not as clear as on the new ones, but the sound is mostly balanced. They don't have the soundstage of the newer versions either, but I find the sound more engaging. It seems a bit more laid back and rich, as opposed to the brighter, sharper sound of the newer ones. 
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