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    JVC HP-DX1000
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    JVC HP-DX1000 pic 5
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    JVC HP-DX1000 pic 4
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    JVC HP-DX1000 pic 3
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    JVC HP-DX1000 pic 2
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    JVC HP-DX1000
  7. joker97

    Which $500-$1000 headphone gives biggest slam on "Sk8er Boi"?

    Hate it or love it, Sk8er Boi has a unique sound in the sense that every few bars you get a slam in the head with a thundering sub bass esp at around 1:51 ...   For some reason it keeps coming back to the HD650 - surely not? I've tried it with LCD-2 Rev 2, Fidelio X1 ...
  8. lofthanza

    Do high-end headphones sound more speaker-like than lower-end headphones?

    I have had my ATH-M50s for six months, and my Beyerdynamic DT-1350 for a month. They both sound great! Anyway, I am thinking of moving ahead to a high-end headphone (the sennheiser hd700). In my upgrade, I am searching for something closer to the big sound produced by speakers. My question is...
  9. mobettermusic

    WTB Headphones: Denon D7000 or Victor DX1000, or, what else have you?

    Hello, after a period of head-fi inactivty,  I've just purchased #7/10 Amphora SE headphone amp. I'm in the UK and looking for a pair of headphones. Budget £500 (~$800/600Euro) so what have you? Drop me a PM with details. Past headphone ownership, Grado RS1/RA1, AT W5000/HA5000 and AKG...
  10. B

    [WTB] JVC/Victor HP-DX 1000

    Looking for JVC/Victor HP-DX 1000   Must be in immaculate condition with original packaging.   Shoot me with your best offer incl. PayPal fees, shipping & insurance. 
  11. zenpunk

    SOLD: JVC HP-DX1000 reterminated balanced

    SOLD   I have been trying to convince myself to sell those for a while but never found the courage until few months ago when I took pictures and realised they were a small hairline crack on one side.   As I wouldn't get the price I was ready to let them go for I forgot about the idea but...
  12. Nachkebia

    JVC DX1000

  13. caiyuwei

    Denon AH-D7000 vs JVC HP-DX1000?

    Hi all guys!!! Can you guys please tell me which one is better? Can you guys please help me to take a review about these two headphone?                
  14. hasanyuceer

    FS: JVC Victor DX1000

    BACK on SALE!   I'm thinking about selling my DX1000s. They are superb headphones but I need funds, so these have to go.   They are in very good condition. Pads are like new. There is a small nick on a cup but not noticable. I changed the headband and hinge/swivel mechanism with Denons...
  15. Marshal Banana

    SOLD Victor HP-DX1000

    Hi, i'm a foreigner living in Japan and would like to sale my DX1000. I bought them the 30th june 2010 so they are still on guarantee. They are on allmost perfect condition, and come with the box and all the documentation. I love them but since I have a T1 they don't get enough headtime. So I...
  16. midnightwalker

    Denon D2000 / Victor DX1000

    As stated, I'm looking for:   - Denon D2000 in good condition, don't care about box or accessories. - Victor DX1000 in good condition   PM me your offer. Prefer shipping ConUS or meet local @ Orange County
  17. Infoseeker

    JVC HP-DX1000 full-size headphone

    Since it seems my Esw10jpn won't sell; I well try to sell these.   Headphone's hinges have broken off before and I had to fix it on my own.  Ear cup's pleather is starting to wear down.   Sound of these are great. People like to describe them as basshead phones, that still articulate all...
  18. johnnylexus

    JVC HP DX-1000 Headphones

    I am selling my seldom-used, beautiful looking and sounding JVC headphones to make some money for a home purchase.  Already sold my Grado's and my beloved Cary SEI, now these must go.  :(   I know I have less than 200 hours on them, I bought them new from Audiocubes about two years ago. ...
  19. Nick01

    Want to buy JVC DX1000 headphones

    PM me if you want to sell. Also a few pictures please.
  20. vcoheda

    WTB -- HP-DX1000

    looking for a JVC HP-DX1000. offer is $650 shipped and paypaled. if interested in selling yours, please send via pm pics, description of condition and ownership history.   US seller plase.     thanks!
  21. fasterthanafish

    JVC DX 1000

    Looking for a JVC DX 1000 can
  22. fasterthanafish

    JVC DX 1000

    Looking for a JVC DX 1000 can in good shape.
  23. hasanyuceer

    JVC DX1000 Spare Driver

    I have a spare driver for JVC DX1000. This is important because there is no spare part for DX1000 right now. I am looking for about SOLD including shipping with tracking number and paypal fees. You will get one fully working driver and one low-volume driver.
  24. alota

    JVC DX-1000

    i´m looking for a jvc dx-1000 in mint conditions thank you!!!
  25. Nick01

    JVC DX1000

    Good condition. Headband has a few small cracks.   Shipping and paypal extra.   Shipping carton is 1.4kg so registered post will be: to US $59 to Canada $50 to Europe $62 to Asia $42.50 within Australia shouldn't more than $30.   Paypal 3.6% extra.