1. Donwey

    AKG K181 DJ VS Bayerdynamic DT 770 PRO

    Hello guys, does anybody know something about those 2 headphones? i own  AKG K181 DJ but i found dt 770-pro which are very popular among bassheads. I just want to know if theres a big difference between bass from akg k181 and dt-770 pro? Iam basshead and ive been satisfied with AKG since i got...
  2. TrueAudiophile


  3. Beats-By-Dre

    BEATS BY DRE MIXRS help!!!

    Hi I have mixrs and I think they are very good for the price and everything but there not comfortable, is there any place I could bye replacement earpads that are more comfortable. They have better sound then the whole beats line but they are less portable. Can I make them almost as comfortable...
  4. Pott

    HD25-1 II sound GREAT but they're very uncomfortable... which portables for me?

    Well I am willing to sacrifice a little bit of sound quality for something more comfortable. I can't wear the Senns for longer than 30 minutes without my ears really hurting. It's a shame. They sound very, very good. I only paid 125 euros for them as well (don't ask, but yes in a real shop and...
  5. senns&nonsense

    AKG K181DJ review

    I wrote the following in response to a thread about which AKG someone should purchase. One of the OP's possibilities was the 181 so I thought I would throw out the recent positive surprise I got after buying a pair. I figured I would copy it to here so people looking for a review would run into...
  6. amusic

    CAL vs. JVC HA-S500 vs. AKG K181DJ vs. Shure SRH440 vs. V-Moda Crossfade LP

    Hello Experts,    I am a newbie looking for a headphone. My budget is < $100  I basically listen to all genres but particularly pop, hip-hop, rap and lots of melodies.    Having said that, I am looking for headphone with (prioritized in the same sequence) - excellent SQ - tight and...
  7. eliziz

    WANTED: M50 / MDR-ZX700 / K181DJ / HD25

    Looking for a good closed portable that can be sent to Israel.   Mainly looking for: Sennheiser HD25-1 II AKG K181DJ Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Sony MDR-ZX700   Open to other options.
  8. preda dater

    Is It Feesible to Wear the AKG K181DJ Around the Neck?

    Hello. This is my first post here, though the past week or two I've spent so much time here it feels like home.   A little background. I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser hd 380 pro's. They are pretty good, but I can't wear them around my neck. I don't like having to adjust the headband...
  9. pelayostyle

    FS: AKG K181DJ

    Starting the new year by cleaning out some stuff from my collection. These AKG K181DJ's were hardly used, they might have 10 hours on them. They are in excellent condition and sound great. Thanks for looking.
  10. roma101

    SOLD: AKG K181DJ

    Severely underrated cans. The K181s sound great and are in excellent, like new condition (recently purchased) and come with the box and all accessories. Send me a pm of you're interested. Price includes shipping, PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
  11. gugman

    HFI 580 / k181dj / headphone amp / sound card

    Hi All !!! I really need a help here please !   i do own ultrasone hfi 580 and akg k181dj and i use as main source my pc with x-fi titanium hd that comes with dedicated headphone amp and samsung galaxy with voodoo sound and cmoy v2.03 headphone amp   i am happy (not 100%) with a sound i...
  12. Logdawg88

    AKG K181DJ's Are they good cans for 98$???

    I recently got the ever so famous ATH m50's for my birthday, and even though they sound amazing, I wasn't really impressed with the bass.   I want bass that's tight/punchy, and doesn't mud up the mids and highs.   After reading some threads, It seems like the 181's are just what i'm...
  13. Donwey

    AKG K181 DJ , Soundcard? Amp? ...

    Hello , iam new here and i want to ask something about my new headphones ... AKG K181 DJ. I have them now 4 days and iam quite satisfied but they seem to me like they sound exactly as my old AKG K518 DJ. What schould i do? let them burn in more or buy new soundcard? because iam using onboard...
  14. tacobff

    Question about the term basshead headphones

    What differentaites a basshead headphone from a really crappy bass heavy headphone? Like what am I supposed to be listeninig for?
  15. 007noob007

    need to choose between a few headphones

    long story short, I can only buy one of these (I can't buy from a different store... long story)   akg q460 ot akg k181 dj or Skullcandy Aviato, (only one of these! they will be free for me, so that is my only option)   i was thinking about one of  the akg   music-  I listen to all...
  16. audiophile-ish

    Headphones as a Christmas present

    I want to get my sister a pair of headphones for Christmas. In conversation she's said she prefers over-ears to in-ears but being more of an IEM guy myself, I'm not sure what's good and what isn't when it comes to headphones. We agreed on a $100 limit with our gifts but it's okay if it goes...
  17. QU0TE

    Wait for the K267's or go ahead and get the K550's

    I was wondering if you guys think I should wait for the the AKG K267 tiesto headphones coming out in December, apparently the K167 is close the K550 but with more base and the 267 being a lever higher might be even better, so should I wait or play it safe and get the K550s? Do you think there...
  18. 007noob007

    akg k181 dj vs akg k460q

    i have to choose one of these ! (they will be free.... so there are my only choise) which one is better?   i will use if for portable use (buss and trip) i listen to all kind of music’s (rock, pop, western, Irish music, Japanese music and classical)    i love good sound stage (good...
  19. 007noob007

    Choose between a few head phones

    i live in israel, so we dont have that many headphones... here are my option-   Shure SRH-750-DJ akg q460 akg k181 akg K450 skullcandy aviator akg K451 (what is the difference from akg k450) Shure SRH440-A       music-  I listen to all kinds of music: rock, Irish music...
  20. 007noob007

    need to choose between a few headphones

    long story short, I can only buy one of these (I can't buy from a different store... long story) I will write them all, and then write the one i think are the best:   akg q460, akg k181 dj,Skullcandy Aviato, Philips SHD8600 (realy over the budget, but...)    i was thinking about one of...
  21. korewest

    Help me choose a headphone!

    Hello Head-fi community!   This is my first post, so I'm pretty excited.   I need your help on deciding which headphones to get. Here are some of the qualities I value from most to least:   1. Sound Quality 2. Price (Under ~$300) 3. Design (I like simple, clean designs) 4...
  22. mrlolftw

    Help deciding a good pair of ultra portable on ear headphones?

    I need a good pair of ultra portable on ear headphones since my M50's are a bit too large for everyday carrying around. I took a look around, and all the ones i have listed seem to be in my price range, but the PX-200II's seem to be the ones that are the most ultra portable, my only problem with...
  23. D

    Should I replace my Sennheiser HD25-1 ii's with something else?

    So I accidentally left my cans outside at a job a few towns away and couldn't find them for about 2 months. They were introduced to every element that nature felt like exposing them to, including rain. Finally when I was reunited with them I let them dry in the summer heat of my baking car for...
  24. Skrawlx

    Dubstep Headphones

    Hello, all! I'm looking for great headphones for dubstep. I'm talking super bassy bass. I love the level of bass beats have, but they're way too expensive and over priced. On-ear prefered. Thank you for any help! I was looking at the sol republic tracks. Are they good for dubstep? My friend has...
  25. floydianpsyche

    Single Sided Headphones

    I am an audiophile deaf on one ear!. Wondering if there is a great sounding single sided headphone I could buy or have it custom made. I am having a hard time missing whats happening on the left side of my current Grado stereo headphones and hence the search. Your valuable help will be greatly...