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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. Soul_Viper
    yeah of course, I mean sony wh-1000xm2

    so your recommendation will go for the pxc550?

  2. dweaver
    Given you don't like the WH-1000mx2 the PXC550 would be a good option then. It's noise cancelling is adjustable and is not as aggressive. But I found it took a bit of use to reach its maximum comfort level.
  3. Johnny Jumper
    I referenced my iem’s but I also have the Sony 1000MkII phones. I tested them and the infamous Bose. Best Buy had the Senn’s but they weren’t charged so I couldn’t test the noise canceling. The Sony’s won for comfort and features. I couldn’t hear a big difference in my preferred sound, classical and 60’s jazz. Noise canceling is outstanding though.
  4. lilboozy
    what are the best $50 or so IEMs that have a similar or bigger mid bass quantity than the Earpods while having neutral mids/treble and at least a decent soundstage?
  5. Homoerected
    Looking forward for the place of the new Beyer DT - 240 in the list :)
  6. romekjagoda
    Guys, I have a dillema I can't find an answer to: Momentum 2 over ear (wired) or Sony MDR-1am2? I've just auditioned the Sonys, and liked the sound very much (though with my ipod at higher volume some distortion occured). I cannot compare them directly against Momentum 2, but I did audition them in the past. This is the main issue: which are better sonic-wise (that's my priority, but both of them are very comfy and foldable)? I will be using them for commuting/travelling.
    Thanks in advance if anyone has any thoughts.
  7. Alex Smith
    I'd just like to sincerely thank @ljokerl for this amazing resource. Years ago, after my go-to (cheap) headphones broke and I decided to get something higher end, this was instrumental in the process of determining my options and finding a nice pair of headphones that I'd really enjoy. Cheers to you and the incredible service that you have offered here!
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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