1. pool275

    Headphones up to 300$, rather warm.

    Hi.  I'm looking for a nice headphones with rather warm sound.  Here's my page, so you could see what kind of music I listen to, but I listen to almost everything :P I've searched through other forums and picked this ones:   * Philips...
  2. lesliejazz

    Am I looking at the righ Headphones?

    Greetings, although this is my first post, this forum has already made significant dents in my wallet.  I would love some advise on purchasing a new set on phones.  I currently own the Miles Davis Tributes, Monster Coppers, UE Triple fi 10's and Velodyne Vpluses. I listen to FLAC and Apple...
  3. serman005

    Best open cans for $225 US

    Hi, all. Interested in people's feedback on this thread. I listen to rock, country, bluegrass, edm, opera, and jazz--in roughly equivalent doses. I am not a basshead. I have several other cans, but none that fits in this precise niche. I appreciate the assistance very much!
  4. C

    over/around ear headphones for $250 or less

    Hello everyone, I've been in a hunt for around two months to buy a new headphones and still can't make up my mind between open back and closed back headphones. I mostly listen heavy metal genres like slipknot, swallow the sun, as I lay dying, type o negative, nine inch nails and so many other...
  5. 4Trance

    Studio headphones for club music (200£)

    Hi I bought Beyerdynamic dt-880 and Focusrite 2i2 because I need tools for music production. I'm beginner. Before I had Audio Technica SJ55 and Realtek 1150. When I tried DT 880 i heard: -bigger soundstage, all instruments were separate,contrast - many high frequencies ! I think a little bit...
  6. Maliken

    Looking to upgrade from HD 598

    I'm currently looking for an upgrade from my Sennheiser HD 598's. I love them, especially the midrange, but the low end isn't quite as satisfying to me. I'd like to pair these headphones with my Audioengine D1 DAC/Amp. Budget is around 300 EUR, and here's what I'm looking for:   1)...
  7. Dopaminer

    ENIGMAcoustics Dharma

    I am starting this thread to collect more information on the ENIGMAcoustics Dharma, announced at the 2015 CES.  I cannot seem to find any other information than short exultations, like this one by Tyll of Innerfidelity :   "Now, did anyone else hear the Enigma Acoustics Darma headphone? No...
  8. Docks

    Philips X1 vs L1 vs Vmoda M100

    I've heard the UE 6000 headphones, how do they compare to the X1, L1 and M100? I prefer deep bass but the UE6000 sounded a bit harsh to me at times with an average soundstage (smaller than my dt770s). Would the Philips with their boosted bass and rolled off higher end be the solution to the...
  9. jihyeu

    Debating: Philips Fidelio L1 vs L2 vs X1

    I am debating between a Philips Fidelio L1 or L2 or X1, please help give me some suggestions. Price wise: L1: $160+- L2: $300+-, need to order probably from Japan X1: $280+- I like L2, since it's the latest. But look at L1 which has been significantly reduced price, I am not sure I want to buy...
  10. ericp10

    Thinksound Rain2 to pour in ears soon: Impressions and Discussions Thread

    Funny how things work out. Thinksound has been one of my favorite small earphone companies since they started putting out products about the time I became a member of the head-fi community. The company actually produced one of the best on-ear headphones I've ever heard, the On1 (which came out...
  11. AltCtrl

    DT880 to what?

    Hi I'm wanting to buy new headphones and I'm coming from a Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm paired with a matrix-m-stage amp and asus essence stx soundcard.   I'm wanting warmer/more fun and possibly more bass. These will be used for music(electronica/edm/epic) and gaming. Comfort is also a big...
  12. sohels

    Moving on from the Denon D1001

    Hello,   Back after a while on Head-Fi! My Denon D1001 is on its last legs and I'm looking for a replacement. I prefer listening straight from my iPhone 4S (which I believe sounds better than my uDac plugged into my Macbook Air). I just purchased the V-Moda M-80 but I'm not very happy with...
  13. GustavMahler

    Open headphones for classical music

    Hi everyone, I currently have the ATH-M40X and they're great, But they really lack space and air. I will use them outdoors because the great isolation, And i thought about maybe buyng cans for home use. What would you recommend? I will get the DX90 soon btw
  14. PatriotsFan

    What are the best headphones for r&b???

    Hey everybody I know little about headphones so I came here wondering what headphones should I get for r&b? My limit is $400. I want some headphones with great bass and great sound! It's not that important but I would like for other people around me to not hear my music because I tend to have...
  15. Electro

    Headphones for Liquid Dubstep/D&B/House (electronic music)

    Hey there  I'm looking for over-ear headphones, my limit is $300 USD. Basically I'm listening to all types of electronic music, I need something with deep bass and high sound quality. I mainly listen to liquid Dubstep and liquid Drum & Bass.  Any recommendations? I've been looking at the...
  16. Hachiroku

    I'd have a huge favor to ask of an owner of both beyerdynamic DT990 and Fidelio X1

    Hello, once again, dear head-fi community ! This might have already been asked, with the risk of getting banned, I would have some questions regarding the fore-mentioned matter. I seriously didn't have the time to check through every recent thread to make sure it hasn't been requested yet...
  17. bassophile

    Basshead open-backed headphones?

    The LCD2/3 is out of my budget, unfortunately.   I find the bass on my HD650's a bit lacking, but people will probably tell me I'm stupid for saying that because apparently they are some of the most bass-heavy open-backed headphones you can get.   I was thinking about the Ultrasone HFI...
  18. HyperDuckling

    Headphones for gaming/music

    Hi Head-fi   this is my first thread on this forum, and i'm pretty new to this "hifi" world, so bare over with me! :)   - anyways, i'm looking for a pair of open headphones for my gaming sessions (mainly fps games) and for music listening (rap electronic, pop, rock), so the soundstage has to...
  19. Meh

    Q701 or no?

    Hey guys, the Q701's are on sale right now for $150.. I already have the Fidelio X1s, Sennheiser Momentums, and the Shure SE535s. Should I buy them? I have a feeling they won't be much better than anything I already have but 1) they look cool and 2) it's such a good price.
  20. Chuck Canada

    Need help picking out headphones for someone as a Christmas present.

    Everyone on Head-Fi,   With the help of all the people one Head-Fi I was able to get an extremely good set up for myself roughly two years ago now.  And I could not be more happy with what I got after reading all the reviews on different products people told me that they liked as well as just...
  21. Spenty

    Philips Fidelio X1 upgrade

    If you could list 3 headphones above the X1's that each offer a noticeable improvement over one another what would you chose?
  22. ExoNautic

    reasonable pair of over-ears

    Ok so im not an audiophile guy typically but i really need a good headset as some of the sounds that i hear coming out of my current sets sound worse to me by the day. i want a good pair of over-ears, preferably with a velvet ear cup like the hd 598's have (i believe). and i definitely would...
  23. Brick3

    ### Matrix Cube vs Audio-gb NFB-11? ###

    Hey everyone. I'm planning to get an amp/dac and struggling between matrix cube and audio-gb nfb-11 I'm planning to use it for games and movies. I was initially going to buy nfb-11 but heard that it's a bitt too analytical. What about cube? I personally would rather get a more fun based device...
  24. Natsukawa

    The Philips Fidelio X1 / X2 . . . aka Superlux EVO in a Candy Cloak!

    When i returned to the audiophile World back then . . . i did with the Superlux 681 Models. First thing I thought was: "What the Hell . . . thats how 19€ Cans sound like nowdays? BRILLIANT! They sound awesome." Then I became mad and bought and tested every Can i could get. I realised very, very...
  25. Campi

    Do your Sennheiser HD 558 foam make noise ?

    I have a quick question for Sennheiser HD 558 owner´s. I just bought a pair for 90€ and i think they are used even though they were advertised as new but whatever.   But my Velour foam earpads sound like there is some kind of plastic inside of them, as soon as u touch/squeeze them it sounds...