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How about the m100? How are those? 
My only worry I have with the M80 are they could be a bit on the larger size for my taste. . 

There is a giant thread on the M100's
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Here they are next to Senn HD25-1 ii and Beyer DT 1350... Radio Shack usually has a display model out if you wanna check them out in person. The cups are rather small, the hexagonal shape helps keep them compact. I can post a pic next to MEElec HT-21 if you're familiar with those (they're smaller).
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The M80's cups are tiny, making even the diminutive HD25 and T50p/DT1350 look a bit bulky by comparison.

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Should be able to, yeah, there's three near me and they all have it out for demo... Just bring a source, they're not hooked up to anything. They'll typically have some Skullcandies and maybe an Audio Technica NC set or some Beats out too, from what I've seen around here anyway.

I went to the Rat Shack to try them out several times before eventually ordering them on Amazon. :p ($130-160 vs $230, you lose RS) Microsoft stores carry them too btw, can't remember if the one that opened here recently had them out to try, but they did have some demo headphones.
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They won't let you try them, but they do have a 30-day return policy.
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So, now I am not sure if I should go to RS or MS store to try them out, or will I be out of luck at both? I have two Radio shacks near me(and about a mile away from each other too) so I could try both, but I could be out of luck at both. 

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