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The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hawaiibadboy, Apr 30, 2014.
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  1. snellemin

    My daughter likes the pads too
  2. VRacer-111
    Don't post much in this thread, but I have been giggling with a simple youtube video that has nice sub-bass at the start of the song, even if it is a 190kbps resolution AAC codec. I was using my modded TH-X00 PHs with Audioquest Dragonfly Red in line out mode to my modded Gustard H10 amp (using Burson V6 Classic Opamps), playing the audio of the video through Foobar2K with no presets or equalization whatsoever...

    Just might have to download the FLAC verson off bandcamp of that song...

    These are also these that are some of my favorites when it comes to 'bass' led songs:

    (Love the atmosphere the low end gives in this one from ZALAS.)

    But this is probably my favorite ZALAS piece...
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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  3. VRacer-111
    And since I've gotten in a Gustard X20U DAC this weekend...have been enjoying even better sub-bass output from the H10 amp and TH-X00 PH...very noticeable increase in both quality and impact, extension as well...
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  4. SHAMuuu
    Anyone own the RBH-HP2? . Yes, Z Reviews did a recent review, but there were a few reviews which stated these beryllium coated closed headphones can be boosted in low end without much distortion. One reviewer pushed it 10db+ somewhere in sub region. https://headfonics.com/2017/05/the-hp-2-by-rbh-sound/ Z said its harder than Fostex drivers (i'm assuming he's referring to th-x00/d2k/5k/7k) and not th-900. Though he says soundstage better on Denon 2k/5k/7k/ (So I would imagine the thx-00/emu) as well. Anyway, if anyone has one and does paper test, that would be cool :D

    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
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  5. BB 808
    On sale for $139 I may have to buy it now
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  6. snellemin
    Pushing my little amp to the limit. I increased the input voltage to 17V and nearly maxed out the volume. Saw a peak of 7W near the end of the video. Using a regular laptop power supply.

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  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Goddamnson! Driver abuse services will be called to check on the welfare those drivers ASAP!
  8. skeletor_bass
    Just wanted to share one song with you, to test your bass equipment :)

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  9. FastAndClean
    very nice track, thanks
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  10. SHAMuuu

    Personal cans on the HBB list : PASS
    Personal cans not on HBB list: FAIL

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  11. MargosDezerian
    Hi guys,
    anyone of you own the Pioneer SE-MX 9 or the Pioneer SE-MHR 5?
    Are they pushable to basshead levels?I own the JVC HA MR 77X at the moment(for comparison).
  12. SHAMuuu

    I'm interested in that as well, i remember liking the design and its "club type" sound description. Wonder what the owners will say.

    This list goes to 10, but there used to be some honorable mentions, which can be hard to dig out with the thread having so many posts.

    @Hawaiibadboy , or anyone else, if they can mention the cans from 11-20 , informally or formally would be cool :) There must be a few borderline models with a more balanced SQ/bordferline basshead. E.G IIRC thing like MT220, LP2 (cheaper version of m100, improved LP), Beats, DigitalDesigns Headphones.

    Also last i checked i didn't see Z1R, curious where it might drop. IIRC it was mentioned it might squeeze into 10th spot.

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  13. talan7
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  14. trellus
    I've been staring at these for a few days... seems like a bonafide bargain at $139 direct from RBH.
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    paper test...anyone?
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