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Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

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  1. dullbus
    Hi!  I haven't visited this thread for quite some time.  However, I recalled that this shootout used to have models such as astro A50, beyerdynamic DT770, etc.  Am I wrong or are they removed for some reasons?  Thanks!
  2. altrunox
    Aren't you talking about mad lust gaming thread?
  3. dullbus
    oh yes. that's the one...i got confused.  both are great threads
    altrunox likes this.
  4. Jim McC
    What would be a good choice for a VERY comfortable "open" on ear can for movies?
    1) VERY comfy with low clamping pressure
    2) Good(not excessive) bass and clear vocals
    3) Budget $100
  5. Armaegis
    How about the Sennheiser PX-100? Lightweight and open with mild bass hump.
    The AKG K518 will give a pretty satisfactory bass (it's essentially the same as the K81 but with different colour schemes if fashion matters), but it does tend to clamp harder so comfort might be an issue. The Sony V55 came to mind before I even read through your list. Philips Citiscape Uptown or ONeil should fit your music tastes and budget (I like the Downtown, but that's a more neutral sound).
  6. Jim McC
    Thanks. What amount of bass should I be looking at for movie cans? I'm not a basshead, I just want a nice sounding can.
  7. Armaegis
    It's however much you want honestly. I checked some of your other threads, and if you're powering them off an A/V receiver then you can just adjust bass on the receiver to taste.
    Or if you ever get an amp, then find one with bass or other tone controls.
    An unlikely option (though it's one I've personally used and liked) is to amp with a Focusrite VRMbox which lets you emulate speakers on your headphones, and in my experience pairs quite well with the PX100.
  8. Jim McC
    Thanks. Are the Grado SR60e and SR80e good choices for movies? They would be powered by my A/V receiver.
  9. Armaegis
    I would not pick a Grado for movies.
    Seriously, if you're looking for an open on-ear mildly bassy headphone at <$100, the PX-100 is probably your best fit. If you can stretch the budget a tiny bit, the HD239 is worth considering.
  10. dauhak
    I am having JVC Ha-S500 , and would want to upgrade.
    I want the similar sound signature,

    Will ATH M50 suit me, im very sensitive to too bright treble, or harsh or fatiguing highs.

    I want more sub bass > mid bass

    Mids > treble

    And wide soundstage.

    How about beyer dynamic dt 770 pro, will it suit me.

    Pls advice me,
  11. ATi7500
    I think the K420 is superior to the PX100, more clarity without sacrificing the low end. Only problem is that is very hard to find around nowadays. K430 and other closed models don't sound nearly as nice.
  12. hoooboy
    I got EM-JH020-MI for 10$.
    I bought 3 pairs to have free shipping! lol
    So it must be the best headphones for 10$ ???
    I will try them as soon as it comes to my door!
  13. ljokerl Contributor
    Added a new headphone review: Xiaomi Mi On/Over-ear headphones
  14. Nec3

    Nice Review! I noticed that you compared these to a metal grado design. I also think they look similar in design where there are over ear grado woodie cups.

    However, do they have a similar sound to the grado? Or are they a unique sound signature of their own?
  15. Grayson73
    If you gave the DT1350 a 9.25 for sound, does that equate to an IEM that has 9.2-9.3 sound in your other thread?
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