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Jan 10, 2019
Sep 6, 2013
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Consider buying STAX

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Member of the Trade: Audio Dopamine

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Jan 10, 2019
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    Consider buying STAX
    Hurtling and Torpor
    Photography (architectural interiors, abstract macro, portraiture)
    Music (guitar and bass)
    Headphone Inventory:
    New for 2017: iBasso`s remarkable IT03 IEM
    New for 2017: Phil Jones Bass headphones for bass
    Hifiman HE-400i
    Surprisingly Necessary : Bang&Olufsen Beoplay H6
    Insane Lust/This One`s Forever: Unique Melody Maverick
    Absolutely Loving : Dunu DN-2000J, Zero Audio Carbo Singolo
    Loving :
    Gym duty: JVC ha-fxz200 ; Tenore;

    Panasonic RP-HDE10-S
    Dunu DN-2000
    I guess nothing lasts forever: HD800
    Modded, and lovied, and lusted, and yet, still sold : HE-6
    B&W P7
    Cardas EM5813 2.5balanced
    Fitear Parterre
    Beyerdynamic T5p 2.5balanced
    Shure SE 846
    Beyerdynamic T51p
    JVC HA-FX850
    JVC HA-FX1100
    Denon AH D2000
    Denon MM400
    Ortofon e-Q7
    Ortofon e-Q5
    Fostex T0-05
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Ratoc Audio Labs KEB-03 dual mono portable ESS dac/amp

    Andix HPA45 3w tube headphone amp http://www.andix.co.jp/

    Denon PMA-S1 balanced integrated amplifier with Zynsonix Rhodium Spades - XLR4 adaptor
    Source Inventory:
    Mobile: Shanling M1
    Immobile : MBPr 13" optical out, running AudirvanaPlus; Fidelia
    Dedicated Mac mini DIY music server with 480gb firewire SSD, USB out, running AudirvanaPlus; Fidelia to TEAC UD-301
    And more and more to AK120ii in DAC mode.

    AK120ii (for two wonderful years)
    iBasso dx50
    iBasso DB2+PB2 balanced portable DAC+AMP
    Luxman DA-06 dsd DAC (yes, I sold it)
    Denon DCD1650 CD player
    Cable Inventory:
    Onso 2.5TRRS-MMCX

    Linum BAX 2-pin

    ADL USB and Viablue optical for Mac

    Zynsonix Rhodium Spades speaker taps - XLR4
    Van Den Hul XLR interconnects
    Van Den Hul speaker cables
    Bispa 2.5 TRRS balanced cable for AK120ii
    Spiral 2.5balanced and Linum Bax for UM Maverick
    Power-Related Components:
    Currently nuclear free . . .
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Denon PMA-S1 ampliifer; Fostex GX250 speakers, aka, TheEndoftheWorldCanComeandIDon`tCare Speakers
    Fostex G1300 speakers and Fostex cw200 subwoofer
    A wide array of acoustic room conditioning panels that seriously work

    Denon PMA2000 amplifier + JBL 4312B Speakers : FOR 14 YEARS
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Working on DIY room conditioning . . . .
    Music Preferences:
    All day, every day, and everywhere.
    Canon 5d3
    Canon ts-e 24ii Canon ts-e 17 Canon 135 f2.0 Canon 85L f1.2
    Sigma 50 f1.4 Sigma 12-24ii Samyang 8mm fisheye
    Kenko 800mm mirror lens

    Fuji X-E2 with Zhonggi focal reducer/speed booster for EF lenses

    -Taylor 818 2014 Japan Limited Grand Orchestra - Cocobolo
    -Taylor Barritone 8 string guitar, 2012 Limited Edition
    -Taylor Jumbo acoustic 6 string, all walnut construction, one-off custom build for the 2010 NAMM
    Taylor booth
    -Martin OMXAE Black acoustic steel string: the plastic Martin
    -NS Designs NXT 5-string electric upright bass
    -Ibanez BTB-868SC 6-string electric bass


       Shanling M1 >   Ratoc Audio Labs KE-03 >   UM MAVERICK  / iBasso IT03/ B&O H6  / DN-2k + DN-2KJ / ETC
    > ​
    Audio HPA-45
    > Hifiman HE-400i​
    Contact me : AudioDopamine
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