1. DustinBroke

    Sony XB series

    Is the Sony XB600 a lot better than the XB500 or the 300? I just don't know which is overall better in terms of sound and built also comfort.
  2. LostMySelf

    Good Over-Ear for Dubstep/Hardcore?

    Interested in some Over-Ear headphones since I cannot always use my speakers at home. I want a pair that can be driven without an amplifier or any other equipment. Price range something like $150-200 maybe.
  3. Jabse

    Very airy/detailed headphones for EDM <$300 that can compete with sennheiser ie8 unamped

    So Ive had dt770/80, xb700 and the ie8's.. i ditched the 770's a while ago because they just didn't hit the spot with regards detail/clarity.. sounded a bit blunt tbh.. then i switched to xb700 which were good  for a while and then finally one day I tried my ie8's on the computer and despite...
  4. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  5. mikegreco16

    best headphones for $300ish

    First I want to apologize for another best headphones for $300 thread. But I have some specific questions. I'm looking for a good headphone with nice bass. Iam thinking of getting the Sony MDR-XB1000 seen...
  6. xledruidx

    help buying new headphones

    hello everyone on this forum, i am currently in a struggle choosing headphones :/ My price range is 100-400. some suggestions i find nice lookings are  1.ATH-PRO700MK2 2.hfi 580premium 3.ath m50(is a complete no after googling) 4.xb1000   headsets ive tried.. please dont hate but i...
  7. KonKossKang

    How much amping can these headphones take without breaking?(mW i believe its called?max voltage for these?)

    xb1000 q40 beats by dre pro m50 pro700mk2 dt770 x10 HD650   How much "mW" voltage things can these take?ive heard that 1500mW is too much for the q40,any amps too powerful for any of these headphones?
  8. digitalpure

    Suggestions for Replacement

    I have a pair of Sony MDR-XB700 units that after 4yrs of heavy rotation are finally starting to crackle so it is time to get something new.   My needs and budget are not high.  I am a geek so I spend 12-14hrs a day at my computer.  I have a SB1240 DAC unit connected (optical in from my...
  9. kajira

    Really big headphones

    Hi! So I am looking for some headphones that have really good sound, really good bass... I like a lot of stuff like excision and DJ s3Rl and stuff =).. and I want them to be BIG! I do not know why, but when I see really big headphones I love them... I had the Skullcandy Mix Masters and I LOVED...
  10. Blocked

    Help Needed! Buying Headphones and Amp!

    Hello everyone My birthday is coming up soon and I think it's time to get a good quality pair of headphones for under $500. I mainly listen to electronic music like Dubstep, Chillstep, Trance, House, Techno, and EDM. Meaning, I want these cans to have brain melting bass and have good kids and...
  11. Luv My BASS 1

    Upgrade to vmoda m80.

    It's time to upgrade from the pair of M80s I've had since they first came out. Budget is $300, but can be stretched a bit. I'm totally okay with getting used headphones. I generally liked the sound of the M80, but I felt they needed a touch more bass to truly shine. So far, I've been...
  12. OgSteeb

    Looking for Headphones, Studio and basic Listening For $300 and $200 for DEEP HOUSE

    Hello All,   I've been searching for audio equipment for a few months and hot damn is it hard to pinpoint what you really want so I've decided to make a thread.   I'm looking for two pairs of headphone, one for studio production uses and and one pair for general listening purposes.  ...
  13. thecrimsonking4

    Help me pick an over the ear headphone?

    Random Crap:  Hey guys, I'm moving into my Great Grandparent's house in a little over a week and I won't be able to listen to music loud.  Sucks, I know.  I'm currently rocking the Shure SE215's and those are awesome for riding my bike around and doing whatever on the go.  I love the bass...
  14. Edric Li

    About Best Bass headphones...

    I own sz2000, xb1000, Beats Pro, ATH-ws99, Klipsch Status, JBL S700, and I just want to say that sz2000 is not the bassiest, nor the best sounding among all of these. Is there any possibility to rewrite the wiki about this topic?
  15. MisterK93

    InEar Bluetooth or Wired BASS earphones? (up to £50, give or take £20)

    Hi there, a newbie joining up the forums! :) I've got a question regarding in ear's if someone can help out. I love my XB1000's and 700's but now since I have picked inline skating again I am in need of earphones that will go under my helmet. Any recommendations that are focus on BASS, either...
  16. Davidek

    The reason why Sony has stopped selling the old mdr-XB headphones with XB-1000

    NOTE: Sorry for my english, it is not perfect :)   So, I think I can say that Sony had some problems making these, because they released some models, which are bass-light. I can tell that, because I have one. I bought the MDR-XB700 about 4 years ago, and it supposed to be my first nice...
  17. seeteeyou

    Sony's new flagship 2014 - MDR-Z7

        Sony just put this rather "mysterious" picture on their official site in China   Something alone the line of "1,500 days of anticipation" and then "Sony's BRAND NEW milestone about to be revealed" on the second line.    ...
  18. Hawaiibadboy

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What are the best bass headphones? This is the hunt for the "Top 10" Bass headphones on the consumer market. The list will be compiled and based on identical set-ups (or similar) and tracks with identical Eq sloping/boosting...
  19. HE1RO

    Bass-head question

    Ive had a pair of XB1000s for 3 years. Havent heard anything that would make me change or want another pair of headphones within those years. But time is finite and there will be a point when these headphones have noticeably aged.   And like all good things, they have come to an end.... im...
  20. AzraelDarkangel

    A thought experiment headphone design...

    This is a thought experiment since I'm poor at the moment. Most headphone drivers I've seen are designed to be as small and thin as possible, this makes sense of course. To maintain high efficiency and light weight, they don't actually require long voice coils and huge magnets. However, I've...
  21. decibels

    Sennheiser HD650 vs Sony MDR-XB1000

    Before your faces become contorted in all kinds of What-ness, allow me to explain what appears to be an odd comparison of cans which share nothing in common.. apart from the fact that they are both cans. I am a shameless lover of bass. Huge bass in copious amounts. Gimmie gimmie. That's why my...
  22. C

    Looking for some suggestions!

    Hello Head-Fi!   After lurking the forum for about a year I finally decided that its time to become a member and also start putting together a full size setup rather than just messing with my portable one. I bought a pair of MDR-XB1000 recently and to my surprise (not really) my laptop...
  23. marcink99

    Please help me decide on the headphones.......I've spend too much time and cant make up my mind

    I own monster turbine pro gold and MDR-XB500.   I like how my turbines sound. I prefer warmer sound that they give. I listen to club/hip hop/pop pretty much everything.   I narrowed my choices too   MDR-1R   Sol Republic 1601-30 Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones (I like how they fit)...
  24. Soroid

    dts sound+ software, what is it exactly?

  25. sid12345678910

    Best BASS Head Headphones (Fun)

    anything just for fun?   any combination any headphones anything   Edit:   just for the deep.BIG boom, well extended heaphones with good highs and mids ( or somthing close)   any amps also