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Mar 25, 2019 at 10:34 PM
Feb 12, 2005
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Fort Myers, FL
Retired USAF/Commercial Pilot

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HiFlight Send PM

Headphoneus Supremus, Male, from Fort Myers, FL

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Viewing unknown page, Mar 25, 2019 at 10:34 PM
  • About

    Fort Myers, FL
    Retired USAF/Commercial Pilot
    Martial Arts, Headphone audio, building Topkits for iBasso amps. Modifying Koss headphones.
    Kayaking, Motorcycling, TaiChi + Karate+Kobudo (1.Dan Blackbelt)
    Florida Master Naturalist.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Focal Clear, iBasso SR1, AQ Nighthawk, Sony F1, Tanchjim Oxygen, CCA-C10, Periodic Be, C, Mg, CA Orion, Inearz Zen4, Moondrop Kanas Pro, MG5Pro, Q-Jay v2, modded PortaPro, Shozy Stardust, Trinity Atlas & Vyrus,

    Phones & IEM's previously owned: Andromeda S, EE Bravado, CA Vega, Andromeda, Jupiter, Nova, Lyra, K3003, Noble K10U, Flares Pro, Flares Gold, Noble Savant, Final PF-IX, FitEar Parterre, ER4S, ER4B, ER4PT, HE400, HE-6, HE-5LE, Kuro, Kaede, PFE 232, W4R, ES3, X10, IE8, IE800, Atrio, , F111, SA7, PK1, OK1, EM3, RTi1, PF-IX, LAB 1, 64Audio U12, C6IEM, OPPO PM-1, Dunu Titan 1, SA-6, Heaven VI, VE Duke. ASG-1+, Shure 1840, Trinity Hyperion, Delta & Sabre, Stax Sigma, HD600, HD650, Grado RS1, AKG K1000, AKG K340, Pinnacle P1, K3 Pro, Shockwave III, Cardas EM5813 New Primacy, E5000, Fidue Sirius, Zen2, SD2,3, Stax Sigma, AKG 340, StageDiver SD2 & SD3, Ultrasone Signature Pro AKR-02, CL2, HK6, M.rspeakers Alpha Prime
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Headroom "The Max", Burson Fun, Cavalli Liquid Carbon, Klipsch Heritage, Scherzo Audio Andante, Revamp A1, AKG Hearo Audiosphere, iBasso PB2, PB3, D6, D7, D14, P4, P5.
    Source Inventory:
    Grace M9XX, Shozy Alien+, HTC10, iBasso DX200/Amp5, AKG Hearo, Shozy MagicDAC, Revamp P1, Shanling M0, M1, iBasso DX50, DB2, Xubuntu 16.04
    Cable Inventory:
    Various and sundry!
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home Theatre: Denon Receiver, Definitive Audio speakers, HSU speakers.
    Media Room: Vanatoo Transparent Zero system.
    Music Preferences:
    Classical, Orchestral, Acoustic, Vocal.
    Katana, Hanbo, Jo, Bo, Tonfa, Sai.
    Retired USAF Instructor pilot & Commercial pilot.
    Florida Master Naturalist
    Topkit developer
    Martial Arts:
    Kobudo 1st Dan
    Karate 1st Kyu


    SOURCES: Grace M9XX, Onkyo DP-S1, iBasso DX200/Amp5, Shozy Alien+, Shanling M0, PonoPlayer, HTC10, Shozy MagicDAC, Revamp P1, DX50, M1, Sansa Clip+
    AMPS: Headroom "The Max", Cavalli Liquid Carbon, Burson Fun, Scherzo Andante, AKG Hearo, iBasso PB3, P5, PB2, P4, D6, D7, D14,
    PHONES: Focal Clear, iBasso SR1, AQ Nighthawk, Tanchjim Oxygen, CCA-C10, Inearz Zen4, Moondrop Kanas Pro, Periodic Be, C, Mg, CA Orion, Shozy BK, Sony F1, MG5Pro, MG6Pro, Q-Jay v2, PortaPro, KSC35.[/SIZE
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